At Holly Park we work in partnership with other schools and organisations:

Barnet School Partnerships

Barnet Council’s ‘Education Strategy for Barnet’ provides a framework for partnership working between the Council and all state-funded schools in Barnet. 

This approach to school improvement focuses on those aspects of the education strategy that relate most directly to school improvement.

It faces up to the key challenges faced by the education service and schools in Barnet and gives practical measures to develop the more autonomous and self-improving schools system to which the strategy aspires, building on the principles set out in the strategy about schools being responsible for their own improvement. The vision for what is trying to be achieved through this approach to school improvement in Barnet is:

Every Barnet school should be part of a formal school partnership with a number of other schools.  Within these partnerships schools will work together and share best practice and the best schools and best headteachers will play a key role in enabling other schools in the partnership to improve towards outstanding.  A self-managing, self-improving school system will become established where co-operation and structured and planned improvement are driven by school leaders, every school benefits and standards are continuously raised.

Holly Park is part of the partnership group with some of our local schools.

  • All Saints N20 Primary
  • Coppetts Wood Primary
  • Hollickwood Primary
  • Holly Park Primary
  • St John’s N11 Primary
  • St Paul’s N11 Primary
  • Brunswick Park
  • Church Hill

Each member school recognises the value in coming together as a group of schools. Our shared vision will enable our school staff to work together. For example, we looked at standards of, and ideas for improving, writing.  We could also in the future share staff training. There will also be opportunity for professional challenge across the schools.

All the schools will keep their unique ethos and will strive to promote and secure outstanding school improvement and raise standards for the children in their schools. Membership of the Partnership does not mean that we have become one school or a group of schools in an ‘academy chain’. Each school will retain their own identity, governing body and school budget.

Barnet Local Authority (LA) still retain a strategic and monitoring role and is responsible for ensuring the quality assurance of each partnership’s devolved school improvement functions.  When partnerships develop to the extent that they effectively monitor and challenge each other, the LA may not monitor individual schools directly but check the arrangements within each partnership to ensure consistent quality, robust challenge and timely intervention across all partnerships. We will keep you informed of how our partnership develops.

 Other news

  • We have a partnership with the Institute of Education and take students for work experience.
  • We work with the Barnet school partnership for school sport to get involved with inter school competitions
  • We are involved in cross Barnet competitions and festivals – music festivals, dance festival, athletics competitions, netball and football tournaments and matches
  • We moderate our pupil work with other Barnet schools in order to ensure accuracy of levelling. 
  • We are part of  Barnet Education and Learning Service (BELS)  and through this we have access to training, advisors and links with other schools​