– Gold Award

Gold (Y5)

For the Gold challenge the children need to do the following activities:

Cookery – Make a loaf of bread

Budgeting – Plan packed lunches for a week. Go to the supermarket and select everything you need and can afford. Make the packed lunches.

Swimming or Washing Dishes – Show a range of swimming skills  including 2 lengths, a sitting dive, treading water – or wash and dry the dishes for a fortnight

First Aid/Sport – Plan a family day out. Before you go – consider all of the possible risks and prepare a suitable first aid kit

Interest – Demonstrate how to fix a puncture

Computer Skills – Make a power point presentation to show something you have learned about

Music – Research a composer. Or give a solo performance of a song or using an instrument

Drama – Without a book – retell a favourite children’s story to an infant class. Or make a recording of yourself retelling the story

Caring for others – Knit or crochet. Make a 20cm square which will be added to other squares and made into blankets for children in Africa​

Eco Challenge – Grow something to eat

Here are some of their pictures.

Caring for others – They have to know or crochet a square 20cm by 20cm. We send the squares to Junior duke and they are joined and made into blankets that go to countries like Africa



Washing the dishes:


Eco Challenge:

Drama and Music:

Cycle maintenance:

First Aid:

Other skills: