Here are some pictures of our uniform:

Nursery and Reception Classes 

  • Grey jogging bottoms.
  • Holly Park School red polo shirt
  • Holly Park School red sweatshirt
  • Black shoes (Velcro or secure slip-on shoes)

Reception to Year 6


  • Grey skirt or pinafore or trousers (not tracksuit bottoms or jeans)
  • Holly Park School red polo shirt
  • Holly Park School red sweatshirt
  • Red cardigan
  • Red or grey tights or grey or white socks
  • Black shoes (maximum heel height 3cm) No trainers
  • Black boots (maximum heel height 3cm)
  • Red, green, white or black hair accessories
  • School fleece (optional and for outdoor use only)


  • As winter or:
  • Green and white checked dress
  • Grey shorts
  • Red cardigan
  • White socks
  • Black shoes (maximum heel height 3cm) No trainers
  • White or black sandals with secure fastening (maximum heel height 3cm)
  • Red, green, white or black hair accessories
  • School green fleece (optional)
  • A cap to protect from sun

*No other items of clothing should be visible under the red polo shirt. If a child is cold they should wear a short sleeved vest and their sweatshirt on top:

  • No zip up tops/jackets should be worn.
  • No hooded tops should be wornPE Kit
  • Red shorts
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain white trainers
  • Outdoor kit of dark green jogging trousers and top   Year 1 to Year 6 only
  • PE kit should be worn to school on PE days

Here is a list of uniform in case you want to print it out. School Uniform

Here is our Uniform  policy.

Concert uniform (for members of school choirs)

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
  • Plain white shirt
  • School tie

All children will also need a book bag.

All children will also need a reading bag

Jewellery should not be worn to school.  Stud earrings or jewellery with religious significance only is permitted.

All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled with the child’s name


It is encouraged that pupils do not wear jewellery to school, especially as individuals become very upset if a treasured piece of jewellery goes missing. The only acceptable items of jewellery to be worn are a wristwatch and earring studs or jewellery of a religious significance. Should a pupil have pierced ears, plain studs should only be worn. Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery that is lost.

Make Up

No make up is to be worn to school as it is not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. No nail varnish should be worn on nails or toes.

Nail extensions, tips, gels or other products should not be worn. Nail extensions could be dangerous and are also not conducive to good handwriting or playing sport.


We recommend that hair should be neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour.

Long hair should be tied back during the school day.


Uniform (1)The hijab may be worn by Muslim girls if this is their parents choice. The hijab must follow the school uniform colours and be red, green, white or black. It must be no longer than shoulder length.

Holly Park branded uniform is available from:

Braggs School Outfitters, www.braggsschoolwear.co.uk

341 Ballards Lane,

North Finchley N12 8LJ

Tel: 020 8445 3945   (about 50 metres from the Post Office)