Special Events

Barnet Dance Festival

Some of our Year 6 children took part in a huge Barnet Dance Festival at the Arts Depot this week. The festival included over 88 schools – infant, junior, primary, secondary and special schools. The Holly Park routine was a Rock and Roll style dance to ‘Jail House Rock.’. The children performed with style, energy and great co-ordination and they had practiced hard for the event. Many thanks to Miss Yiannaki and Miss Harrison for their hard work and choreography. The dance was a huge success and their costumes very smart.

World Book Day

We had a fabulous turn out of costumes all related to vocabulary. The children had clearly been thinking about good words – there were some excellent words! Well done to everyone who came to school dressed up. We had lots of wonderful costumes.  During the day, the children did various activities based around the words they were dressed up as. 

Anti- Bullying Week

As part of Anti Bullying Week we asked all of the children to come to school wearing odd socks. The idea is meant to be fun BUT also is an opportunity for children to express themselves as individuals and to recognise that it is ok for us all to be different. The children had an assembly about bullying where they have learnt to be an “Upstander” not a “Bystander”. In class the children made “face mash ups”, to celebrate our differences and diversity. They also drew around their hand and on each finger they wrote down who they would talk to if they were being bullied. Children in KS2 also had a lesson about online Bullying.

Grandparents tea

The coffee afternoon was a wonderful event. Grandparents came for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat. Mr Hogan led an informal concert of wonderful instrumentalists and singing by the children who went to the Scoop. The grandparents really enjoyed the event. They had enjoyed the conversation they had had with our children from the School Council and the Learning Council and with their own grandchildren.

Crazy hair day

Everyone loved crazy hair day! The children brought in new play equipment in exchange for having crazy hair. There were some great styles.

International Day

Children took part in lots of activities from around the world. ART– Arabic inspired art, Czech art, Henna patterns, DANCE – Greek dancing, Morris dancing. MUSIC – African drumming.  GAMES – Drop the handkerchief – an old game from many countries around the world particularly the USA, Petanque, a marble game called Cara and a game with buttons called Kalaha from Egypt.

The children also undertook other activities such as – matching traditional dress to the countries they come from and locating countries on a map. Thank you to the parents who came in to support this event and to Mrs Tsenti for organising it. The children have had exciting experiences of games and activities from around the world.