Year 3

Welcome to Hazel and Willow classes

The teachers in Year 3 are Neil Bourne (Hazel Class) and Eve Mehtar (Willow Class)

Year 3 have been working with a Coach from Non Stop Action doing Gymnastics on the apparatus.

The children in Year have been looking at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural materials to create pieces of art. The children collected their own natural materials and made their own pieces of art using them.

ARCHIVE: Here is what Y3 got up to last year:

This term the Y3 topic has been focusing on the Anglo-Saxons and the children have been looking at various aspects of the history of these people. In PE they have continued with their swimming lessons and have been developing their tennis skills with Non-Stop Action.

They have also enjoyed an outdoor adventure day in Trent Park run by Non-Stop Action to promote team building. They have visited the local Gudwara to follow up their work on Sikhism.

Year 3 had a Roman Day with History Off the Page. The children spent the morning making various things from mosaics to frescos to oil lamps. They also had an opportunity to visit a Roman doctor to get their ailments cured.

In the afternoon the investigated, using Roman artefacts​, who was the spy in our camp who had been supplying information to Boudicca.

Our class reporters were Elif and Elsie. Elif said: “We have been learning division and we have been doing some simple division. We learnt division is the opposite of times tables. We have been doing lots of 3s and 4s timetables. We have also been doing missing numbers tables. Food groups: we have been learning different food groups and what is inside them: fruit and veg = pear, melon, apple and carrot. In PE we have been leaning tag rugby, it’s a very fun game. The rules are to run around and try to get other people’s tags. We have been learning about Roman artefacts and we have been doing lots of experiencing with Roman things. Story build up: we have been learning about a story and writing our own version, we named it diamond soup.”

Elsie said: “In Hazel class we have  been very busy. Our new topic is Romans. So far we have been learning about the Roman army and the story of Romulus and Remus. In maths we’ve been learning how to divide. When it came to science we have been discovering how to stay healthy through the food that we eat. My highlight was in art when we designed our Roman shields. Watch this pace to see our finished shields, they are going to be great!”

Hazel Class in indoor PE have been trying to make the basic gymnastic shapes both on and off the equipment.

Willow Class have been discussing carbohydrates.

Y3 put on a beautiful nativity play. Here are some pictures.

Our class reporter was Nikki. She said: “We have been learning about column addition which is when the teacher gives us a number and we add it up altogether, so we always start with the ones and then we add the 10s column and finally we do the hundreds column and we check if it is correct.”

Our class reporter was Scarlett. She said: “We have been learning about Skara Brae a long time ago on the Orkney Islands, there were 10 Stone Age houses. At school we did a rock and fossil workshop. We got to make our own fossils. We have been learning hockey in PE and to use one side of the hockey stick.”

Hazel class have been looking at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and attempting their own work in his style. Here are their pictures:​