Welcome to Palm Class

The staff in Palm Class are Mrs Moore, Mrs Walton, Miss Klanga and Miss Mornington

Palm class have had a brilliant Autumn Term! We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and making new friends. Everyone has been very busy taking part in lots of different activities and we have enjoyed learning lots of new things in the process. Here are some photos of our learning. ​

ARCHIVE: Here’s what the children got up to in 2017-18

We put on a lovely show for our families.

Reception had a lovely trip to the local allotments where they learnt about growing plants and different smells and then they went to Bethune Park to collect leaves.

Science week – During Science week the Reception children took part in an experiment using Cola and Polos. The children had to predict what would happen when the polo mixed with the Cola. The children were very excited when there was an explosion an​d discussed why they thought it had happened.

Here are some pictures of us doing PE, planting beans and looking after chicks!

Look at our great red, white and blue outfits for Project Britain day.

At the start of the term we read the classic story, `The Tiger Who Came To Tea`. We all loved the story and decided that we would like to visit a café, just like Sophie did in the story. We visited Boyden’s Café in small groups. We noticed lots of exciting features of our local environment on our walk to the café. Once there we ordered our food and enjoyed chatting with our friends. We had a chance to look at the chefs cooking in the kitchen and watched the waiters as they took orders for food.

We enjoyed our visit so much that we decided to create our very own real café back at school! We use our writing skills to take orders and make shopping lists and we used our mathematical skills to share food and count out money and give change.

We have also developed our Personal and Social skills while helping each other while working in our café. ​

In Reception, we  have been working really hard to learn our  Phase 2 and 3 phonemes and digraphs. We have been using this knowledge to help us read and write. We use robot hats and robot arms to remind us to listen to the phonemes in each word before we write them. Our digraph glasses help us to spot digraphs in words. We have enjoyed using different types of media to make our marks such as glitter, mini crayons and chalk. We have been writing in lots of different forms such as letters, lists and stories.

Reception have now settled into their new class and have adapted to all the new routines. They have had so much fun getting know each other and exploring all the wonderful activities each day. Here are some examples of our  learning over the Autumn Term.

During our Cultural Day we celebrated the wide variety of cultural backgrounds in Palm Class. We all talked about our families and our home lives and had opportunities to talk about the festivals and celebrations that we take part in. We found out about the similarities and differences between ourselves. We dressed up in special clothes and got to try some tasty treats from different parts of the world.

During the day we had lots of fun doing different activities such as flag making, designing mendhi patterns and rolling chappati dough.

PTA Reception Fish and Chip Night

We had a wonderful time at the Reception Fish and Chip Night last Friday. Families came and mingled, we played Human Bingo, ate delicious fish and chips and the children played with toys. The children then showed their parents the Infant playground where they spend their lunch times and they enjoyed playing on the climbing frames. It was a great opportunity for families to mingle and get to know one another. Thank you to the PTA for organising another successful event.

ARCHIVE – see what Reception got up to last year.

This term Palm Class have continued to work really hard at developing their phonic skills and they have really enjoyed feeding the Phonic Monster with sentences that have digraph and trigraph words. They have also been busy reading alien words and using their `robot` arms to write party invitations and letters to their family as part of our `Challenge of the Week`.

Palm Class were very excited when they spotted some wolf footprints in the classroom and were very keen to make posters letting everyone know that there was a big bad wolf on the loose! They have also enjoyed acting out the traditional story of `Little Red Riding Hood` with puppets and props and have used the Interactive Whiteboard to read the story independently.

Here’s what we did for maths week in Reception:

  • Children using the tap tap area to explore shape
  • Investigating height with metre sticks
  • Playing ‘Race to Count’ (number recognition, addition skills, understanding of more and less)
  • Writing our own ‘The Shopping Basket’ stories, which has also helped develop our subtraction skills by using real fruit to act out animals stealing the fruit and finding ways of representing ( mark making/writing number sentences).

After reading the classic story `The Tiger Who Came To Tea` Palm Class got very interested in café role play, so we all decided to visit a real café! We had a great time at Boyden’s Café. We enjoyed our snacks and spent time finding out what different jobs people do in cafes.

We got so excited that we decided to create our very own Palm Class Café. We have called it the `Friends’ Café` and we all have jobs to do. Why not come and visit us for a nice healthy snack!

Our Y6 Digital Leaders have been going round the school to find out what the children are doing. Here are their reports:

  • Reception have been feeding the ‘phonics monster’ with their  phonics words. Also they have been making a cafe, they brought in ingredients from home and made a mini cafe. Some children had different jobs like waiters/waitresses,shopkeepers and visitors.
  • The children have enjoyed running around the playground while getting fit and healthy. They have enjoyed building tall towers made out of Lego. In maths they have been counting up to large numbers and recognising different shapes. The children liked writing letters to their families and imaginary characters they have made up. They have also been working very hard on their handwriting.

Our Cultural Day focused on the rights of freedom of expression, views and beliefs. During our Cultural Day we celebrated the wide variety of cultural backgrounds in Palm Class. We found out about the similarities and differences between ourselves. We dressed up in special clothes and got to try some tasty treats from different parts of the world. During the day we had lots of fun doing different  activities such as flag making, designing mehndi patterns and rolling chapati dough. 

Here’s what we have been doing this term.

PTA Reception Family Evening

The Reception Family Evening was a lovely event. Families got to meet each other. The children played together and the adults chatted. A lovely sociable event where everyone enjoyed tasty fish and chips and ended up playing in the infant playground. Thank you to the PTA for organising it.