Welcome to Nursery


The nursery operates two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The staff in nursery are Louise Wood, Jenny Elia and Alison Rush. 

The nursery children have had a very busy term. The children who started in September have settled really well and are already making lots of progress in their learning. We have been doing lots of mark making in different areas of the nursery and have particularly been working on drawing clear representative pictures. In number we have been counting lots of different objects and trying hard to count the objects carefully so that we get the right number.

There are lots of other skills the children have been working on such as climbing apparatus, using various tools, pen grip, building with construction materials, listening and attention, speaking and making friends.

Here are some photos of us busy in the nursery.

ARCHIVE: Here’s what the children got up to in 2017-18

Children have been counting pirate treasure and drawing their own treasure maps.

The nursery children have been investigating magnets. They walked around the nursery with big and small magnets trying to find things that would stick to them. They then talked about what the different materials looked and felt like. Later the children had to predict what materials would be magnetic and then touch them with a magnet to find out whether they were right or not. 

 Children have also been making potions using lots of different liquids and powders to explore what happens when they are mixed together. Later in the week they will be investigating natural objects such as pine cones and flowers. 

We have been so excited to have chicks in the nursery. We have watched them hatch and have even been allowed to hold them.

The children enjoyed their Christmas party. They danced, played games and chased bubbles thanks to Muneera who entertained all of the children in both the morning and afternoon sessions. The children looked wonderful in their party clothes and the party ended with the children sitting down with some party food and drink which they loved!

The nursery children loved the song ‘5 Currant Buns’ and would take turns to sing it using our rhyming board. After singing the song a lot, we decided to make our own currant buns using salt dough. The children painted the salt dough buns and then used them to sing the song. The children enjoyed dressing up as bakers to act out the rhyme and showed good counting skills. Later the children got the opportunity to make real currant buns which they got to eat afterwards.

The nursery children wrote lists of food and drinks that they would like to have at our nursery tea party. They did some excellent mark making! On the day of the tea party, the children were taught about manners and had to ask for what they wanted in a polite way. They also had to take turns and share the food and drink.

Some children even went to a local café where they had to look at the menu, order their food then pay at the end. They buttered their own bread and added sauce to their pancakes. On the way to and from the café, the children did lots of talking about what they could see around them.

ARCHIVE – this is what nursery got up to last year

Over the last few weeks, the nursery children have been reading a variety of witch stories and taking part in witch themed activities. They made their own spells in our potion lab, made magic wands and played in spider infested slime! The children also listened to the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. The next day a broom appeared in the classroom followed by a witch’s hat, a cauldron and then a bow. The children talked about where the objects may have come from and why they were there. They drew story pictures which we displayed in our new book areas. Finally, a letter arrived from the witch asking whether anyone had seen her broom and could they somehow let her know if they know where it is. The children came up with ideas such as to call the witch on her phone and to leave signs for the witch to put outside the nursery.

Our Y6 Digital Leaders have been going round the school to find out what the children are doing. Here are their reports:

  • Nursery have been making Mother’s Day cards and making their own book corner they have also brought in their pictures of their family and talking about them. They were playing with Play doh and making their own models. In maths they have been playing a maths game.
  • This week in nursery they have been reading the story ‘Owl Babies.’ They were asked to bring in a picture of their family and talk about it.
  • This week in nursery they have been painting sharks in the dark. They have also been painting sharks in the park. They have as well been making telescopes.
  • “It is very fun painting sharks!” They said.
  • This week in Nursery they have been reading shark in the dark and shark in the park and they have been singing a shark song. They have also been going around school trying to find sharks.

Nursery (1)In nursery this term, the children spent a week celebrating Diwali. They took part in a variety of Diwali activities such as making Rangoli patterns, creating firework paintings, making and decorating their own diva pots and recreating the story of Rama and Sita using puppets and dolls. Some parents bought in special food eaten during Diwali and we also had staff members, parents and grandparents come in and talk to the children about what they do during the Hindu celebration. Children were able to look at and talk about various objects bought in by our guest speakers. One of our parents even came into the nursery to do some henna designs on the children’s hands. At the end of the week, the children listened to some Diwali music while we lit our Diva lamps.

We have been very busy learning this term.