Parent workshops

Holly ParkRestorative Approach

​This year we decided to share with parents our restorative approach to behaviour management. Miss Michael led the sessions with pupils and parents together. They all had a chance to think about different scenarios and role play the restorative approach. The main message was that the restorative approach is all about fixing problems and making things better moving forward – not just about telling children off and not getting to the root of the problem. These workshops are being run for Y3, 4 and 5.

Reading and spelling

Here are two presentations given to parents to help children with their reading and spelling at home.

Parent Reading   Interventions for the home

Parent training handouts


Parents came into the classes during our three day celebration of maths.

Y3 Maths Workshop

A fantastic time was had at the Y3 Maths workshop. The parents and children played some games and did some Maths activities. At the end of the session, Ms Owen spoke with the parents and explained to them how we now teach Maths at Holly Park. She showed them the resources that we use and talked about the “Singapore Maths” approach that we follow.

Parent Gym

Congratulations to the 20 parents who successfully completed the 6 week parent gym course and received their certificates this week. Parent gym is open to any parent who would like to participate. The sessions are free to parents and are run by an external provider on a Friday afternoon at Holly Park for 2 hours.

The sessions cover a wide variety of parenting topics including behaviour, the balance between warmth and discipline,  communication, how to encourage learning, raising healthy children and building a support network for both children and parents. We have a waiting list for the next course but speak to Mrs Puzey if you are interested in this course.

Feedback from the parents who participated this time was extremely positive:
‘This course gave me fresh ideas on how to handle a whole variety of everyday situations and problems.’
‘Parent gym helped me realise that it’s not just me who struggles… I’m not alone.’
‘An inspiring and motivating 6 weeks that will last a lifetime! …. I would definitely recommend to every parent.’
‘Really helpful to have the space to consider how I parent.
‘Feel empowered to use what I have learnt’

‘A wonderful experience. A lot of wisdom gained through talking and sharing with other parents.’

Parent gym