Year 1

Welcome to Chestnut and Pine  classes

The teachers in Year 1 are Sharon Hughes (Pine) and Emma Fitzpatrick (Chestnut).

General information for Y1

Here are our class charters:

Here are some useful resources for learning at home:

Here’s what we have been doing this term:

For International Day Year 1 learned about different types of homes around the world. This has linked to their science work on materials. They looked at different kinds of homes around the world and they tried making homes using different materials. They have also been reading a book called ‘Let’s Build a House.’

In Year One, we have been learning about animals in hot and cold countries. We used the book Lost and Found as a stimulus and started a Learning Project by making lost posters for the penguin. The children then created story maps and re-wrote the Lost and Found story. They looked at the weather patterns in the UK for a week and compared them to the weather that week in Antarctica and Kenya.

We then used the book Lila and the Secret of Rain which is set in Kenya. The children really enjoyed learning about the lives of children in other countries and were particularly interested in the range of animals. They have been learning to classify animals and have learnt about mammals, birds and amphibians. They will be learning about reptiles and fish. They have also been learning about what animals eat and classifying into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

They have begun their Learning Project on transport and have used the Mrs Armitage stories by Quentin Blake. In the story, Mrs Armitage adds objects to her bike to help her on her journey. We borrowed a bike from the bike racks and the children designed their own object to add to the bike. They then made it using recycled materials and stuck them on. In phonics, they are well on their way into Phase 5 and the children are making really good progress. In maths the children are developing a deep understanding of number to ten, and they are just about to embark on numbers to one hundred.

Here’s what we got up to in the first term:

Year One started with an in-depth assessment in reading and phonics whilst the children settled into life in Key Stage One. This provided an excellent baseline for planning and the phonics and reading books have been pitched to the level that each child requires (a requirement of the DfE when teaching early reading). In Phonics, they have been using the Bug Club scheme of work, starting at Phase 4 which focuses on blending CCVC and CVCC words. They have since started working on Phase 5, which introduces the concept that there are different ways of spelling each phoneme eg ai ay and a-e. The children have been really engaged with the Phonics Bug method of teaching and they are making good progress.

The intervention groups have also started and they are being run by Jan Richardson. The intervention groups for phonics are also following the Bug Club planning at the level for specific groups of children. In maths, Year One teachers have also started the Maths Mastery training programme from the NCETM. The sessions that we have taught so far have focused on the numbers 1-5 and have provided lots of food for thought for both teachers and children.

Year One’s first learning project has been ‘All About Me’ and the children have been learning about the parts of the body, labelling, naming and drawing them. The children spent a few weeks focusing on drawing the human body with the correct body parts. They have been doing lots of cross-curricular work with literacy and PSHE and the children have been thinking about and writing about what makes them unique, what they like and dislike and what they are good at. In geography, they have done our ‘field trip’ around the school and visited the different classrooms around the Infants and the Juniors. The children have made models to draw around to show how maps are drawn and have used Bee Bot floor robots to give directions around a map. They are just beginning to work on books by the author, Julia Donaldson with the first focus book being Zog, linking to the learning on Keeping Healthy.