Eco Council

Eco Council is made up of one pupil from each class from Year 1 – Year 6  who are chosen by the class teacher.

The aim of the Eco Council is to help the school develop as an Eco School.

Here is this year’s Eco Council:

Eco Council 2018-19

Here is last year’s Eco Council:

Eco Council 2017-18

Eco Code competition winners

Last term the Eco Council ran a competition to create a new Eco Code for the school. The children were encouraged to come up with ideas about protecting our environment like, recycling, not wasting resources, saving energy and water, growing our own food, etc. The Eco Council judged the competition and the winners each received a live miniature Christmas tree. Thanks to everyone who entered. We will unveil the new Holly Park Eco Code later this term.

Here are the minutes from our first meeting this year: ECO Council Meeting Thursday 5th October

Here is last year’s Eco Council:

Eco Council 206-17
Eco Council 206-17

The Eco Council trip this year was to the Barnet Environment Centre where we looked at mini beasts, did a nature walk and hugged a tree!

Here are the minutes of our latest meeting: Eco minutes 2.3.17

The Eco Council braved the winter weather to plant some bushes in the new story area.

Here is last year’s Eco Council.

Eco Council 2015
Eco Council 2015-16

Switch Off Fortnight

This week is the launch of National ‘Switch Off Fortnight.’ Mr French and the Eco Council gave a very informative talk in assembly to all the children about why it is important to switch off.

At Holly Park we are going to try our best to remember to switch off lights when we are not in rooms, switch off computers and projectors when we are not using them. The children will monitor this and remind us all. The Eco Council children have made posters to go around the school to remind us all to do it. Maybe you could have a go at home too!

Here are the minutes from our meetings:

Eco council minutes 29.1.16

Eco council minutes 16.10.15