Learning Council

Learning Council is made up from one pupil from each class from Year 1 – Year 6.

These pupils are chosen by the class teacher.

The aim of the Learning Council is:

  • to make children at the school more aware of what good learning is;
  • have pupil input into what makes a good lesson
  • get children more involved in the learning process.

Here is our Learning Council for 2019-20:

Learning Council 2019-20

 Archive – see what previoyus Learning Councils have been doing.

Learning Council Trip to the Natural History Museum

This year the Learning Council went on a trip to the Natural History Museum. We went on the tube all the way to South Kensington and spent the day finding out about dinosaurs and animals.

The children enjoyed a talk about animal vision in the Attenborough Studio and some of the council were lucky enough to experience touching the animals including a giant python! They loved being dinosaur hunters and for some children, experiencing the sounds of the giant robotic T-rex was very exciting. The children behaved beautifully and had a great day.

The new mural 

The Learning Council helped created the new mural in the Infant Playground.

The Council have come up with a list of 10 things that make a good lesson from a pupil’s point of view.

They have made a list of good learning behaviour. They have observed learning in classrooms.

They have interviewed children about how as a school Holly Park could encourage children to read more.

They have made posters to encourage reading.