Sports kit

Holly Park children need a PE kit as part of their uniform.

The uniform can be bought from Braggs in North Finchley although white t-shirts are also available elsewhere.

  • All children should wear PE kit for all PE lessons.
  • PE kit should be worn all day on PE days
  • The PE kit includes – a white T-shirt / red shorts (green tracksuit in winter for juniors). Note that Braggs has a branded tshirt for PE but it is not compulsory.
  • Plain white trainers may be worn for outdoor PE.
  • Children should be in bare feet for gym / dance as this allows for better quality work.
  • No jewellery should be worn during PE / sport activities. Long hair must be tied back.
  • Swimming kit should be brought to school on the day when swimming lessons take place and taken home the same day. Long hair must be tied up, and the wearing of swimming hats is encouraged.
  • There is currently no uniform for swimming but a sensible swimming costume or trunks are required.
  • Here are pictures of the kit: PE kit

Outside PE

Please make sure that your child has the outdoor PE kit. Like all other schools, PE continues in cold weather. Cold weather does not cause colds. In terms of infectious diseases, germs make you sick, not the cold weather itself.

You have to come into contact with rhinoviruses to come down with a cold and influenza virus to contract the flu. Most viruses are transferred and amplified in our heated indoor areas, and risks are greatest to sedentary people.

So indirectly, going outside and exercising does reduce your risk of getting a cold and can actually stimulate the immune system. Cells that fight infection in the body actually increase if you go out into the cold. Cold temperature doesn’t affect immune system strength. The common cold is commonest in winter because the harsh weather prompts people to stay indoors, where ventilation is restricted and proximity to infected friends and family members is increased.