Year 2

Welcome to Rowan, Elm and Poplar classes

Our teachers are: Lewis Turner (Elm), Avalon Mountford and Hannah Bawcombe (Rowan) and Sidra Mir (Poplar)

What we have been doing this term:

Year 2 had lots of fun running their own traditional tales cafe. In preparation for their event, they learnt about food hygiene and made posters to advertise their cafe.  They also made their own tablecloths and menus for their customers.  They carefully prepared a range of food and drink including different sandwiches, fruit kebabs, popcorn, cheese sticks and squash.

They all had different jobs, such as waiter, cashier, greeter, cleaner etc. They enjoyed counting up the money they had made- a profit of over £100!  They are currently deciding what they would like to do with this money.  The Year 2 teachers are very proud that lots of the children have suggested donating the money to charity.

Exemplifying The Value Of Generosity

Isobella in Year 2 had her long hair cut to be much shorter this week in order to donate to the Princess Trust so that they can use the hair to make wigs for children with cancer. Isobella was very eloquent when she explained to the infants in assembly what she had done and why. What a very generous and thoughtful idea. Her new short haircut looks lovely!

What we’ve been doing

Year Two have been focusing on Feelings and Emotions. They started by watching the film Inside Out which explores the feelings that live inside a little girl’s head.

Their key text was The Lonely Beast and the children explored the artwork from the book, making colour washes and silhouettes as well as writing their own version of the story using different emotions.

They are now focusing on ‘Fractured’ Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. The children have been using this as a basis to plan their own stories and write them using the work on grammar and punctuation that goes alongside.

In maths, the focus has been on place value and grouping, making sure the children really understand the concept of counting in tens in all areas of maths eg addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In Art, they have been learning about colour mixing, to make different tones, tints and shades. They have also been looking at texture, but how to include texture within painting.

In geography, Year Two have been looking at maps and using a key to support the reader. They have been learning about animals and their young and about materials and their uses in Science, comparing how they are similar and different.