Online safety

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgAt Holly Park we take online safety very seriously. Computer rules are sent home and also displayed in every classroom and we also send home a Pupil acceptable use online health  agreement.

Please see our Online safety policy

Our school Online Safety Co-ordinators are Lewis Turner and Dominic Carini. 

Online safety workshop for parents

Information for parents

Here is an online healthy guidance sheet to support parents to make sure children are safe online: Online Healthy information

Here are some helpful links with guidance for parents

When you see this image you can report inappropriate information: ceop

There are more links at the bottom of this page for parents.

Online Safety Day

Thank you to those parents who came along to the parent online safety session. I had great feedback from parents who attended to say how useful and informative it was. It is a shame that more parents didn’t come along. The children also enjoyed informative workshops about how to keep themselves safe online. Staff had online safety training too.


Here are some of the posters we have made about cyber-bullying.

A reminder that we also have a Pupil Acceptable Use form – also known as an Pupil Health Agreement  form that pupils sign.

Top Tips:

  • Talk to your child about what they’re up to online. Be a part of their online life
  • Watch Thinkuknow films and cartoons with your child ( see website above)
  • Set boundaries in the online world just as you would in the real world
  • Keep all equipment that connects to the internet in a family space.
  •  Use parental controls on devices that link to the internet, such as the TV, laptops, computers, games consoles and mobile phones

Our pupils often use the internet as part of their learning, and have regular lessons on e-safety to help them know how to keep safe online. Pupils in school are always supervised when using the internet.

Here are some good activities for children.

Here are some useful hints about keeping your child safe.

And here is some police information.

Here’s another useful site to look at.


Here is the NSPCC’s advice on how to keep children safe.

This site has useful information for parents and a film to show younger children on keeping safe.

ThinkYouKnowBanner11-16The National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) has a campaign to protect children.

And here is more information about CEOP.

downloadThis document is a parents’ guide to keeping children safe online. And this is a guide to Snapchat