Welcome to Palm Class

The staff in Palm Class are Angelo Moore, Sarah Walton, Maria Klanga, Maria Yiannaki and Clare Mornington

What we have been doing this term:

For International Day Reception have been looking at North America and China. They have been looking at bears – brown bears and panda bears. In the afternoon they had a tea party for the bears.

In Reception, we have been learning about Healthy Living, with a big emphasis on healthy eating, the importance of exercise and brushing our teeth. We used the books, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’ ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and ‘Supertato’. The children used props to retell the stories in small world play, as well as having other stimuli in the Continuous Provision such as Evil Peas! They opened their Healthy Eating Café, where the children are encouraged to bring in bread, butter and soft fruits for the café. This provides opportunities for children to negotiate roles with their friends, speak clearly to communicate to others eg when taking the order or when ordering, and to develop practical skills of cutting and spreading with a knife.

The children have also been making fruit salad and vegetable salads, exploring the different fruit and vegetables and cutting. Linked to the book of ‘Handa’s Surprise’, which is set in Africa, they looked at what life is like for children living in Kenyan villages. They compared this to their own way of life in London. This developed a lot of vocabulary as well as developing their global understanding.

They have started to do outdoor PE, the children have learnt the game ‘Traffic Lights.’ In Phonics we have been recapping Phase 3 phoneme. The children have been writing captions using their Phase 3 phonemes and reading whole sentences using these phonemes, including in their Big Club books. In maths, they have been continuing their NCETM Maths Mastery course, focusing on numbers 5-7. This has been an excellent course and has changed the way in which we teach maths. The children have been focusing on composition of number and subitising (recognising quantities of numbers immediately). Their maths skills have been really embedded and the children are getting a really deep understanding of the learning.

Here’s what we got up in the first term:

In Reception, the main focus for the first few weeks was implementing the new Government Baseline Assessment. The assessment was completed online and the results went straight to the DfE. The results and data will not be shared with the school until this cohort of children complete Year Six. Once the children were settled in and the baseline assessments were complete, they began teaching, beginning work on the NCETM Maths Mastery scheme which has a large focus on numbers to 5,  with an emphasis on subitising (recognising an amount of objects by sight, without counting). They have recapped Phase One Phonics with a focus on rhyme and alliteration and  have begun Phase Two Phonics, using the Bug Club scheme. The children are starting to read and segment CVC words.

Their Learning Project has been Autumn. We have used ‘Meg and Mog’ as a literacy stimulus, along with ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and ‘Mrs Pirate’. They are soon to be introducing the Class Puppies – they will be launched as part of anti-bullying week and will be a good opportunity for the children to discuss how to look after each other and be a good friend. The children will then be able to take the puppies home for the night and look after them there. They will also be holding their annual Cultural Day at which the children will be learning about the lives of others and themselves. They will be learning about the clothes and food from different countries as well as facts about different parts of the world.

Home Learning

In Reception there has been a food theme running through lots of our learning. The children have loved the story ‘Supertato’ where they read about lots of poor vegetables in distress. They were able to help them by using creative skills. The children designed and made traps to capture the Evil Pea who commits terrible crimes in the story. Lots of the children had fun printing with veggies and paint and using their art skills to make character puppets.

Many of the reading books on Bug Club were also linked to food. One book they particularly enjoyed was ‘Mixing Muffins’ because it taught the children how to make their very own healthy muffins. Lots of Reception had a go at this! Whilst making their muffins they talked about the importance of a healthy diet, hygiene and safety. The children learnt important cooking skills such as how to measure, pour and mix ingredients. They were amazed to see the muffins rise in the oven as they cooked but the favourite part was eating them of course!

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