Year 6

Welcome to Cedar and Beech classes

The teachers in Year 6 are Alice Biggs (Beech) and Dominic Carini (Cedar).

The Y6 cake sale is on Friday Sep 27.

ARCHIVE: Here is what Y6 got up to last year.

Y6 has put on the most amazing show with The Lion King. You can find the pictures here. 

For year 6 the first part of the summer term was dominated by preparations for their end of Key Stage 2 assessments. The children and staff worked very hard and we were very proud of the way they dealt with the pressures of test week.

Even though the weather could have been kinder the year 6 children had a fantastic time on their school journey to Norfolk Lakes. The children thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities on offer, especially those based around the lakes like canoeing, sailing and stand up paddle boarding. The last trip of the year is a visit to the Hindu temple in Neasden to support their RE curriculum. They are now busy rehearsing for their end of year show, The Lion King.

​In Year 6, the children have been learning about the Ancients Maya Civilisation.  Our topic this half term in art has been sculpture. The children created these wonderful examples of Maya inspired glyphs from clay;  they were focusing on accurately carving, using tools to indent and effectively scoring to attach two pieces of clay. The children all completed an initial design in their sketch books and used this to inspire their sculpture. The results are a fantastic standard – really wonderful examples of Maya designs. (One teacher mentioned in passing that they would not look out of place at the British Museum- praise indeed!) 

Year 6 enjoyed learning about World War 2 in Autumn term; one of the highlights was creating models of Anderson air raid shelters in DT. The children were given some corrugated card and a shoe box to construct their models. It was a challenge to ensure the structure was strong enough to remain in place after it had been painted (the paint added to the weight of the card) and the children learned a few different techniques to strengthen different parts of their models.

During the war, people would camouflage their Anderson shelter with soil and use the top of the roof as a small vegetable patch: the children enjoyed recreating this feature on their models. The results were fantastic! 

Year 6 have been loving painting this year!

The children have developed their colour mixing skills; created landscapes using tints, tones and shades. More recently, the children have been creating paintings using warm and cool colours.

We have been studying Buddhism in year 6 and in Beech class we made a Buddhist Prayer Flag.

The idea is to write positive messages/mantras that will be blown by the wind to spread goodwill and compassion.

Our class reporter was Harry. He said: “This week we have been learning about a lot of interesting subjects. One of them was maths, we were converting decimals, percentages and fractions into each other. Another subject was English, in which we wrote a play script about a conversation between two of the main characters in our book Skellig. In science we looked at animals’ and plants’ habits, and how they have evolved to survive. In geography we have been plotting every country and capital city in South America on a map. In the final subject – history – we wrote a timeline about World War 2, which had many main events such as the Blitz, D Day and Operation Barbarossa. That is the end of my report.” 

Our class reporter was Freya. She said: “In English we have been writing a newspaper based on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We wrote a plan and we named Bruno’s family the Schmidt family. We also did D&T and made Anderson Shelters, a type of bomb shelter used in World War II – it involved painting shoe boxes and using corrugated cardboard and painting that too. We assembled it and cut the corners and a door. We also did some RE – we used the Chromebooks to find out the holiest places in the main religions, then we pointed the countries out on a map, once we had finished we did our coding assignments. In maths we did fractions, we learnt to divide and multiply fractions.”

Our class reporter was Eva. She said: “We have been learning about the vanishing point and perspective in art. The evacuation of Dunkirk in history; the next chapter of Boy in the Striped Pyjamas in English; playing handball matches in outdoor PE, BODMAS (Brackets, order, division, multiplication, additions and subtraction) in maths and on Friday comprehension with Mrs Pelham.