Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every school day between 7.45am and the start of school at 8.55am.  It is open to all children from Reception to Year 6.

There is no need to book, simply turn up and register your child with a member of staff.

Breakfast is prepared on the premises by the school cook and includes cereal, toast, drinks and regular ‘specials’ such as beans on toast.

We also offer are a range of activities including board games, drawing, large construction toys, books and sports activities.

The cost is £4 per day per child.

Nursery Breakfast Club

Most of the places are for children who attend morning Nursery.

They are entitled to 15 hours a week so they get five morning sessions plus a breakfast session and one lunch time session.

There are also six paid for sessions every morning which can be booked through Clare in Nursery.  Parents have to pre-book for a half term at least and have a contract with the school office.

A waiting list is held in case any spare places come up.

Breakfast club is £8 per day and is only for Nursery children. It runs from 7.45-8.45am.