Learning Council

Learning Council is made up from one pupil from each class from Year 1 – Year 6.

These pupils are chosen by the class teacher.

The aim of the Learning Council is:

  • to make children at the school more aware of what good learning is;
  • have pupil input into what makes a good lesson
  • get children more involved in the learning process.

Here is our Learning Council for 2019-20:

Learning Council 2019-20
  • The Learning Council has been discussing different aspects of learning at Holly Park, giving their opinions of how they feel it is going and how they would like to see things change. The main focus this term has been on reading and in particular the Reading Challenge in KS2. They feel that children really like it and enjoy reading the books as there are a lot to choose from. But they felt that there should be some non-fiction books to choose from. This was fed back to Avalon Mountford, the English Subject Leader, and we now have many brand new non-fiction books available for the children
  • The Learning Council has been working with Mrs Pelham, looking at new things that have been introduced recently and talking about their experiences and opinions. They started the year by talking about the new expectations for presentation in books and they also looked in books. They have also talked about the new way we teach spelling. They shared with each other which words they have recently learnt and how knowing how to spell these words has helped them. They recently met with Ms Sampson who is the History Subject Leader and helped her to understand how children feel about History across the school and about what they have learnt. The Learning Council has also talked with some of the Governors during a recent Learning Walk about the new marking policy.

 Archive – see what previous Learning Councils have been doing.

Learning Council Trip to the Natural History Museum

This year the Learning Council went on a trip to the Natural History Museum. We went on the tube all the way to South Kensington and spent the day finding out about dinosaurs and animals.

The children enjoyed a talk about animal vision in the Attenborough Studio and some of the council were lucky enough to experience touching the animals including a giant python! They loved being dinosaur hunters and for some children, experiencing the sounds of the giant robotic T-rex was very exciting. The children behaved beautifully and had a great day.

The new mural 

The Learning Council helped created the new mural in the Infant Playground.

The Council have come up with a list of 10 things that make a good lesson from a pupil’s point of view.

They have made a list of good learning behaviour. They have observed learning in classrooms.

They have interviewed children about how as a school Holly Park could encourage children to read more.

They have made posters to encourage reading.