Year 4

Welcome to Sycamore and Mulberry classes

The teachers in Year 4 are Jennie Owen and Emma Harrison .

The Y4 cake sale is on Friday November 15.

ARCHIVE: Here is what Y4 got up to last year.

This term’s topic in Year 4 has been the Vikings. They particularly enjoyed a curriculum day when History Off the Page ran a Viking workshop. They have also explored a secondary topic – ‘The Rainforest’ – and have been using texts from the Power of Reading including ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne. The children have benefited from dance coaching this term from Non-Stop Action as part of their indoor PE curriculum. 

Well done to all the pupils and staff involved in the Y4 review. We all got to see what a very busy year you have had and what a very broad curriculum you have been studying – learning about: Ancient Egyptians, The Vikings, Art, Science, Literacy work, – The Devil & his boy, PE –gymnastics, as well as the Tudors. Thank you to Ms Owen, Mrs Tsenti and Mrs Spann for making sure it all ran smoothly. We all enjoyed it. 

Some of our Year 4 pupils participated last week in an interschool triathlon event with our local partnership of schools – St John’s, St Paul’s, Coppetts Wood, Hollickwood and All Saints.
Each child in our team of nine had to do cycling, running and swimming. I am delighted to
tell you that Holly Park won the competition trophy and came first out of all the schools. The Year 4 children also behaved very well.

In R.E we have been looking at ‘Places of Worship’ and the different symbols and artefacts that are used. Year 4 visited the local Baptist and United Reformed church.

Reverend Ruth Moriarty and the Deacons were very welcoming. The children learnt a lot about the founding members of the church through a sorting game. Also, they had an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ to find the important symbols in the church.

Our class reporter was Farah. She said: “In PE we have been doing circuit training for example skipping and bouncing a ball. In science we have been learning about inheritance and evolution and in English we have been writing a review about The Devil and his Boy and we drew our own book cover for it. Also, in maths we have been doing fractions. We had World Book Day where we had to dress up as a word from our vocabulary and on Friday we had an amazing Y4 sleepover. In ICT we have been doing programming and algorithms.”

Wow, what great fun we had on our sleepover. Thank you so much to all the teachers and Non Stop Action for a brilliant evening!

Our latest class reporters were Cecilia and Camille. Cecilia said: “We have been learning about digestion in science and what parts of the body play a role in helping to digest food. In English we are learning about the story ‘The Devil and his Boy.’ It is a story set in Tudor times which is very nice because in history we are learning about the Tudors, King Henry VIII, his wives and his children. In maths we are learning our times tables, especially the seven times and our nine times. We have also been learning about the Tower of London because we are going on a trip there soon. Overall it has been a fun, interesting week!”

Camille said: “In science we are doing the digestive system and what all the parts of the digestive system are called and what they do. In maths we are learning about multiplying three numbers and factor pairs, we also had a maths workshop to show the parents what we do in maths. In PE we are doing basketball with Non Stop Action and every Wednesday we go swimming at St John’s School. In English we’re reading The Devil and his Boy and writing a persuasive letter to a character in the story using lots of descriptive language. We’re studying the Tudor family tree in history. We are going on in computing so we can learn how to give the computer instructions. We’re learning rock and roll songs in music.”

Our class reporter was Talis. She said: “We went to the British Museum to learn more about our topic this term which is Ancient Egypt. We first saw lots of hieroglyphics on the walls and tried to work out what they said. It was lots of fun. Then we saw the Rosetta Stone and after lunch we had a talk about mummies then we went in a room and saw loads of mummies. I learnt that a mummy was buried in sand and still had his skin. Before the mummy goes in a coffin it has a cat-ray which is like an x-ray and scans the mummy’s head. Then they put bandages on and cover the mummy in salt to preserve it. They take all the mummy’s guts out before they bury it in the pyramids. I had such a brilliant time at the British Museum and I loved learning about the mummies.”

Our class reporters were Safia and Farah. Safia said: “Our new project is Ancient Egypt so we watched a video about it and wrote notes down. In English we have been doing editing and perfect punctuation and spelling. In maths we have been working on column subtraction with a grid, our title was to subtract four digit numbers. In art we have practical weaving designs with a Russian artist inspiring us.”

Farah said: “In ICT we have been going to code and we have to try and get the zombie to the sun flower. In maths we are doing adding and subtraction using the column method and exchanging. In PE it’s really fun because we have been learning how to control a ball with a hockey stick. In English we have a new book called Fly, Eagle, Fly and we have been writing our likes and dislikes. In history we have been making time lines about the history of Ancient Egypt. And in SPAG we’ve been learning how to use prefixes. It was a fantastic week”

Our first class reporter this year was Amela, who said: “In art we have been learning how to cross-hatch, for example you have to do a rough amount of lines next to each other but not that far apart and then you do diagonal lines. In science we did an experiment but that was last week, this week we had to write the method in our science books. In PE we did some netball with our house groups and people had to mark each other from different teams. In maths we did Roman numerals like XXXV=35 and we had to fill in a hundred square. Finally we did English and wrote our stories based on The Village that Vanished.”