Holly ParkSport is an important part of the Holly Park curriculum. Please look at the drop down menu to see some of our sporting fixtures, timetables, uniforms and policy.

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Outside PE

Please make sure that your child has the outdoor PE kit. Like all other schools, PE continues in cold weather. Cold weather does not cause colds. In terms of infectious diseases, germs make you sick, not the cold weather itself.

You have to come into contact with rhinoviruses to come down with a cold and influenza virus to contract the flu. Most viruses are transferred and amplified in our heated indoor areas, and risks are greatest to sedentary people.

So indirectly, going outside and exercising does reduce your risk of getting a cold and can actually stimulate the immune system. Cells that fight infection in the body actually increase if you go out into the cold. Cold temperature doesn’t affect immune system strength. The common cold is commonest in winter because the harsh weather prompts people to stay indoors, where ventilation is restricted and proximity to infected friends and family members is increased.

Other sports news

Junior Sports Day

After a scorching junior sports day Hydra were declared the winners.

Infant Sports Day

The infants did amazingly well on a very hot sports day which included skipping, egg and spoon race and the very popular water obstacle course. The parents were very impressive in their skipping race too!




Holly Park was selected along with 15 other schools from North London and Hertfordshire to take part in a Rugby World Cup project with Premiership Rugby team Saracens. As part of the project eight children attended an opening ceremony and Saracens delivered an assembly, in which were told that Holly Park would be representing the USA.

All the children in Year 5 we are asked, as part of their homework, to create a fact file about the United States and to design a banner about Holly Park, the US and the Rugby World Cup.

From this three banner designs were chosen and with the able assistance of Ms Reid they made a fantastic banner. Seven children were chosen to present their research about the US, 10 children were selected for a Tag Rugby tournament and 10 children along with Ms Casey had to learn and practice a special World Cup dance

The 30 children along with Ms Casey, Mr Carini and Mr Bourne travelled to Allianz Park, home of Saracens to take part in a special day to celebrate the end of the Rugby World Cup. The day began with the Special World Cup dance which was performed on the indoor track at Saracens to all the other participants. The children from Holly Park performed it brilliantly and really caught the eye. This was then followed by the Parade of Nations where once again the Holly Park banner really stood out.

All the children in Year 5 have also been learning Tag Rugby this year and the tag rugby players took part in a tournament. Once again the Holly Park team did really well, especially as this was the first time they had taken part in a proper Tag Rugby match. They were very unlucky not to qualify for the quarter finals.

While this was going on in one of the suites at Allianz Park the other children were presenting their country fact file. This was actually incredibly daunting for the children as they had to present in front of about 300 other children and adults, using microphones. The children’s presentation was amazing – they spoke clearly, confidently and delivered a really interesting and imaginative fact file about the US. It made the staff watching feel really proud.

Once again all the children behaved like true Holly Parkers throughout and did their school proud.

*Holly Park has been awarded a Quality Mark from the Association of Physical Education. Read more about it here