Year 2

Welcome to Rowan and Elm classes

Our teachers are: Lewis Turner, Avalon Mountford and Hannah Bawcombe

Year 2 went to Finchley Reform Synagogue to support their learning on Judaism. They were shown many Jewish objects including a range of Torah Scrolls and Kippah’s (Jewish skullcaps). They were able to handle the Menorah and look closely at the Ark, which had beautifully engraved doors. They were very excited about opening the doors and thought the scrolls, which were kept in beautifully embroidered covers inside the Ark, were enchanting. They really enjoyed finding out about Shabbat and were taught a song about it too.

See pictures of the Infant Show here.

Our latest class reporters are Raf and Chengis. Raf said: “We have been learning about London and Paddington and we have been drawing Paddington and writing about him. In maths we have been doing + and -. On the carpet we have been learning about the Fire of London and also we had a school trip and we went to Ally Pally and we saw the Shard and Walkie Talkie. It has been a great week.”

Chengis said: “In English we have been writing about Paddington. We had a letter from his aunt and we had to find all the verbs, adjectives and nouns. On Monday we went to Alexandra Palace. We tried to find the Gherkin, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard etc. Afterwards we got to draw the skyline. We really enjoyed the trip. In art we have been looking at an artist called Stanley Donwood. We wrote about the shapes we could see, what was happening and how the picture made us feel. In maths we have been learning about different ways of making numbers 60=60+0, 60=50+10, 60=40+20 or 60=30+30.” 

Our class reporter was Ines. She said: “In maths we did equal groups and unequal groups. In English we estimated what the real story meant. In PE we have been jumping into hoops. In homework we did days of the week and in each box we had to put what we ate. In Spanish we did the colours. We did our assembly on Tuesday. We were acting out The Lonely Beast. In music we sang a song about Jesus.”

Our class reporter was Grace. She said: “In Spanish we have been learning about how to say how old you are and how you are. In PE we have learnt lots about throwing and catching. We did music and one of the songs is Spare a Thought for Little Dinosaurs. On Thursday we learnt about animals in science, for example, ladybirds’ babies don’t look the same as their parents. On Friday in  maths we learnt about times for example 3×3=9. The infant choir went on a music trip to Cromer Road, we all had partners. My partner to go was Lily and to come back it was Rhon. We got to go in the playground with biscuits and orange juice.”

Our first class reporter this year is Mason. He said: “We have been learning about The Beast Story and The Twits – we read this book. We went to Forest School.”