House challenge

Holly Park Houses

At Holly Park all of our children from year 1 to year 6 belong to one of our five houses. Siblings belong to the same house.

The ‘House system’ was set up at Holly Park over 10 years ago. Originally, the children and teachers put forward ideas about possible House names. Ideas such as planets, birds and famous people were put forward. The outcome of a vote resulted in the names of mythical beasts being chosen to represent the five houses.

Our five houses are :

  • Griffin – yellow
  • Hydra – blue
  • Phoenix – red
  • Unicorn – black
  • Dragon – green

Each house has two captains from year six.

Children at the school collect house points across each week for good effort, good manners, polite behaviour etc. These house points are added up each week. The winning house is presented with a cup for the week. Results are reported in the weekly newsletter.

We hold house challenges each term when the children from across the school work together in different age groupings within their houses to do various challenges to earn points for their house.

Past house challenges have included – choral verse, tower building, pancake races, relay races, poetry, a bake off and a potato Olympics.

At the junior sports day, the children race in house groups to earn points for their house.

House points are collected across the year and are added up to give a total .The house with the most points for the year is presented with the Margaret Maxwell Shield.

Each term Holly Park has a House Challenge

Spring House Challenge

The Spring term house challenge took place today. The challenge was linked to the Oliver Jeffers book – ‘We’ll Build.’ The children (in pairs or small groups – within their houses) made a poster showing how to build good friendships. Miss Michael made a power point about what makes a good friend, what to do to resolve friendships problems, why filling buckets / acts of kindness are important etc. The children then presented and explained their poster to the rest of the class. They earned points for their house for teamwork and presentation skills.

Autumn Term House Challenge

The aim of the House Challenge was to create a Rights Respecting Mascot. The children had to think of a name for their mascot and design the mascot thinking of which rights they represented. The children worked in a house group within their year group bubble. Each house group was awarded house points for teamwork and creativity. Miss Michael has chosen the winning design to become our official Rights Respecting Mascot. Here are some of the designs:

Lockdown House Challenge – Hope and Positivity

Holly Park House Challenge –  Pupil Voice

Following on from the Climate Change march we asked the children to think about issues that they feel strongly about. The house challenge was to decide as a group on an issue that they feel strongly about and to prepare a short presentation about it to the rest of the class. The children worked in their House groups, y1 and 2 together, Y3&4 and then Y5&6. The presentations included placards, banners, posters, and speeches.

Autumn Term House Challenge

The theme of the challenge this term was connected to Rights Respecting Schools. The children looked at the rights and discussed them. They worked in cross year group teams to prepare a presentation persuading others that the article they had chosen was the most important one. They prepared their presentations and then shared them with everyone. The children were awarded a maximum of 15 points to each group: 5 points for team work, 5 points for the presentations, 5 points for their persuasive arguments.

Spring Term House Challenge

In keeping with World Book Day, our house challenge was to design a front cover for an age appropriate book. The children worked together to gain points for creativity and teamwork. Year 1 and 2 worked together, Year 3&4, Year 5&6 The winning house with 244 points was Hydra!