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Maths Afternoon and Parent Maths Club

We had a successful maths afternoon. Our theme was cross-curricular maths. 

  • Nursery did lots of fun games on the interactive white board, they also looked at patterns, were counting 1:1 and did shape printing.
  • Reception played snakes and ladders, were measuring in the construction area, and were cutting sandwiches in half in their role play café.
  • Year 1 had fun with science and maths, measuring the distance that cares travelled down different ramps.
  • Year 2 got involved in various money solving problems.
  • Year 3 looked at Roman numerals.
  • Year 4 played a Tudor board game and did outside PE linked to multiplication tables.
  • Year 5 made maths board games to play with the parents the next day and they also did Pancake Day maths problems
  • Year 6 made Ancient Mayan calendars.

The parents came in to a Holly Park maths morning the following day to play maths games in the classroom.

The Holly Park Forever Learning Project

Over the first few weeks of the year all the classes at Holly Park have been learning more about our school in a special learning project. Each class has produced a wall display for our central areas.

The Nursery and Reception have been thinking about new beginnings and the fact that we are all Holly Parkers together. Year 1 have been thinking about the people who help us at Holly Park. Year 2 have been thinking about a day in the life of the children and adults at Holly Park.

Year 3 have been looking at the global village of Holly Park, Year 4 have been thinking of what Holly Park in the distant future might be like. Year 5 have been studying the history of Holly Park and Year 6 have been thinking about what it means to be a Holly Parker.