Welcome to Nursery


The nursery operates two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The staff in nursery are Louise Wood, Jenny Elia and Alison Rush. 

Here’s what we will be doing next this term: Nursery newsletter Summer 2019

The nursery children have been doing lots of work around the story of Handa’s Surprise. They looked closely at where Handa lives and compared the houses in her African village to their own ones. They looked at African clothes and talked about the patterns and colours they could see and then they painted their own African style patterns. 

The children got the chance to explore the fruit from the story and they had to think of interesting words to describe what the fruit looked like, felt like and tasted like. They then did their own observational drawings of the fruit. Finally, the children looked closely at the animals from the story and painted beautiful pictures of them which we have added to our Handa’s Surprise display.

The nursery children have had a very busy term. The children who started in September have settled really well and are already making lots of progress in their learning. We have been doing lots of mark making in different areas of the nursery and have particularly been working on drawing clear representative pictures. In number we have been counting lots of different objects and trying hard to count the objects carefully so that we get the right number.

There are lots of other skills the children have been working on such as climbing apparatus, using various tools, pen grip, building with construction materials, listening and attention, speaking and making friends.

Here are some photos of us busy in the nursery.