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This week’s newsletter:

School Games Mark

We are delighted to share with you that due to the great amount of sport we do at school and all of the competitions that we get involved in, we have been awarded the School Games Silver Award.

The PTA Summer Fair

The fair on Saturday was a jolly affair with a warm and friendly feel. The Y5 and Y4 children loved doing their apprentice stalls and we wait to see which of their stalls raised the most money. The inflatable was popular, the BBQ and cakes were delicious…… and the sun shone! The staff and governors who came enjoyed it. The PTA raised approx £3,000 which is fabulous. A massive thank you to Nathalie and Amanda and the amazing team of volunteers. A fair on such a big scale is not possible without volunteers.

Allotment News

We have had an abundance of produce in our allotment recently. Well done to Caroline and all the other adults and children involved in the allotment. Our school caterers have managed to use the goods to make salads for lunches which is lovely.

Summer Choir Concert

We were treated to a lovely evening of singing from children in Barnabas choirs Y3-5. We had a wonderful variety of songs – slow lilting songs to rock and roll songs, songs in other languages and songs that were sung at the music festival. We had modern songs, traditional songs. We had solos, songs sung in parts, in harmonies and in rounds. It was a magical evening. Thank you to Mr Hogan and all of the children who took part. The children looked great and sang beautifully – it was an impressive and enjoyable evening.

Lost Property

We cannot keep lost property over the summer holidays as the school needs to be clear for cleaning and preparing for September. Please make sure that you take everything home for the holidays – coats, P.E bags, sweatshirts etc. Anything left at school will be disposed of. The lost property bin will be emptied.

London Youth Games

On Thursday 4th July a group of girls went to Crystal Palace Sports Centre to take part in a football festival as part of the London Youth Games. These girls had played in the Barnet Yr3/4 Tournament and been chosen at random to represent Barnet at the games. The day consisted of playing a lot of different mini drills and games with other boroughs in a non-competitive format. All the girls really enjoyed themselves and a fun time was had by all. Thanks to the parents who came to help and support the girls.

Thank you

As the end of the school year draws to a close, I would like to say a big thank you to the PTA committee and volunteers for their continued support for the school and for the amazing events they have put on. I would like to thank the school governors for the leadership support they have given in moving the school forward and most importantly a huge thank you to the amazing and talented staff of the school who work tirelessly and give of their best because of their passion and commitment to the school.

Start of the Academic Year 2019/2020

  • Monday 2nd September – Inset Day
  • Tuesday 3rd September – Inset Day
  • Wednesday 4th September – Children return

A Baby Girl

I am delighted to tell you that Mrs Kelly gave birth to a lovely baby girl very early on Sunday 7th July. Erin Mary Kelly was born weighing 6ibs 14oz. Mum and baby are both doing very well.

Lottery winner

Our first PTA School lottery winner ever is: Liz Sherrington who won £24.60. Well done Liz. More participants have joined since last week and this means that the prize money has already increased to a weekly amount of £29.70. There will be a Holly Park winner every Saturday – if you are in it – it could be you next time! The more participants who join the higher the weekly prize will be.

New Classes for 2019-20

  • Nursery: Miss Wood, Mrs Elia and Miss Rush, Mrs Dennis, Mrs Kastrati
  • Reception: Palm Class: Mrs Moore , Mrs Walton, Miss Yianakki, Miss Klanga, Miss Mornington

Year 1

  • Pine Class: Mrs Casey & Mrs Thrasyvoulou
  • Chestnut Class: Mrs Fitzpatrick

Year 2

  • Elm Class: Mr Turner (teaching this year’s Pine Class)
  • Rowan Class: Mrs Bawcombe & Miss Mountford (teaching this year’s Chestnut Class)
  • Poplar Class: Mrs Mir (teaching this year’s Cherry Class)

Year 3

  • Hazel Class: Mr Bourne
  • Willow Class: Mrs Mehtar

Year 4

  • Mulberry Class: Miss Harrison (teaching this year’s Hazel Class)
  • Sycamore Class: Ms Owen (teaching this year’s Willow Class)

Year 5

  • Maple Class: Mrs Sampson
  • Juniper Class: Mr French

Year 6

  • Beech Class: Miss Biggs (teaching this year’s Maple Class)
  • Cedar Class: Mr Carini (teaching this year’s Juniper Class)

Music News

  • Instrumental Tuition:  Ensembles: Our ensembles will continue next term and there will be a charge of £3:00 per pupil for each session. There will be 7 sessions next term for each ensemble – this makes the fee £21:00 per term. Our String Ensemble and Wind Band tutors have asked that all members of their ensemble should be at Grade 1 level (or beyond) or, at least, close to Grade 1 level.
  • We will be setting up our usual online payment system using ‘School Money’.
  • Early next term, Mr Gruner, our Rock Band tutor, will audition pupils in Year 6 pupils who wish to join Rock Band. He will contact parents of successful candidates for the band.
  • String Ensemble meets at 8:15 a.m. on Fridays, Wind Band meets on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. and Rock Band meets at 12:30 on Fridays.
  • Barnabas Choir: Next term, to avoid clashing with many different after-school clubs, Barnabas Choir is moving to Wednesdays at 3:30-4:30.
  • Infant Choir: Next term this involves only children in Year 2 that are interested in joining (Year 1 children join the choir after Christmas). Every child in Year 2 is free to join the choir – but after the first two ‘taster’ sessions we require a full commitment to be part of the choir all year. Infant Choir sessions are moving to Tuesday lunchtimes 12:20-12:50. 

Holly Park Online Community Noticeboard

 We now have a Community Noticeboard on our school website under the ‘Contact’ heading. This is for parents and friends of the school to advertise their businesses/events.  For example if you make birthday cakes, do nails, are a decorator etc. The following rules will apply:  Items will be listed alphabetically to avoid any favouritism eg C for cake making, P for Piano lessons.  There is a disclaimer at the top of the page saying that inclusion on the page does not mean the service is endorsed by the school in any way.  The cost to advertise will be £10 per term paid to Mrs Hassan. We no longer distribute leaflets for companies advertising holiday clubs, tennis lessons etc as this is not very eco friendly. However the company can email the school office a leaflet and for £10 can advertise on this page. 

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