Year 4

Welcome to Sycamore, Larch and Mulberry classes

The teachers in Year 4 are Jennie Owen (Sycamore class), Alice Biggs (Larch) and Gwen Tsenti and Hannah Bawcombe (Mulberry class) .

General information:

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Archive – what we got up to last year

International Day

Year Four visited South America in the morning where they made Mardi Gras masks. In the afternoon they visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands looking at the wildlife and making an iguana!

What we have been doing

Year 4 have been exploring their Viking Topic through English, art, DT, history and geography. The children have expressed their enjoyment of the topic through their Google Meet sessions. The children made Viking boats in Art. They discovered the Viking settlements on a map for Geography. They cooked and ate some yummy Viking bread as part of DT. They even made Viking pendants called ‘amulets’, which were thought to bring good luck – hopefully they bring us enough luck to be back together in the classroom soon!