Year 4

Welcome to Sycamore, Larch and Mulberry classes

The teachers in Year 4 are Jennie Owen (Sycamore class), Alice Biggs (Larch) and Gwen Tsenti and Hannah Bawcombe (Mulberry class) .

General information:

Here are our class charters.




























































This is what we have been doing this term:

For International Day as part of their geography curriculum Y4 focussed on a European country and looked at Spain for the day. This is in a modern day context but also in the context of their topic on the Tudors as they are looking at the Spanish Armada and its route. They located Spain on a map and also significant places within Spain. They had a go at some Flamenco dance steps and listened to phrases in Spanish music. In art they looked at the work of a Spanish artist who is based in Barcelona and tried to create watercolours in his style.

This term, Year 4 have been finding out about the Vikings, which has involved history and geography work. They have explored where the Vikings came from, how and when they invaded Britain and where they settled. They have read some excellent books, including ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne and ‘Mouse Bird Snake Wolf’ around which the children have based their creative writing.

We also did some sewing!

In science, Year 4 have been learning how to classify and sort animals and plants.  In geography, the children have been looking at rivers and the water cycle and to explore this topic further, towards the end of term, there will be a geography field trip to Friary Park. In a busy term, the children also enjoyed taking part in the Year 4 pyjama party.

Here’s what we got up to in the first term:

Year 4’s autumn term topic is ‘African Adventure’. The children have explored many aspects of the geography and history of the continent and have created presentations on particular countries. In December they will take part in an Ancient Egypt curriculum day where they will build pyramids and create necklaces and death masks. In English they have been enjoying the Power of Reading text ‘The Village that Vanished’. They have also been reading ‘There’s a pharaoh in our bath’ and ‘Omar’. Year 4 have been developing their hockey skills this term in sessions run by Non-Stop Action.