Year 6

Welcome to Cedar and Beech classes

The teachers in Year 6 are Emily Sampson (Beech) and Dominic Carini (Cedar).

Information for Y6

Y6 have arrived in Norfolk!

Here are our class charters.







Here is what we have been doing this term:

Y6 were delighted to bump into author Michael Rosen on the tube!

Ms Sampson with Michael Rosen

The year 6 topic this term is based around the subject of mountains. The children will also be exploring the culture of the Ancient Maya towards the end of term. They have been enjoying reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll and ‘The Garbage King’ by Elizabeth Laird. The core text used for writing stimulus this term has been ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ (non-fiction for the first time). The children have written newspaper articles and letters based on the expedition to cross Antarctica. Their study has coincided with Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, being discovered and the children went to visit the Geographical Society to see the photographic exhibition of the expedition. In Art, they have been focusing on sketching and using different shading techniques and levels of tone. Their science topic was ‘living things and their habitats’. The children have enjoyed dance sessions in PE run by Non-stop Action and in DT they made soup. The children are now beginning to focus more on Reading, SPaG and Maths as they begin to prepare for their KS2 tests.

Here’s what did in the first term:

The year 6 topic this term is based around World War 2 covering many aspects of this conflict including the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. To support this topic through literacy the children have been reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. They have also been designing and constructing model Anderson shelters in DT. They will be visiting the Science Museum in December to support their science work on Light and Electricity.

In PE the children have been developing their basketball skills in sessions run by Non-Stop Action.