Special Events

Grandparents tea

The coffee afternoon was a wonderful event. Grandparents came for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat. Mr Hogan led an informal concert of wonderful instrumentalists and singing by the children who went to the Scoop. The grandparents really enjoyed the event. They had enjoyed the conversation they had had with our children from the School Council and the Learning Council and with their own grandchildren.

Crazy hair day

Everyone loved crazy hair day! The children brought in new play equipment in exchange for having crazy hair. There were some great styles.

International Day

Children took part in lots of activities from around the world. ART– Arabic inspired art, Czech art, Henna patterns, DANCE – Greek dancing, Morris dancing. MUSIC – African drumming.  GAMES – Drop the handkerchief – an old game from many countries around the world particularly the USA, Petanque, a marble game called Cara and a game with buttons called Kalaha from Egypt.

The children also undertook other activities such as – matching traditional dress to the countries they come from and locating countries on a map. Thank you to the parents who came in to support this event and to Mrs Tsenti for organising it. The children have had exciting experiences of games and activities from around the world.

Y4 sleepover

The Y4 sleepover was a great success with pizza, games, a talent show and not so much sleep!

Book Swap

The Holly Park Book Swap is very popular. Everyone goes home with a new book to read!

World Book Day

Despite the snow everyone made a fantastic effort to dress up for World Book Day. Here are just some of the great costumes. During the morning, the children did various activities based around books.

International Lunch Day 

Our International Food Day went very well. The children enjoyed pasta, pizza (Italy) Thai green curry (Thailand) and chocolate orange sponge (South America – cocoa & oranges). The dining hall was decorated with flags and bunting from countries from around the world. The children came to school dressed either in costumes from different countries or in the colours of a particular flag. The costumes were amazing and many were extremely beautiful. Thank you for the great effort that parents put into this.

The staff Christmas panto

The staff of Holly Park put on their traditional pantomime at Christmas which the children adored and made a great end of term.

Be Bright Be Seen Day

Children arrived to school today wearing VERY bright clothes that it was hard to miss them!! The focus of today was to highlight the importance of wearing bright clothes so that motorists can see them particularly as the autumn and winter night draw in.

Walk to School Week

Mrs Thomas and the Junior Travel Ambassadors have had a busy week chatting to children and giving out stickers to those who have walked to school or who did “Park and Stride” this week. Well done to them all – it really is a more healthy way to travel to school!

Harvest Festival

Everyone brought food in on Tuesday which was taken to the Homeless in Barnet hostel and we heard about how people grow food around the world and on allotments including the school allotment where after school club grew this massive pumpkin!

Grandparents’ Tea

The coffee afternoon was a wonderful event. Grandparents came for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat. Mr Hogan led an informal concert of wonderful instrumentalists and singing by the children who went to the Scoop. The grandparents really enjoyed the event and many came to speak to staff afterwards to say how well the children had performed and how they had enjoyed the conversation they had had with our children from the School Council and the Learning Council. One grandparent commented that ‘It had made her day!’ It was a great opportunity to see different generations come together.

The Thames Festival – The Scoop, City Hall

A group of our Barnabas Choir singers performed at the Scoop performance area outside City Hall last Sunday, as part of the large ‘Kids’ Choir’ assembled by the organisers of the Thames Festival. It was a wonderful event in an amazing venue, near Tower Bridge. As it was the 300th anniversary of the first performance of Handel’s ‘Water Music’ the children sang a specially commissioned work to celebrate the event. The conductor selected one of our pupils to sing a solo and lead the full choir in one of the choral items.

Scooter training

Fifty six of our Year 2 training took part in scooter training, funded as part of our school travel plan.  They had the opportunity to develop their control when scooting, practise different ways of braking and explored the use of different feet to push to prevent tiredness.  Following this, they went onto local roads to learn about safe scooting on the pavement and how to cross roads safely.

Wellbeing Week

The last week of term was Wellbeing week when we took part in lots of activities – see below. 

Scoot to School

As part of our Wellbeing Week at the end of last term we had our own Scoot to School Week. Children and adults benefit from being physically active so scooting to and from school is a fantastic way of increasing exercise in a day. Leaving the car behind at least one day a week would be something good to try OR driving part way to school and then scoot the rest of the way. Well done to everyone who tried to scoot to school. Our scooter scooter and bike racks were full to bursting and Mrs Thomas counted over 70 scooters on one day.  Keep it up!

Sponsored Run for British Heart Foundation
On Friday every child in the school from Nursery to Year 6 ran around the school grounds on our new running line as part of our Wellbeing Week and to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. Thank you for your sponsorship money. Please bring in any money collected by Monday. Once it is all in we will let you know how much we raised. The children all enjoyed the run.

Exercise Workshops

In Well Being Week the children had a taster session of BORN TO MOVE, led by Muneera one of our ex parents. It is an exercise programme designed to encourage children from 2-16 years old to stay active. The activities vary by age group. The classes teach age-appropriate motor skills that improve agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and speed.

As part of our Wellbeing Week, every class took part in a short five minute mindfulness exercise each day. The teachers read a short passage to the class and the children relaxed and closed their eyes. Often the teacher put on a soothing piece of music in the background as the children relaxed. The children enjoyed the relaxation and the teachers commented on how well the children did and how they were very calm after the mindfulness exercise. The importance of this is to encourage children to stop and take space in their busy lives and just rest and just think about themselves or clear their minds particularly as in this modern day we all are so busy rushing from one thing to the next. It is very important to take time out.

World Book Day

There was much excitement for World Book Day when the children (and some of the teachers) dressed up as animals from books.

Pocket Opera

The English Pocket Opera Company conducted an interactive presentation of the opera for all Key Stage 2 pupils. All of the children sang beautifully and some of our teachers sang a solo as well!


Christmas Decorations

The school is now looking very festive. All of the children made a decoration and they are hanging in the dining hall. Our theme this year is white and silver. The decorations were made using paper plates, doilies and silver foil and glitter.


Google cardboard

Google came into Holly Park and all the children from KS2 tried out its new Google Cardboard virtual reality to explore the moon and amazing sights from around the world.


Remembrance Day

Our Y6 children went to the local war memorial along with members of the council, police service and other schools for a short service of Remembrance.

Be Bright Be Seen Day

The children came to school wearing very bright clothes – everyone made a great effort. We have done this day as part of our work on road safety. Children and parents need to be aware that the nights are drawing in and more accidents involving children being knocked down in roads occur in the winter months.

If your child has a dark coloured coat – make sure they also wear something bright or fluorescent too.

Walk to School Week 

Well done to everyone who walked to school this week or who made an effort to park and stride. Walking to school helps to relieve congestion in the streets close to the school and is also a healthier option. Keep up the good work!


Harvest 2016

We had a lot of donations of tinned food, pasta, soups, pasta sauces, deodorant, shower gel, washing liquid etc for our Harvest assembly. The theme of our assembly was Harvest around the world.

We looked at what a harvest is and that in different countries it is celebrated at different times of year and in different ways. We heard about wheat harvests in Scotland, Yam harvests in Africa, Thanksgiving in America, Grape harvests in Argentina and also about harvests in Poland, China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. We thought about how lucky we are to have food on our plates and what a rich diversity of foods there are around the world. Many of our children and staff had visited some of these countries and spoke about the foods they had tried there. Our harvest donations of food were taken to Homeless Action in Barnet.

Grandparent Coffee Afternoon

As part of Silver Sunday week we invited grandparents to come to school. The coffee afternoon was a wonderful event. Grandparents came for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat.

Some of our school councillors and our Rights Respecting Champions greeted our guests and mingled with the grandparents and talked to them about school today and in the past. Mr Hogan led an informal concert of wonderful instrumentalists and fun singing by Y2 Elm Class.

The grandparents really enjoyed the event and many came to speak afterwards to say how well the children had performed and how much intelligent conversation they had had with our children. It was a great opportunity to see young and old come together. Perhaps it will become an annual event!



PTA Macmillan Coffee Morning

The coffee morning was very well attended by Holly Park parents. Ben from Boyden’s provided a lovely chocolate cake. Thank you to the parents who also donated a cake for the coffee morning.

Parents enjoyed a drink, a cake and a chat in the dining hall. Teachers enjoyed a drink and a cake at breaktime in the staffroom. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to this wonderful charity. Between parents and teachers we raised a marvellous £166.89 for Macmillan Cancer support.


International Day of Peace

We celebrated International Day of Peace at Holly Park on Wednesday. Children came to school dressed in white as a symbol of peace and in the classrooms children wrote a message for peace on to a single feather.

All of the feathers will be collated together to make a lovely large dove of peace which will be displayed in the main hall.


Roald Dahl Day

Tuesday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day. Children came to school dressed as characters from Roald Dahl books.

We saw Fantastic Mr Fox, Mr Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas, Mr Twit, Mike TV, Matilda and many many more. In class the children undertook some Roald Dahl activities such as – performance poetry of his Revolting Rhymes, painting characters, word searches, setting out dialogue between characters and watching the live Roald Dahl broadcast.


Copthall athletics tournament

Holly Park athletics team swept the board at the Barnet Copthall Inter schools athletic tournament winning the field events, girls’ relay, boys’ relay and the overall North Barnet schools prize.

Crazy hair day

Thank you to those who sent in playground equipment and came with crazy hair. We are very grateful for all donations as the children really love having a range of things to do at lunchtime and as you can appreciate our original stock gets broken or lost over time so it is great to have a stock to replace things with. Thank you for your support. There were some very crazy hairstyles and my office was full of equipment!


Celebrating the Queen’s birthday

In May we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. The children had already sent Her Majesty birthday cards and we had a day dressed as Kings and Queens and had a street party – every class did Maypole dancing and we ate our lunch in the playground. It was a lovely day to remember!

St George’s Day – Project Britain Day

On April 22  – as close to St George’s Day as possible –  we had our second Project Britain Day.

For half of the day the children learnt about the story of St George and the dragon and did literacy work based around the story. For the second half of the day, the children explored one of the British Values.

Children learnt about the make up of Great Britain and all it’s names, children researched about Buckingham Palace, they played cricket, painted pictures of dragons and wrote descriptive pieces about the dragons.

For homework the children explored an aspect of ‘Rule of Law’ The children came dressed in red, white and blue and we had a magnificent and very animated and expressive story teller in to tell the story of George and the Dragon to Years 1, 2, 3 & 4.