School Streets

Over the holidays the cameras have been put in place and new yellow lines marked up outside the school. This means that Bellevue Road in front of the school – from The Crescent to Holly Park Road must not be driven on at the start and end of a school day. Parents who drive to school will need to park elsewhere and avoid driving on this stretch of road. Drivers in the school street zone during the restricted time will get a fixed penalty fine issued from Barnet Council Please note that this is completely separate to the school and is not within our remit. We cannot offer any help to anybody who receives a fine. The money from fines does not come to the school, it goes to Barnet Council. Signs have the restricted times printed on them Mornings 8.30-9.15am Afternoons 3.00pm to 3.45pm It is also worth noting that St John’s school also have a similar school street outside their school at the start and end of the school day.

*Please be advised that although signage says pedestrian and cycle zone – the road will NOT be completely pedestrian and families should treat it as a normal road – obeying normal crossing procedures – as resident cars, particular delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles and school staff can all use the road at this time. We have had very positive feedback from parents this week about how lovely it is outside school and how less stressful it is to approach and deliver children to school in the mornings. It is most certainly quiet and calm and children are much safer outside the school gates now.

Infant Show

We are very much looking forward to the infant show next week. The children have been preparing for a while now and are very excited to perform to parents. Tickets have gone out this week. It is three tickets per child – one for each performance.

Performances are: Tuesday 23rd at 2.15pm Wednesday 24th at 2.15pm and Thursday 25th at 9.30am. There will be no space for buggies in the hall. The scenery is all prepared and there is a rising sense of excitement!


Today is British Values Day. The children have come to school wearing red, white and blue. British values are woven into our PHSE curriculum so that they are part of our planned curriculum and are not just happening by chance. The week began with an assembly about British values. Each year group has a particular topic that they learn about on our British Values Day.

In Nursery the children have been making cucumber sandwiches, painting London buses and painting/making Union Jack flags. There has been an interest table set up with books, objects, photos linked to Britain and British Values. In the home corner the children had British vegetables to explore e.g. parsnips, potatoes, turnips, cabbage. In the construction area there has been photos of famous landmarks to encourage children to create their own buildings and talk about the places they have visited. The nursery children also watched a video of Paddington Bear driving around London looking at famous landmarks.

In Reception the children also made union flags. They also learned about Eid as part of their work of acceptance of those from other faiths.

Year 1 learned about showing tolerance and acceptance of those with other faiths. They thought about the fact that everyone has different opinions and views. They thought about the fact that – There are NO OUTSIDERS at Holly Park – we are all different – ages, religions, ethnicity, disability etc but everyone is welcome at our school. When someone is included, it helps them feel respected, valued for who they are and like they belong

Year 2 learned about Individual Liberty. They thought about bullying and that we should all be free from bullying. They talked about different kinds of bullying – social, physical, verbal and online. They looked at the Holly Park Helping Hands. The children listened to the story ‘The Juice Box Bully’ to understand how children can be either ‘bystanders’ or ‘upstanders’ in a situation and to empower children to stand up for others. The children had different scenarios to decide if there was bullying going on or not and if there was then what type of bullying it might be. Children then got into groups to work together as a team to build a house of cards.

Year 3 learned about the Rule Of Law. They thought about why we have rules and who makes the rules. They discussed what would happen if there were no rules. They identified the different rules that they follow in different places. They looked at the consequences of not following the rules. Year 3 also talked about the how rules relate to children’s rights. They also looked at how to resolve conflict using the Restorative Approach.

Year 4 learned about Mutual Respect. They thought about – What makes our community? The different contributions that people and groups make to the community, how different members in the community help and our responsibilities for protecting the environment.

Year 5 learned about Democracy. They learned how to identify the key elements of a democracy. They thought about the key elements of democracy, who makes the decisions, local government and the rights of every citizen.

Year 6 built on work they have already done on the fundamental aspects of democracy and learning about ‘The Rule of Law’. They learned about the role of parliament, the police and the criminal justice system. They considered what a country with no laws would look like and came up with new laws that they would introduce to make Britain an even better place to live.

Summer Dresses

A reminder that our school summer dresses at Holly Park are green and white gingham – not red and white.


Whole school attendance for the last week of term was 95% Well done to Y1 Chestnut Class with the best attendance at 99%.


  • Monday 22nd April New nursery children start
  • Wednesday 24th Y5 to the Science Museum
  • Thursday 25th April Y2 PTA cake sale
  • Monday 29th April Read together in class
  • Wednesday 1st May Y1 trip to Alexandra Palace linked with transport
  • Monday 6th May Bank Holiday
  • Monday 13th May Y6 National test week
  • Thursday 16th May PTA Bags2School day
  • Thursday 16th May PTA Discos
  • Friday 17th May Copthall Athletics
  • Monday 20th May Y6 Residential
  • Friday 24th May Y5 PTA cake sale

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