– Silver Award

Silver (Y4)

For the Silver challenge the children need to do the following activities:

Cookery – Make a pot of soup

Eco Challenge – Go on a litter pick to the local park

Swimming or egg challenge – Show a range of swimming skills  including front crawl, breaststroke, back stroke or learn to cook an egg in 5 different ways

First Aid – Learn what to do for an unresponsive casualty – recovery position, apply a sling, show to help a choking casualty

Interest – Learn to sew, sew on a button and a name tag, sew a ‘creation’

Domestic challenge – Learn how to set the table for a 3 course meal. Include a napkin and a glass

Time management – Set an alarm every day for 2 weeks so that you can get up on time

Drama – Retell a favourite ‘Once upon a time’ story to an infant class using suitable voices for the characters

​Computer Skills – Create a party invitation

Body Strength – Follow a video showing you how to perform various body strength exercises. Do this 3 times a week for a month




First aid:

Egg challenge:

Eco challenge:

Domestic challenge:

Body strength: