Early Years After School Club

Early Years After School Club runs from 3.30pm to 6pm and is for Nursery and Reception children only. It must be booked in advance for the paid for places. There are eight Reception places and six for Nursery.

There are also 10 spaces for afternoon Nursery children.  There is a waiting list. For more details see Clare Mornington. The prices are:

  • For nursery the cost is £18 plus an optional £2.20 for tea.
  • For Reception the cost is £20 plus an optional £2.20 for tea.
  • Children can bring a packed tea if they prefer.
  • Pricing will change in September – HOLLY PARK NURSERY PRICING

The food for nursery and reception after school club is Holly Park AFTER SCHOOL 

There are no set days for food due to the flexibility needed so that we can provide the children with a balanced diet depending on what they might have had for lunch.

On Duty DSL Cover for EYFS After School Club

EYFS After School Club (3.30pm – 6pm):

  • Monday –  Maria Michael
  • Tuesday –  Eve Mehtar
  • Wednesday – Diana Kelly
  • Thursday – Emily Sampson
  • Friday –   Ann Pelham​