Year 4

Welcome to Sycamore and Mulberry classes

The teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Tsenti and Mrs Owen.


Our class reporters were Tenidayo and Imran.

Imran said: “On Monday we had numeracy. We learnt about factor pairs. On Wednesday we did a swimming test.

Tenidayo said: “This week we have been learning in science about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores and we did a chart that we had to put the animals in their places. In maths we are multiplying and dividing by 9 and 6, it’s pretty hard when you think about it but it’s easy on the computers we are using Scratch to make a maths game. Me and my partner are pretty stuck on it and we need a lot of help on it. In PE we are doing tag rugby and yesterday was our last day we we had to our very best and we got the star.”

This week’s reporters for Y4 were Abubakar and Lily.

Abubakar said: “This week we have been learning about the digestive system in science, we have learnt how to label things right in the digestive system. In PE we are learning tag rugby and we were playing matches against each other. In history we were learning about when the Spanish Armada tried to invade England and how there were defeated in 1588. We are doing computing and we are making number balloons. In English we were doing drama about the ambush scene in the Devil and his Boy. In maths we have been learning about dividing by one and zero. I think I am getting better now in swimming, I’m improving.”

Lily said: “We have been learning to code on the laptop using the Scratch 2 programme to make a maths quiz. For maths we have been looking at our 7 times table and been doing problem solving. In English we did freeze frame where we had to tell other people what we were thinking about what was happening.


This week’s reporters were Oli and Toby.

Oli said: “We really enjoyed doing things in Y4 this week. In maths we were multiplying by 1 and 0. We did that because lots of people make common mistakes. We also do the maths challenge this week and dividing by 1. In English we were reading a book called The Devil and the Boy. It’s fun reading this book because it gives lots of information about the characters. We also did spelling and handwriting. For PE a Non Stop Action coach came to teach us tag rugby. Also in swimming every Wednesday to February. In ITC we did a maths quiz for younger children on Scratch 2. That is called coding.”

Toby said: “In PE we have been learning how to play tag rugby. We learnt the rules and practised throwing and catching the ball. In our maths lessons we have been learning to divide  and multiply by 10 or 100. We had to solve some difficult problems writing calculations in our books. Currently we are all reading The Devil and the Boy. We made predictions about what would happen next in the story. In our history lessons we have been creating a time line for the Tudor period. This has involved cutting out labels and sticking them in the correct order in our books. In music we played percussion instruments and in Spanish we learnt how to say the names of people in our families.”

Our first class reporters for Y4 were Brooke and Ellalia.

Brooke said: “In art we did weaving. In English we drew a picture of a Tudor boy and described him from a text in a book. We have been reading a book called The Devil and his Boy In maths we have been doing multiples of 10, we have been using place value counters to help us.”

Ellalia said: “This week we have been learning about the Tudors. We have been mostly studying  the Wars of the Roses and how the Tudor dynasty was founded. We have been reading The Devil and his Boy by a man called Anthony Horowitz. At the beginning of the second chapter we made predictions for later in the book. In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We learnt a few tricks about multiplying by these two numbers. For PE we had Non Stop Action teach us how to play tag rugby. We also went to St John’s School for swimming lessons. We all loved weaving! The art supplies we used  were glue, paper plates, markers, pencils, scissors and wool. In ICT we were creating a maths quiz for young children. We found it much more exciting than usual! We were coding using Scratch.”

In Science Year 4 studied what ‘Sound’ is and how it travels. The children experimented with different instruments to see if they could either ‘feel’ or ‘see’ the vibrations made by the instruments. They  found this very exciting! They also studied how light travels and is reflected off a variety of objects, especially mirrors; and how this can help us to choose the best materials to wear in the dark when we are are riding our bikes or walking in the streets!

In English we read three very interesting books from the Power of Reading that were chosen because they linked to our topic on Africa. The books were beautifully illustrated and the text was rich in its vocabulary. It was very inspirational and encouraged the children to be more descriptive in in their ​story writing. There was lots of drama and speaking and listening opportunities for the children to participate in. This gave the children the confidence to perform in small groups in front of the of the whole class and improved their learning skills.

This term Year 4 have had a wonderful ‘African Adventure’. Through this Learning Project we were inspired to learn more about the second largest continent and some of the different countries that are part of it! We looked at the geography, language and culture of the different countries and linked it to different curriculum areas, such as, printing, oral story telling and drama. The highlight of this Learning Project was learning about Ancient Egypt and all its wonders; which culminated in a visit to the British Museum and looking at all the mummies and how they were preserved.

Year 4 have been on an African Adventure. They have used ICT to research different countries in Africa. They also read a story set in Africa. They have produced art work relating to that book.

ARCHIVE – see what Y4 got up to last year

  • Year 4 had a wonderful time when History off the Page came and brought the hall to life with a Tudor day. The pupils dressed up as children from the Tudor era and spent time exploring various Tudor activities. The morning consisted of weaving on small looms, making candles, writing their names with qu​ills and painting lockets. In the afternoon there was a banquet and entertainment provided by the children themselves. In a very short space of time, a Tudor dance and two plays were produced, both of which were a huge success.  The children were totally engrossed and focused in all their endeavours and were praised by the staff who ran the day. 

Year 4 Sleepover
The Y4 sleepover was great fun. The children arrived at school at 6.30pm, made their beds up, played outdoor games in the dark with torches, ate pizza and cake, had a good sing song, performed a talent show, watched a movie and eventually went to bed!

The staff who slept over managed two and a half hours sleep! In the morning beds were packed, breakfast eaten and games played until the children were collected at 9am. It was a wonderful experience in preparation for the residential in Y5 and many of our children experienced their first night away from home and enjoyed it. Thank you to Mrs Thomas who organised it and all the staff who helped on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Our Y6 Digital Leaders have been going round the school to find out what the children are doing. Here are their reports:

  • This week in maths Y4 have been learning about time, decimals and fractions. In history, they have been learning about Tudor monarchs. In English, they have been writing about the book ‘The Devil and his Boy’. Year 4 have also been working hard on some end of term tests.



  • In PE Year 4 have been doing tag rugby. In maths they have been doing equivalent fractions. Also, in English, they’ve been writing about Tom’s adventure in The Devil and his Boy. In geography, they are learning about Barcelona and Madrid. They’ve also been creating backgrounds using watercolours, inspired by Salvador Dali.
  • Y4, this week, have been doing tag rugby in PE and in science they have been studying food chains. In art they have been making pieces inspired by Picasso. In English, Y4 have been reading The Devil and his Boy in class and have been acting about it. In maths, Y4 have been doing some work on fractions.

This term our learning project has been ‘An African Adventure’. A large part of this has been focusing on life in Ancient Egypt. During our curriculum day the children drew images of important Egyptian gods, made Egyptian cuffs and collar necklaces. They also learnt an Egyptian dance and ate food that was typical of the time, for example, dates dipped in honey. The children had a memorable day as Egyptians!

Here is some of the work we have been doing this term.

In Year 4 the children were thinking about and discussing problems in the world. They looked at water and how some children in some countries around the world don’t have running water and also how the water they drink is not clean and can cause disease. They also thought about countries where people didn’t have enough to eat. They discussed how this didn’t seem fair. They could see how this learning fitted also with our Value of the month – ‘fairness’

We incorporated our value of the month and explored whether it was fair that some people have food/clean water/access to healthcare/wealth etc. and some do not. We established what the project was all about and what the global goals are and focused on a few of them – making posters to promote the issues as well as what is hoped for by 2030.