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The staff in Palm Class are Angelo Moore, Sarah Walton, Maria Klanga, Maria Yiannaki and Clare Mornington

Archive – what we got up to last year

International Day

Reception visited North America and China to research facts about bears. They read information books about
pandas. They retold their own stories based on Goldilocks and the three bears and created bear inspired

Home Learning

In Reception there has been a food theme running through lots of our learning. The children have loved the story ‘Supertato’ where they read about lots of poor vegetables in distress. They were able to help them by using creative skills. The children designed and made traps to capture the Evil Pea who commits terrible crimes in the story. Lots of the children had fun printing with veggies and paint and using their art skills to make character puppets.

Many of the reading books on Bug Club were also linked to food. One book they particularly enjoyed was ‘Mixing Muffins’ because it taught the children how to make their very own healthy muffins. Lots of Reception had a go at this! Whilst making their muffins they talked about the importance of a healthy diet, hygiene and safety. The children learnt important cooking skills such as how to measure, pour and mix ingredients. They were amazed to see the muffins rise in the oven as they cooked but the favourite part was eating them of course!

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Here’s what we did last term

The beginning of the year in Reception was spent settling in the children without the support of their parents – which went very well. 

In Phonics, they spent a long time recapping the work that would have been done in Nursery in Phase One. This has been really beneficial in their phonics learning and understanding as they now have a good grasp of hearing and identifying sounds, letter sounds and rhyme – really developing their auditory skills. They have started to introduce Phase 2 phonemes to the children and have just set up the online reading scheme for the children and they are doing really well with this. They have been focusing on the key texts of Meg and Mog, which was linked to Halloween, seasons, Autumn and making observations of pumpkins and vegetables etc. They have used the story of Mr Gumpy to develop storytelling and vocabulary. The children have been retelling the story using role play and small world. They are currently working on the book Where’s Spot, developing their positional vocabulary and will use Jack Frost as a focus text as the Winter progresses.

In Maths, they have been using the White Rose maths scheme for Reception which uses the Numberblocks programmes. They have been really develop children’s understanding of the numbers below 10 and their value.

The children have also learnt about lots of festivals such as Diwali, by watching the story of Rama and Sita, making rangoli patterns and mendhi patterns. They will have a Cultural Day with the children wearing clothes from different cultures and traditions.

The Reception children have had a fantastic start to the year! They have settled well into school life and have enjoyed getting know each other. ​ They have been very busy trying out lots of new activities in the different areas of the classroom. The children have particularly loved learning about numbers with the Numberblocks and meeting Phonic Frog, who teaches them new phonemes every day.