Year 5

Welcome to Maple and Juniper classes

The teachers in Year 5 are Emily Sampson and Andrew French.

The Y5 cake sale in on Friday October 11.

ARCHIVE: Here is what Y5 got up to last year.

The big event of the term for year 5 has been their school journey to Gilwell Park and the activity week for those who stayed at school. At Gilwell Park the children participated in a fantastic range of outdoor activities. Parents were able to find out all about the trip and the rest of the year’s activities when the children presented their Year 5 review.

In English the children have been using ‘Floodland’ as their text from the Power of Reading. They are finishing off the year with a topic based around Fairtrade.

Year 5 went on a fantastic trip to the National Gallery.  This was to support work being done in art, history and English on Ancient Greece. They had a themed, guided tour of the gallery studying various works of art based on Greek Mythology.  The children were enraptured and impressed the passing public with their knowledge; answering lots of the guide’s questions.  After lunch, children had the opportunity to sketch various images in the gallery. 

Before boarding the train home, they enjoyed playing in Trafalgar Square.

Ms Sampson & Miss Harrison were incredibly impressed by pupils’ behaviour and received positive comments on this from members of the public.

Our class reporters were Tilly, Amy and Elina.

Tilly said: “This week was World Book Day so everyone in the school had to dress up as a word. We also had the house challenge on the same day. We had to design the front cover for a book. In Maple we finished our class book The Adventures of Odysseus ready to start our next project in English – writing a newspaper about Odysseus. In PE we have been learning a game where you draw a map, hide something in that area, then another group will take it and try to find your object first and whoever does wins! In Maple Class we have had a pretty good week, like every other week!”

Amy said: “We learnt that in Ancient Greece the gods were the most important thing. We learnt this for our assembly and we performed Theseus and Minotaur. In English we read a book call Odysseus and it is about a man who fights mythical creatures. In art we drew ancient Greek urns. In maths we learnt how to convert decimals into fractions. I don’t think the ancient Greeks did this.”

Elina said: “On Friday Y5 went on an exciting trip to the National Gallery. We were fortunate to see and experience the many amazing and creative paintings; we were very sensible as it was a public area. My personal favourite painting was The Haywain  as it had lots of detail and really set the scene. I would definitely recommend visiting here, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We went on a tour and looked carefully at the pictures and used the clues to work out what was going on, one image really says a lot. We also had a chance to try and draw some of the paintings but only focusing on one sections of the painting.”

Our class reporter was Iyla who said: “In science we were testing air resistance. Our teachers gave your group (3 or 4 people in a group) a bin bag, some string and some cardboard. We made a box from the cardboard using a template. Then we poked holes in the corners of the bin bag which we had cut to a good size. After we poked four holes in the box on every side and then threaded the string through the holes and tied a knot so it wouldn’t fall out. Then we were given an egg which was put into the box. Once we had finished our parachutes we handed them to our teachers and they dropped them off the roof! Some eggs cracked but others didn’t.”


Our class reporters were Monica and Pranali. Monica said: “Maple Class went to the Museum of London. There we got to meet Charles John Huffam Dickens and we learned loads of interesting facts about him such as his full name and that he didn’t care if people read his books – he cared if people bought his books! In fact A Christmas Carol (one of his published books) brought him over £1 million – crazy, don’t you think? Another really exciting event we went on was The Victorian Walk. There we saw a mini bar that looked so realistic. You could even move things. There was also a shop full of Victorian glass cups. You could be the next one to visit The Museum of London – you just need to nudge your Mum and Dad!”

Pranali said: “This week Juniper Class had a very busy and varied time with numerous interesting activities and pleasant lessons in progress. For example Y5 had ventured on a fascinating expedition this thrilling Thursday to the Museum of London where we learnt a large amount of informative information about the Victorian era such as lifestyle and famous people around the time by the exhibits and pieces of writing. We had great fun so our teacher came up with an amazing idea to write a thank you letter to the museum for permitting us to expand our learning about the Victorians which was phenomenal for us!”

Our first class reporter was Oli who was very enthusiastic. He said: “This week was brilliant for Maple class. In English we’ve been reading a book called Streetchild about a boy called Jim who has lots of adventures. This week in maths we have been doing square numbers and cube numbers. We also did multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. In PE we have started doing hockey. This sport can be played on ice, grass, ground/concrete and more. Hockey is a really fun sport. Art was really interesting because we have been doing William Morris art with techniques like batique, mono printing and mono typing. We really enjoyed learning this week.”