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Dear parents

What an unusual week we have had. I know that many of you have been enjoying your learning from home. Please do get in touch if you are struggling with log ins etc. Please be aware also that the teachers are not setting as much work each day as a child would normally do at school. You need to do the daily tasks – Maths, English and topic. In addition each day you also need to read for 30 minutes, practice spellings (KS2) and times tables, do 30 mins of physical exercise, do something creative with your child, play a board game or cards, get them to help you with chores, do an activity off Picture News and then also go onto the learning resources we have e-mailed and use these websites too.

There is plenty to keep everyone busy. Please be aware that the activities for the week will be DELETED from the website on a SATURDAY so that new ones for the following week can be uploaded Some of you will have received a phone call from your class teacher already. I have asked each class teacher to call all parents once within the next two weeks. This is just to check in with you and to see how you are doing. Our Holly Park Hub is going well for the children of Key Workers. Children have been doing their learning, planted seeds in the allotment, played sport outside, done graffiti art and done some Spanish amongst other things.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures that you have been sending in – please do keep these going and send them to my e-mail every week. I will share these and some from our Hub so that in some way our Holly Park community can stay connected.

The Governors even had the full governing body meeting via Zoom this week.

Next week – please send me photographs of children exercising and copies of any letters written to grandparents or other relatives We will have lots of rainbow pictures in the newsletter next week too.

School Lunch Prices

When we return to school meal prices are going up after the Easter holidays. The price after the holiday will be: £2.40 for KS2  £2. 34 for Nursery.  Reception and KS1 meals remain paid for by the government.

The Big Holly Park Appeal Crowd funder

Thank you so much to everybody who has supported this appeal particularly in these uncertain times. The appeal has only been going for one week and is already halfway there. The appeal has been supported by 55 people so far and at present stands at £2,695 raised. Our target is £5,000. Whilst we know that many families are facing very uncertain times emotionally, financially and health wise we would welcome any support for this appeal that you or your extended families can give – no matter how small. It would be wonderful to have this project to look forward to whenever we return back to school. Do visit the link and see some of the lovely messages of support that have been written. The link is: 11349

Music News

The Royal Albert Hall Concert will now not take place on April 30th as the venue is closed from now until then. BEAT have no information about ticket refunds yet, but will update us as soon as they have any relevant information.

Class Reporters

In order to keep the class pages on our website more up to date, we have established a system of class reporters. Each weekend a different child from the class will be chosen to go home at the weekend and to write up about what the class have been learning that week. Last week was our first reporting. Your child may well be chosen to do the write up for their class. Go onto the class pages on the website in a few weeks and have a read.

Holly Park Online Community Noticeboard

 We now have a Community Noticeboard on our school website under the ‘Contact’ heading. This is for parents and friends of the school to advertise their businesses/events.  For example if you make birthday cakes, do nails, are a decorator etc. The following rules will apply:  Items will be listed alphabetically to avoid any favouritism eg C for cake making, P for Piano lessons.  There is a disclaimer at the top of the page saying that inclusion on the page does not mean the service is endorsed by the school in any way.  The cost to advertise will be £10 per term paid to Mrs Hassan. We no longer distribute leaflets for companies advertising holiday clubs, tennis lessons etc as this is not very eco friendly. However the company can email the school office a leaflet and for £10 can advertise on this page. 

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