Rights Respecting School

unicef-logo-RRSHolly Park is a Rights Respecting School.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award programme supports schools to embed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC or CRC) in their practice to improve well-being and help all children to realise their potential.

The Rights Respecting Champions are 13 children from Y1-Y6 taken from the School Council. They work with Miss Michael to ensure that the whole school community knows about the rights that every child is born with and to ensure that these right are being respected. This year they will lead assemblies, Rights Respecting Days for the whole school and will also lead parent workshops.

Here are our current Champions:

Rights Respecting Champions 2023-24

Class charters

Every class has drawn up a charter. Here they are:

Food Bank Aid

The Rights Respecting Champions visited Food Bank Aid and took some donations of food and toiletries with them. The children were filmed while they were there for a promotional video to advertise Food Bank Aid. The Rights Respecting Champions talked about how important it is that children have their right to food respected. They met some of the volunteers who work there, found out about the work that Food Bank Aid does and then helped to put away some of the donations into the relevant crates.

Rights Respecting Schools – Silver Aware Award

There has been a lot of work happening this academic year as we have been working towards the silver award. The assessment focuses on three strands:

  • Strand A – Teaching and learning about rights.
  • Strand B – teaching and learning through rights, looking at the school ethos and relationships.
  • Strand C – Teaching and learning for rights, looking at children’s participation so that they can feel empowered to enjoy and exercise their rights and to promote the rights of others locally and globally.

The 13 Rights Respecting Champions helped Maria Michael to carry out the action plan. This included: assemblies about the rights, House Challenges linked to the rights, reference made to the articles in teachers’ planning and in lessons, the articles displayed around the school and in the weekly newsletter. Children also became active citizens by campaigning for things that are important to them such as climate change.