Year 5

Welcome to Maple and Juniper classes

The teachers in Year 5 are Andrew French (Juniper) and Michelle Boahene (Maple)

General information 

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Archive – what we got up to last year

International Day

Year Five visited New Zealand and India. In New Zealand they had PE and learned a traditional Maori Haka. They also learned about the Maori people. They went to India to tie in with their work on Fairtrade. They visited a village called Chembakoli where the locals collect honey. They considered the effects of tourism on the forests and how that affects their ability to collect honey.

What we have been doing

Year 5 As part of their science topic in the first half term, Y5 planned and carried out an investigation about the absorbency of materials. They had to choose 3 separate materials and soak them in water to see which was the most, and the least absorbent. Some pupils did very well, getting creative at home and uploading videos. In the Key Worker hub at school, pupils worked in pairs and made use of school resources to help them.

Year 5’s topic last term was the Victorians. They studyed many aspects of this fascinating historical period and read Street Child as a set text. They also read ‘The Girl who Saved Christmas’. The children dressed up as Victorian children and experienced a day at a Victorian school as part of a curriculum day.

They also took part in a virtual visit to The Victoria and Albert Museum to examine Victorian artefacts and explore the Great Exhibition.

Year 5 have enjoyed developing their football skills this term in sessions run by Non-Stop Action as part of their outdoor PE curriculum.

Y5 have been busy with Enabling Enterprise, researching Victorian inventions and dance.