Year 2

Welcome to Rowan and Elm classes

Our teachers are: Lewis Turner (Elm) and Sidra Mir (Rowan)

General information

Here are our class charters.

Archive – what we got up to last year

International Day

Year Two flew to Brazil in connection with their work on rainforests. They have compared the UK and Brazil.
They did some Mola art printing from South America – they carved a design onto foam. They made two different designs and then printed them together to make one piece of art.

What have we been doing?

Year 2 – this last half term Year 2 started a learning project called Explorers which will lead into the summer term. They began with a focus on the United Kingdom. In geography using Google Earth they first looked at Holly Park and then its location and its relation to London and then London’s location in England. They also learnt about the other three countries in the UK and their capital cities, landmarks and culture.

In history the focus was the Great Fire of London and the children played an interactive game to learn about the fire, they also watched Horrible History videos to learn about London in the past and significant people like Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren. The children made food from all the four countries using their DT skills. In Art the children wove their own tartan patterns out of paper and made kilts. They also had a try at making their own bagpipe using a plastic glove, straw and paper tube. In English the author focus has been on British authors Tom Percival for his PSHE based stories and James Mayhew with his Katie in London and Katie in Scotland stories.

Year Two started the year with the whole school projects of Holly Park Forever. They focused on the diversity of the different children in the class by interviewing each other, asking about the countries that they might come from and the language they speak. The children wrote questions to members of staff. The questions were delivered to the teachers who replied and wrote messages back.

The next topic was ‘Here We Are’ and they focused on the song ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ with children writing their own versions of the poem.

The month of September was spent with the teachers assessing the children in the same way as the Year One teachers assessed theirs, with detailed observations of their maths concepts and with 1:1 running records of their reading. This has been proven to be invaluable for the teaching that followed on from these assessments as it was tailored directly at the children’s individual needs.

The main Learning Project in Year Two was Traditional Tales. They thought carefully about the characters that typically appear in traditional tales, and focused particularly on Little Red Riding Hood. They wrote character descriptions and are now writing their own versions of these stories.

In science, the work was linked to Red Riding Hood by experimenting to find out which material would be the best one for a new cloak for the character.

In PSHE, they studied the author Tom Percival who wrote books such as Ravi’s Roar and Ruby’s Worry. They focused on the different emotions and feelings. This was then linked with art where the children mixed tones and shades of primary colours by adding black and white. This was then the stimulus for developing a vocabulary for emotions eg red – frustrated, angry, furious etc.

In maths, they have been focusing on the first White Rose units of place value. They have been focusing on partitioning numbers to 100 in different ways such as 67= 60+7, 67=50+17, 67= 5 tens and 17 ones. etc. The children have been learning to make links with their work on numbers up to ten with their numbers now to 100.