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cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgAs a parent myself, I really value the opinions and concerns of Holly Park parents. I hope that together we will take the school forward and make Holly Park the best it can be. Ann Pelham – Headteacher

At Holly Park we are proud of our achievements.We were rated GOOD in our latest Ofsted report. You can read the report here: Ofsted report 2018

Here is our previous report from 2011: Ofsted 2011

You can give your views about Holly Park to Ofsted here.

There are various ways that you can give feedback to the school.

  • You can speak directly to the class teacher about any concerns relating to your child. Teachers are in the playground at the start and end of the school day.
  • Office staff are always on duty in the foyer at the start and end of the school day to answer questions.
  • Mrs Puzey our learning mentor is in the playground at the start of a school day if you need to speak to her informally
  • The Senior Management team are in the playground at the start of each school day if you want to speak to one of us informally
  • We hold termly informal coffee mornings for parents to come along to find out more information and ask questions. We like to hear your thoughts and ideas.
  • You can contact governors by e-mail on
  • Parent governors tend to be in the playground for informal chats at the start and end of the school day.
  • We run tours of the school for existing parents in the Spring term to come and look around the school and give us feedback
  • We do an annual parent questionnaire to find out parent views

You can contact the school office on –
You can contact the Headteacher on –

What do parents say about our school? Here are some recent comments: 

Parent feedback 2020-21

‘Myself and my husband would like to send a huge thank you to yourself and all of the staff at Holly Park. We can only imagine the enormous challenge faced by everyone since the start of the pandemic but the work set and the daily engagement has been amazing; the Holly Park community has really been upheld despite everyone being at home; we are very appreciative. ‘

‘We are proud of our daughter that she studied so diligently and with commitment, thanks to your and teachers’ help, She had a chance to feel part of this school and learn as if Lockdown did not exist. Thank you very much for helping and teaching our child and for psychological support in this difficult time. ‘

‘Thank you so much for everything you have done this half term.​ We really appreciate all the effort and hard work you have put in – the home learning activities, the videos, the phone calls (to name but a few things).’

‘Holly Park school has done amazingly well, honestly I am speaking as a mum now. I have been super impressed and really happy with all the work.’

‘Thought I would let you know that your teachers are doing an amazing job for the children on line. The work they are setting is great and the lesson videos are really helpful. It is really encouraging when they comment on work sent in, it helps us at home to get Amelia to do the work. Please send our thanks to them for all their hard work it is really appreciated.’ 

‘Overall I am very impressed, so well done to all the staff who have helped get this process working so well 

‘The online learning is up and running well via Google Classroom, with a good balance of work that recognises the pressure families (as well as teachers) are under. There is a clear sense that we are all called upon to do our very best for the children, but that we should not allow guilt or doom to overwhelm us should we fall short at any point. The teachers always take the time to post encouraging comments on the kids’ work – even if time only allows a simple ‘Well done!’. Assemblies and videos are posted daily, which maintain a sense of connection to the school, as well as conveying a clear sense of empathy towards the kids during this unique time, and enough pep to keep them (and the parents) going.

 ‘I just wanted to say how impressed I am by how amazingly well you and the rest of the Holly Park team have responded to the huge challenges posed by the current situation….’

‘I would like to thank you all for fantastic work during this very uncertain time. The children really miss you!’ 

‘Thank you – you and your staff have all been completely unbelievable – so calm, caring and supportive’

 ‘Thank you! This Headteacher award in lockdown put a big smile on his’ face and it definitely helped him carry on today.’

‘Thank you so much for the Headteacher Award. She was thrilled to see it this morning!’ 

‘I just wanted to thank you for the award today. We’ve had a very difficult week, since my mother passed away last week. He was very close with her and has been really upset, and this has brought a smile to his face and something he could share with my bereaved father.

 ‘Thank you very much for the postcard that came. She really enjoyed reading it.’ ​

‘I have just got home and my daughter is watching the class teachers  Google Classroom video from today.   Please thank her for making my day! Love it! No wonder my daughter loves school so much.’ 

Can you please also let the teacher know that my daughter is really enjoying the google meets and his voice memos about her work – lovely idea. Thanks to you and the team for the amazing job you are doing as well! 

Comments from reports


  • Great start to her school journey
  • I could not have hoped for a better team of people to make his first experiences so positive and help him build his confidence
  • Thank you so much – our son has had the best year and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching his progress and development, all of which is reflected in his lovely report.
  • Thank you very much for the patience and care you have had with our daughter
  • We are so delighted that she has made good progress and settled into life at Holly Park
  • We were really lucky to have such great teachers to support our son’s first steps at school. They were all incredible.


  • Thank you we are delighted with our daughter’s progress
  • A great report and a great year in reception. Our son has loved every minute of it, Thank you for developing his enthusiasm for learning.
  • What a delightful report. We have been pleased with his development this year.
  • Credits to all the teachers who worked with our son. He is a changed boy. We are very happy.

Year 1

  • Thank you for the wonderful report. Our daughter has really enjoyed year one and continues to impress us with her attitude to learning
  • I am very impressed with my daughter’s progress – thank you to the teachers for all the support
  • A really good report. So impressed with my daughters progress in school.
  • We are very pleased with the report. Thanks to all the teachers and assistants hard work and care through the year, we can see how our daughter is developing in to a wonderful person with lots of skills and knowledge.
  • Thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful report it is incredibly helpful
  • Our daughter’s progress has been amazing
  • A big thank you all the staff for their hard work
  • My son always comes to school with great pleasure and felt special. Thank you for your patience, for your understanding and your support
  • We are really delighted to hear such positive comments about our daughter and her time at Holly Park. She very much enjoys school.
  • It has been great to see my son’s development this year. Thank you to the staff who help children develop their skills creatively, physically, socially and emotionally
  • Thank you for guiding her towards the confident and able young woman she is becoming

Year 2

  • What a lovely report. Her confidence has grown and we are very proud of what she has achieved this year
  • We found the report very helpful. Our daughter feels very proud of her achievements.
  • Thank you for teaching and supporting our daughter. She enjoys coming to Holly Park very much
  • We are happy to see our son’s personality coming through at school the way it does at home.
  • He enormously enjoyed all the time he spent in Y2 including the shows and concerts that he is very proud of taking part in. His writing, reading and maths, creativity and knowledge in other subjects have made huge progress this year. He loved every day of this year and was looking forward to coming to school every day.

Year 3

  • My son has had a great time.
  • I am proud of what my son has achieved in Y3
  • My daughter has had a fun filled year
  • I am thrilled with my daughter’s progress this year. She has clearly had an excellent year. Thank you for encouraging her
  • Thank you for a lovely report and for giving my son an enjoyable time
  • Great report with good feedback for us to support him. He has responded well to his teacher and we have noticed a positive change
  • Our son has really enjoyed this year
  • We are all very happy with this report

Year 4

  • Our son has had the most wonderful year. The teacher has instilled a love of learning into our son through her inspiring and inspirational teaching.
  • A great report for my son – I am thrilled.
  • My son has come such a long way since last year, he has improved so much. His attendance is fantastic

Year 5

  • A good helpful report
  • Thank you for being a fun and supportive teacher. I am happy he has had a good year
  • This was an absolutely brilliant year for my daughter. The learning is fun, enjoyable and interesting. The children are coming to school as if it’s their second home. I am impressed how deep her knowledge is in the foundation subjects. She keep s sharing and surprising us with interesting facts and information that she has learnt at school
  • My daughter has had a very happy year
  • We are ecstatic with the report
  • He has made good progress and is very confident moving to Y6

Year 6

  • The report was beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. Over the years at Holly Park, my daughter has grown into a confident, positive mini adult. Thank you Holly Park!
  • When our daughter started in nursery, it was quite clear that she was born for school. Holly Park has lived up to every expectation and more. She has the perfect preparation for secondary school.
  • We are pleased with our daughters report this year. She has enjoyed her time at Holly Park and we are pleased with the progress she has made.
  • Thank you for a beautiful report – a great ending at Holly Park

You can give your views on our school to Ofsted by filling in this survey.