Welcome to Palm Class

The staff in Palm Class are Angelo Moore, Sarah Walton, Maria Klanga, Maria Yiannaki and Clare Mornington

Here is some useful information for the start of term: Welcome to Reception

Here is a presentation about nursery and reception: Nursery Reception Parents Evening 

ARCHIVE: Here’s what we got up to in Reception last year.

Reception put on a lovely show for parents with singing, dancing and facts about vegetables.

Reception children have been focusing on Traditional Tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, extending their learning to other areas of the curriculum such as listening to the music of Peter and the Wolf. Linked to this, they have been developing their art skills by drawing wolves and looking for shapes in art work such as 2D shapes. The children have been learning about 3D shapes and looking for them in the environment.

Reception have been developing their independent learning skills by being given Daily Challenges in writing and maths. The children have to set some time aside each day to complete their challenge. They have started to have PE lessons in the hall and have spent time teaching the children how to dress and undress. The Class Café is ongoing, with children taking on the roles that you would expect to see in a traditional café, including making their own sandwiches. The year will end in Reception with a Day in Nature, including a school trip to the allotment, focusing on the sensory aspects of being outdoors. The children will also take part in the Reception End of Year performance which will be based on their learning around Nature.

Help Palm Class have been invaded by a swarm of Evil Peas!

Palm Class have really enjoyed reading the `Supertato` series of story books.  They have taken part in a whole range of activities inspired by the Super Veggie story characters. They have developed their maths skills by adding groups of Evil Peas and Supertatoes together.

The children particularly enjoyed counting frozen Evil Peas and estimating how many will fit into different sized pots at the Water Tray. They have written letters to the Supertato asking him to rescue the Super Veggies and have also created Wanted Posters for the Evil Pea. The children have really let their imaginations run with this series of stories and spend lots of time creating their own role play Super Veggie stories with their friends.

We have had a very busy term. We hope you like our pictures.

Palm class have had a brilliant Autumn Term! We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and making new friends. Everyone has been very busy taking part in lots of different activities and we have enjoyed learning lots of new things in the process. Here are some photos of our learning. ​