Year 1

Welcome to Chestnut and Pine  classes

The teachers in Year 1 are Sharon Casey and Xenoulla Thrasyvoulou (Pine) and Emma Fitzpatrick (Chestnut).

Here’s What to expect in Year 1

Here is what we will be learning about this term: Y1 curriculum newsletter Autumn

Year One’s Learning Project has been ‘All About Me’. In Literacy, the focus was labels, lists and captions and the children wrote captions to accompany pictures that they drew of themselves, their family and things they can do. They also wrote lists linking with history, comparing toys for babies and toys for children.

The children are currently learning about traditional tales and the focus has been on The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen.  In Maths, the focus has been numbers to ten. This has included addition, subtraction, part whole models, bar models, number bonds and fact families.

The children are now in a good place to move onto numbers to twenty in the coming weeks. We have been learning a lot about colour mixing and primary and secondary colours. We have looked at famous artists such as Mondrian. When looking at portraits we have looked at Paul Klee and Picasso. We have also focused on collage which linked in with our science of senses and talk a lot about texture.

In geography we have been talking about mapping and have looked at aerial photographs of the Infant Playground. The children have also been trying to draw a birds-eye view. We have linked our science and have also been looking at deciduous and evergreen trees and have started to talk about weather patterns with the different seasons.

ARCHIVE: Here is what Y1 got up to last year.

Year 1 have been learning a lot about geography and the UK. They focused on one country of the UK per week and learnt about its flag and its national flower. The children learnt where in the UK each country was located and sampled some traditional food from that area – cucumber sandwiches, shortbread, Welsh cakes and soda bread.

They went on a local walk around the local area, venturing up to the Co-Op to spend 50p wisely on a healthy snack. They then walked to St John’s Church for an interesting tour of church artefacts and symbols. The children were learning about how the land has been used and thought about how this linked to history eg why garages weren’t invented until cars were invented. They also had a good look for wild plants and tried to identify evergreen and deciduous trees. In maths, they have been focusing on fractions, finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. They are working on Place Value to 100, linking all of their work on Tens and Ones together. They visited the National Art Gallery and have been focusing on the book Katie’s Picture Show (and other stories). The children are currently loving their Learning Project about art and artists.

Year One have been learning about inventors and their inventions. They held a curriculum day and the children dressed up as a famous or not-so-famous inventor. Anna in Year 1
said “I came as myself. I invented the head scratcher”.

On the curriculum day, the children did lots of Design Technology by creating their own suitcases based on the learning they had done about hinges, handles and fastenings. They learnt to use different tools such as a hand drill and resources such as treasury tags, pipe cleaners and split pins.

Children came dressed as inventors such as: Alexander Fleming, Nancy Johnson who  created the ice cream maker, Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright brothers and Elizabeth Magie who invented the Monopoly game.
The curriculum day also tied in with the work on transport that the children had been doing.

See pictures of the Infant Show here.

Our class reporter was Kostadin who said: “We have been learning how to make sculptures with soap. And we have been learning how to make a suitcase from a shoe box. We read the book Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We have been learning how to take away.”

Our latest class reporters were Salina and Vivian. Salina said: “We have been learning about The Gingerbread Man, the Ugly Duckling, the Snowman and the Christmas story. This is how to be safe when you are on the road. Practising how to draw your face.”

Vivian said: “In science we have been learning about materials and for English we have been learning about the Naughty Bus. Also for maths we’ve been learning about 10s and 1s. Also the Naughty Bus has been doing silly stuff a lot. He put paint on the floor, also put tape on the floor and put colour and paper on the table and floor. Also he went on the pipes and in the blocks.”

Our latest class reporter was Ja’Kai who said: “In class we have been learning about self portraits. We have been drawing faces of us and making it look nice. I enjoyed drawing myself because it was fun trying to do it. We have been learning about nativity and the Christmas story as well. This is about Jesus and when he was born.”

Our class reporters were Ella, Abel and Isabelle.

Ella said: “We have been learning about the feelings chart and a special place and about poppies and anti-bullying.”

Abel said: “We learnt about part part whole model and the Gingerbread man and how to safely cross the road. We did the Gingerbread man pop up show and we learnt how to draw half of our faces.

Isabelle said: “We watched Inside Out to learn about feelings. We had to draw our face – we were learning how to do portraits.”

ARCHIVE: Here’s what the children got up to in 2017-18

See the pictures from our fantastic infant show here.


Our class reporter was Tasnim who said: “In maths we were learning doubling and in English we did instructions. We did Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon.”

Science week – The science topic for Year One this half term is ‘Plants’ so instead of discrete science investigations we have used our topic in science week. We have observed plants and identified the different parts and their functions. Year One has also made their own sunflower plant using tissue paper, art straws, wool and lentils. To understand how water travels through the plant we went on a leaves hunt in the infant playground and the children gathered different leaves. We returned to our classes and did rubbing of the leaves. We then looked at the different leaf rubbings and explored what was same and different about them.

We discussed the ‘veins’ that were present in every leaf and their function of carrying food and water around the plant.  We also looked at the pipe shape of stems and how it carries water around the plant. We have also started another experiment to see how water travels. Chestnut class has three jugs of water two with different colour water and one empty jug. The three jugs are connected by kitchen roll paper going from each coloured water jug to the empty jug in the middle. We are leaving it overnight to see what will happen. Pine Class has done the same however instead of an empty jug in the middle they have a plain water jug. We are investigating what will happen to the middle jugs. The children have made predictions of what they expect. Tomorrow we also plan to put white flowers and cabbage leaves in water and observe how water travels in the veins.


Our class reporter was Joe. He said: “We have been learning about halving and quartering using different shapes. We made a world map. Also we wrapped different coloured fabric around sticks, it a fun week!”

Here are some of recent wall displays.


Our class reporter was Lena. She said: “This week we have been learning about Yuri Gagarin. He was the first human to journey into space. We also learned about doubling in maths in which a number is added to itself. For example 6+6=12. We also read about Beegu’s story. The story was about an alien being lost on earth. We wrote about our favourite part of the story of Beegu. My favourite part is where Beegu found her mummy and daddy.”

Our class reporters were Polina and Shaya.

Polina said: “In Spanish we learned days of the week. In maths we were doing tens and ones and doubling numbers. Also we were reading with Miss Mir, we had books like Seriously Silly. And we were counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. In assembly we were thinking about filling buckets. In PE we were doing a game like football. Love, love love love.”

Shaya said: “This week I have been learning about space and the first man on the moon, Yuri Gagarin, in 1961. When he got back to earth he died apparently.”


Our class reporters are Maryam, Selin, Emma, Konrad and Raf.

Maryam said:“We have been learning about tens and ones. And we have been learning about space. Last week was very busy.”

Selin said: “We have been counting in twos and five and tens. We have been learning about rows and columns. We have been making hinges handles.”

Emma said: “In dance I was learning which direction to go. In maths I was learning about space and guessing which planet it was. With Mr Hogan I practised with my songs for the choir show. In recycling days everybody was making something with recycling things.”

Konrad said: “This week with Mrs Casey and the class we played Obb and Bob, Dragons Den and pirate games on the computer. In maths we learned about one less and one more, for example 32, 33, 34. We even learned about space and we learned about the moons of the planets.”

Raf said: “In PE we have been doing balls skills. In science we have been doing space.”


Our latest class reporters are Jasmin and Ryley.

Jasmine said: “In maths we have been making number bonds to 20. In English we have learnt about Lost and Found. In Science we have learnt about magnetic material. In Art we have learnt how to draw starry night and coloured them with pastels.”

Ryley said: “We have been learning about art. In Art we  have been doing printing.”

This week’s class reporter was Miss Mir! She also sent some lovely pictures of the children.

She said: “In maths we did 2D and 3D shapes and the children made models with 3D shapes exploring the properties of the shapes they had used. We introduced numbers over 10 and up to 20 this term and the children learnt about tens and ones. They grouped straws and other objects in groups of ten to understand what a ten meant in a number. They have also learnt about counting on from a number and adding by making a ten first and then adding the ones to the ten. They also used their number bonds to ten to learn about number bonds to 20. We read the book ‘One is a snail and ten is a crab’ and used the feet of the creatures from the book to make a given number.  The children also played secret number games to understand what missing numbers mean in number sentences. We have also learnt how to measure using non standard units like multilink, paperclips and pens. 

In Science the children explored different forces like push and pull. We investigated how different heights of a ramp might effect how far a car travels. This linked well with our measuring in maths.

We also made Chinese dragons as part of learing about the Chinese New Year. In PSHE to understand how they might be same and different from their friends and how they were unique the children looked at their thumb prints on blown up balloons.

As part of our learning project on Artists Year One visited the National Gallery and learnt about famous artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Rousseau etc. Inspired by our trip we created art work in the style of these artist . Also inspired by videos of the Sistine chapel the children  laid down on their backs under the tables and drew pictures in the style of Michael Angelo.

We read the book ‘The day the Crayons Quit’ and the children did freeze frame activities to understand how the crayons might be feeling in the story. The children then wrote diary entries and letters from the crayons.”

Our latest class reporters were Ines and Ayaan.

Ines said: “In maths we have been making number bonds to 10 to make 20. In English we drew a plan. In science we have learned about materials, what things are made of. In RE we made Joseph’s coat, we did not know what the coat looked liked so we created our own coat.”

Ayaan said: “We designed our own Joseph coat and had lots of fun doing this activity. In class we have been learning about floating and sinking. We have been writing about animals.”


This week’s reporters were Alia and Eva.

Eva said: In maths we have been learning about tens and ones as well as teenage numbers. We have been practising for the infant show. I love the horse dance that we do!”

Alia said: “I was in the infant show doing the umbrella dance. In maths we were finding the difference in how fast the car went down the ramp. We also played a game in maths. We took turns doing the secret number on the calculator. I enjoyed it a lot and I was very good at it.”

Our class reporters were Chengiz and Grace.

Chengiz said: “In maths we have been learning about tens and ones. We have been also practising for our infant show. And in English on Tuesday we learnt about the diagraph. Also in Spanish our teacher picked some children to act a Spanish story that we read tres (it means 3) times. And on Thursday we had Mr Hogan (our music teacher) who taught us some music games like ‘I know when the pitch goes down!’ “

Grace said: “This week we have been learning about Monet who painted the Water Lily Pond. We have also been drawing it and painting it. We have also been learning about 10s and 1s and we are grouping them in tens.


Our first class reporters were Jiashunang and Harry.

Harry said: “We have been learning about tens and ones in maths. For example 36 has 3 tens and 6 ones. I’ve been pulling and pushing in science.”

Jiashunang: “She remembered Ten Zone Ones which is numbers like 10, 20, 30 up to 100. She also learnt about 3D and 2D shapes and explained that a pentagon is like a house. There was an interesting activity called ‘We are all different’ where the children dipped their thumb in ink and printed it onto a balloon to see the fingers are different with other children.” 

These are pictures of some of the diyas the children made for Diwali. We used clay to sculpt the diyas and then painted them and added glitter. The children took the diyas home each with a tealight inside to light up.

Here are some of the maths we did from the first half of the Autumn term. The children did sorting, grouping, one more/less, ordering, greater than/less than, part whole and addition facts​.

Over the last school term Year One have been very busy with two Learning Projects.  The first was ‘Arrrrgh Pirates’.  We focused on ‘Class Three at Sea’ and other pirate related fiction and non-fiction books.  We wrote labelled pirates, wrote letters, wrote senses poems about hat it feels like to be a pirate, wrote a re-count of our pirate curriculum day and wrote about our favourite part of the story.  The children acted out pirate role play.  On our Pirate Curriculum Day we had a fashion show showing off our pirate costumes.  We made fruit salad pirate ships, pirate map pizzas, went on a treasure hunt and discovered chocolate gold coins.  The children ended the day with pirate tattoos.  In art we drew pirate ships and painted and made collages.  We also made treasure chests out of clay.  We celebrated different religious festivals including Diwali where we made clay diyas and wrote about the Nativity Story.  

Our second Learning Project was ‘Animals’ where the children learnt about living and non-living things, how to classify animals according to their diet, for example, herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.  We learnt about different animals families including reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, birds and insects.  We made modroc animals and then went on to make habitats for them using shoe boxes.  We also visited London Zoo where the children had a chance to see a variety of animals from around the world.

In keeping with the festive season the children sculpted soap as a gift, they made a stencil and used it to make their own wrapping paper.

Over the term in maths we have focused on numbers to 10.  We looked at one more and one less than a number, we explored which numbers were greater and smaller numbers.  We identified odd and even numbers and learnt that numbers are made of different parts.  We learnt the part part whole model and the four addition facts.  We also learnt how to work systematically to find all the possible answers for number bonds up to 10.  wee learnt to subtract in different ways by taking away and counting back and finding the difference by counting on.  The children also learnt how numbers are related to each other through addition and subtraction.

For PSHE we watched the film ‘Inside Out’ in order to understand that we all have feelings such as joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust.  The children learnt that it’s okay to have different feelings at different times and each feeling is important however how we react to them has consequences and we need to think about them before we act on them.  We made feelings charts that are displayed in the classrooms where the children are free to move the arrow depending on how they are feeling at that present time.  The adults also made one too so the children understand that adults have feelings too!  We also did lots of different activities based on the feelings characters film.

We look forward to another very busy term in Year One.

This half term Year One’s Learning Project has been about Animals.  We learned about different animal families, whether they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.  We read story books about animals such as ‘Oi Dog’ and ‘Oi Frog’ and ‘Class Two at the Zoo’ as well as reading non-fiction books about different animals around the world. The children also had a chance to visit London Zoo. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip especially seeing the sleeping tigers, the mother gorilla being greedy and not sharing her food with her baby and an unusual animal called an okapi.  

The children thoroughly enjoyed the aquarium, the reptile house and watching the penguins duck and dive in the water.  We finished off our Learning Project by making animal habitats out of boxes and modroc sculptures of our favourite animals

Year one made lovely displays about the pirate project.  They did some lovely writing and collages

They have also displayed some of their maths work on subitizing (Subitizing is the ability to ‘see’ a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice)

They enjoyed a great trip to London Zoo and have displayed the writing they did about the animals.

ARCHIVE – see what Y1 got up to last year

Year One have been learning about Traditional Tales.  We have read several traditional tales and looked at alternative versions.  We have hot seated the main characters and role played the tales too. We have enjoyed changing the endings of the stories as well as settings and characters.  At the end we had a traditional tale dress up day where we came dressed as our favourite characters.  The children had a fashion show and described their characters.  After we made picnic food and ate our picnic in the sunshine.

You can see pictures from the infant show here.

Infant show (2)

Our Y6 Digital Leaders have been reporting on what the children are doing each week. Here is their report:

  • They have been doing traditional stories about Triton the Greek hero.


  • Maths – Chestnut were doing halving in quarters and they were also focusing on days and months of the year.
  • English – They also were reading a book called The Deep Dark Wood and writing their own versions
  • This week in ICT Y1 have been playing games on the interactive whiteboard. They are games that help them to understand more, like maths or English games. In maths, they have been learning how to add and take away. They have been practising for the infant show, ‘The Snail and the Whale’. In English, they have been writing their own version of ‘The Naughty Bus’and illustrated it.


Year One had a fantastic time dressed as pirates for their curriculum day. They enjoyed a range of activities linked to their pirate learning project. First they had a fashion show showing off their costumes and their pirate poses and phrases. Then they received a letter giving them the first clue of the treasure hunt. They followed a series of clues around the school that finally led them to Mrs Hassan’s office where they found a treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins! They spent the afternoon making treasure map pizzas and finished the day with tattoos. The children did some excellent writing about their pirate day in their English books.

We have been very busy this term. See what we have been up to.

This attachment will show you the Holly Park End of Year 1 Expectations.

Y1 Expectations

Mrs Fitzpatrick ran a meeting (which was very well attended) to explain to parents about the Y1 curriculum and what the children were expected to achieve in maths and English by the end of the year.