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Local Charity Day

We are supporting BEAM. BEAM helps people who are homeless by paying for them to have training so that they can learn to do a job and then it helps them to find a job. Beam supports homeless people to gain the relevant skills and training for jobs and also supports them to find employment. There was an activity for the children to do connected to this. If you haven’t made your £1 donation on school money – there is still time to do this to support this worthy cause. Here are a few posters advertising BEAM.


Hearts for Homes

I was really thrilled to receive a reply from one of the local care homes this week who we sent some of our hearts to. The home co-ordinator wrote: ‘Thank you so much for the superb pictures. The “Hearts for Homes” project is a fabulous idea. Our residents have enjoyed receiving and looking through the artwork. Could you please pass on our good wishes to your pupils whose artistic talents are evident in every single picture. Many thanks.’

No Screen Tuesday

Tuesday was No Screen Day. This day was about doing activities that are educational, fun and different to the norm and don’t require a screen. The children were given a range of 20 different activities to choose from across the day. There were activities such as: art and craft, baking, planting, puzzles, painting, sewing, den building, construction, magic shows, dancing, etc We asked that children did not use screens such as TV, ipads, laptops etc on this day. Obviously no Google Meets that day! We hope that everybody enjoyed the day. One parent wrote to me and said ‘I just wanted to say what a huge success yesterday was. My son in fact said it was his favourite day which made my heart sing, the fact that being away from the screens was so much fun for him and not just me!…… Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a day like that and realise the benefits of getting away from the screens. We all enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided as a family that this is something we are going to do together every now and then.’ Here are some of the activities they engaged in:

Safer Internet Week

During this week, each year group has done an Internet safety activity based on online safety from their year group curriculum expectation. Internet safety is very important and we always take part in this national initiative. This year it is more important than ever as children are on screens much more for pleasure and learning. At Holly Park we have loaned out 20 laptops during this lockdown to support children accessing the online learning. The theme this year is about misleading and fake information online. In support of Safer Internet Day, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, Vicky Ford, has said: “As children are living in an increasingly digital world, it is vitally important that they are able to separate fact from fiction and challenge or question any misinformation they may come across. “This year’s safer internet day is more important than ever. We want children to have access to the tools they need to navigate modern life, including how to identify disinformation and trusted sources, stay safe online, and make the right decisions when engaging with media content.’

  • Reception children followed the story of ‘Smartie the penguin’ as he learned to ask for parental help if he saw anything unusual on a device.
  • Year 1 also followed ‘Smartie’ and learned about the importance of asking for help from a known adult when on the internet. They could choose an activity to do after the story such as: a sock puppet to tell the safer internet story, make a story map to retell the story, make a poster about Internet Safety, write some sensible Internet safety rules.
  • Year 2 learned about what Safer Internet Day is and they followed the story of ‘Detective Digiduck’ who considered if everything that we see or read on the Internet is true. He found out that some things on the Internet are not always true. They thought about what to do if they thought that something on the Internet wasn’t true.
  • Year 3 followed Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story. The story was about using devices safely and about asking an adult before pressing buttons or downloading things that look unfamiliar, It reminded children about not talking to strangers on the Internet and only messaging and playing games with people they know.
  • Year 4 considered whether we trust everything we see and read on the internet. They did an online safety quiz about keeping safe online – which had multiple choice answers. They also watched an assembly about it for 7-11year olds.
  • Year 5 considered the theme which is ‘together for a better internet’ with the focus being on how young people can tell fact from fiction and work together to create an internet we trust. They considered 5 top tips for Internet safety, watched some short videos and did an internet safety multiple choice quiz.
  • Year 6 watched a couple of videos about tips on how to find information we can trust online. They also watched a video about trustworthy or untrustworthy sources on the Internet such as facts, competitions, Friend requests, news articles and links. They then had to create a poster sharing with others the things you need to consider when looking at a source of information on the internet. They had to include a number of points to ask themselves when validating a piece of information online. Can the same story be found elsewhere? Who is the author? Are they credible? What is the motive behind the information? Is the information coming from a credible account? What are the comments on the website saying? Are there any supporting images or videos to support the information? What do the people you trust think about the post?

Maths Day 26th March

On our first week back after half term it will be HPS Maths Day on the Friday. On this day there will be five maths activities to do. For two of the activities you will need the following:

  • A packet of playing cards
  • Matchsticks or other small sticks of approx. the size of a matchstick. (for safety – you can break the heads of the matchsticks off – or just supervise this activity)

100 Challenge

It was very sad news to hear that Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away last week. In April 2020, Captain Sir Tom decided to try to raise £1,000 for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He raised £33 million. I talked about this to the children in assembly at the start of the week and challenged them – in the spirit of captain Sir Tom – to set themselves a challenge of doing something 100 times. This could be through exercise, drawing, completing an activity for 100 minutes, doing something with 100 pieces etc. I asked the children to take photos of themselves doing their challenge and they would be awarded a HPS 100 Challenge certificate. There is still time to have a go at this over half term. Here are a few pictures:

Captain Sir Tom inspired us with his comment that ‘We will get through it in the end but it might take time, at the end of the day we shall all be ok again…the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.’

World Book Day

March 4th is World Book Day. Miss Sampson and all the teachers are planning lots of book-based activities for the children to do that day. A really fun activity that we would like families to have a go at as you are at home is to make a cake or cakes based on a book. It can be one large cake or several little cakes that represent a book. The book can be a fiction (any children’s fiction book or a nonfiction book e,g Castles, The Tudors, Africa, space etc We thought that over half term that you might like to make your cake as you will have more time. Remember to take a photograph of your cake. Please send in photographs of your book themed cakes to be shared with everyone on World Book Day. See the press release at the end of the newsletter. Miss Sampson made a marvellous cake – From the Mr Men books – Mr Bump!

Have a go at making a cake it will be lots of fun! You just need to send in a photo of the finished cake/cakes.


  • Half Term – A reminder that the school will be closed for half term from 15th to 19th February. There will be no remote work set that week.
  • Tues 24th Feb – Y2 parent curriculum meeting online.
  • Weds 25th Feb – Y1 phonics meeting for parents online.
  • Fri 26th Feb – Maths Day – all maths activities Year 2 on this day
  • Thurs 4th March – World Book Day – all reading and book based activities on this day

Have a restful Half Term and enjoy being with your family


Press Release

On Thursday the 4th March it is World Book Day and, although so many of us are working from home, Holly Park intends to make it as special and enjoyable as always. All our learning for this day will be centred around books and there are lots of ways for everyone to get involved:

  • Nothing represents a celebration better than cake and so this year we would like as many families as possible to get creative in the kitchen celebrate children’s literature in the form of a cake. Decorate a cake or cakes (homemade or bought) to represent your favourite book (fiction or non) and email in your creations to the usual email address: You could re-create a book cover, create a character – whatever you like. The deadline to submit your photos is World Book Day (4th March) so that we can include as many pics as possible in the Newsletter. Half term might be a good time to have a go at this!
  • Teachers will be providing pupils with a Book Bingo sheet of wide-ranging activities. Pupils are to complete as many activities as they can on Thursday (earning points along the way) and upload evidence to Google Classroom. Further information will be provided on the day…
  • One of the themes of this year’s World Book Day is ‘Share a Story’ so that is exactly what we will be doing! We will be opening a special ‘Story Corner’ on our website where staff will be uploading videos of themselves reading books, chapters, poems etc. Feel free to enjoy as many of these as you wish on the day! World Book Day has always been a special day at Holly Park and, although we cannot all be together, we can certainly all come together to celebrate and share the joy that books give us, wherever we are.

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