Year 2

Welcome to Rowan and Elm classes

Our teachers are: Lewis Turner, Avalon Mountford and Hannah Bawcombe

See pictures of the Infant Show here.

Our latest class reporters are Raf and Chengis. Raf said: “We have been learning about London and Paddington and we have been drawing Paddington and writing about him. In maths we have been doing + and -. On the carpet we have been learning about the Fire of London and also we had a school trip and we went to Ally Pally and we saw the Shard and Walkie Talkie. It has been a great week.”

Chengis said: “In English we have been writing about Paddington. We had a letter from his aunt and we had to find all the verbs, adjectives and nouns. On Monday we went to Alexandra Palace. We tried to find the Gherkin, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard etc. Afterwards we got to draw the skyline. We really enjoyed the trip. In art we have been looking at an artist called Stanley Donwood. We wrote about the shapes we could see, what was happening and how the picture made us feel. In maths we have been learning about different ways of making numbers 60=60+0, 60=50+10, 60=40+20 or 60=30+30.” 

Our class reporter was Ines. She said: “In maths we did equal groups and unequal groups. In English we estimated what the real story meant. In PE we have been jumping into hoops. In homework we did days of the week and in each box we had to put what we ate. In Spanish we did the colours. We did our assembly on Tuesday. We were acting out The Lonely Beast. In music we sang a song about Jesus.”

Our class reporter was Grace. She said: “In Spanish we have been learning about how to say how old you are and how you are. In PE we have learnt lots about throwing and catching. We did music and one of the songs is Spare a Thought for Little Dinosaurs. On Thursday we learnt about animals in science, for example, ladybirds’ babies don’t look the same as their parents. On Friday in  maths we learnt about times for example 3×3=9. The infant choir went on a music trip to Cromer Road, we all had partners. My partner to go was Lily and to come back it was Rhon. We got to go in the playground with biscuits and orange juice.”

Our first class reporter this year is Mason. He said: “We have been learning about The Beast Story and The Twits – we read this book. We went to Forest School.”

ARCHIVE: Here’s what the children got up to in 2017-18

See pictures from our fantastic infant show here.

Science week – Year 2 have been carrying out an investigation on whether the tallest children in the class are the fastest! We talked about how to keep it a fair test, we measured everyone in the class and then ran round the junior playground. We discovered that the tallest children weren’t necessarily the fastest and it depended on a few different factors! We also discovered some future Olympic sprinters!


Our class reporter was Eve. She said: “We have been weighing boxes to see how heavy it weighs. We have been learning about food chains. When a lion eats a giraffe, a giraffe eats a tree eats the sun. Also we have been learning about buying two things and giving change.”

Here are some of recent wall displays.


Our class reporter was Kimren. He said: “On Monday we were making t-shirts for the fashion show. Today we were writing our own Mr Benn story. Also in maths we have been learning about length for example using a ruler to measure lines in our green maths books.”

Our class reporter was Ronika who said: “We learned about cloths and in maths we learned about missing numbers. Soon we will have a fashion show. That’s why we are designing our t-shirts.”


Our class reporters were Isabella and Emma.

Isabella said: “We have been learning about clothes and money. We have been designing t-shirts for our fashion show. For my t-shirt I drew the British flag and flowers. At the end of the week we started to learn about counting money and I now know to make 3p you get 2p and 1p”

Emma said: “Our new topic is clothes. We have been reading The Man who wore all his Clothes. In maths we have been doing tallies for example more people choose vanilla ice cream than strawberry. On Friday it was Project Britain day. A Pearly King and Queen came to visit us at the end. We all go to show our things. What a busy week.”


Our latest class reporters were Shakira and Scarlett.

Shakira said: “There are lots of different animals that live in the rainforest, I will name a few to get you started. Gorilla, toucan, lemur, sloth, boa constrictor, jaguar, poison dart frog, stag beetle, hummingbird, anteaters, tarantula, macaw, tree snail, leopard. The people who live in the rainforest live by hunting and gathering food, everything they need to survive is in the rainforest. In PT I did enjoy playing football with my class mates.”

Scarlett J said: “We learnt that the orangutans are in danger in the rainforest because people are chopping down their houses so we are writing to Greenpeace. Greenpeace is the only one who can stop them from chopping down the trees. The orangutans are special because they are the gardeners of the forest. They have seeds on their shoulders and the only way to get them off is by walking. We also learnt about the Great Fire of London. It was on Sunday 2nd September 1666. It started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. Everyone was scared of dying but only six people died in the fire and some people were on a boat. I hope you like it.”

Our class reporter was Jasmin.

She said: “This week we have been learning about fractions and multiplication. In English we are writing to Green Peace about orangutans. In PE we are doing dance and football with coach Dan. In music we have been doing the Holly Park School song with Mr Hogan. On Thursday we went to Kew Gardens, we learnt about plants from different countries and nature.”


Our class reporters were Stella and Priyana.

Stella said: “We have been learning about division which is basically the opposite of multiplication. For example 3×5=15 and 15÷3=5 and 15÷5=3. This week, last week and the week before we were learning about the Great Fire of London which started in a bakery on Pudding Lane on the 2nd of September 1666. Our class has been writing diaries imagining what it would have been like to be in that great fire. The definite highlight had to be the Infant Show! My favourite song was Rain (by the Script). Mrs Pelham got the parents and the children to do the last dance of the infant show together!”

Priyana said: “Six people died in the Great Fire of London. We have been reading books and watching videos about the fire. Samuel Pepys buried some cheese and wine so there would be something to eat after the Great Fire. “

Our class reporters were Jadon and Ibrahim.

Jadon said: “We have been learning about the Great Fire of London which started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. Six people died in the fire. The fire started to reach the Tower of London where all the gunpowder was stored. As soon as King Charles II saw it he ordered people to use gunpowder and make gaps between houses so the fire didn’t reach the Tower and blow up London. The next day the fire was very dim, people finally put the fire out but a new London had to be built. All the people who lived in London now lived in the countryside until a new London was built. London is very different from the houses from 1666, they are now built with brick and stone.”

Ibrahim said: “The interesting news in Rowan class last week was that we have been learning about multiplication and the infant show. The show is about Katie’s Picture. We are looking forward to performing the show, it was very busy.”

Our class reporters this week were Mika and Duarta.

Mika said: “We have been learning about London. We got pieces of paper and cut it in the shapes of buildings. We got pieces of paper and cut them into windows. We have also been learning our songs for the infant show. We have been practising the whole of the infant show! We are learning the differences between Rio and London as well.”

Duarta said: “This week in our maths lesson we have been learning about multiplication. Multiplication is adding groups of same numbers. For example at school we learnt how to do basic multiplication. If there are two groups with 2 in each group. The answer is 4. I enjoyed maths and Mrs Fitzpatrick is the best maths teacher.”


The first class reporters for Y2 were Pranay and Elsie.

Pranay said: “Rowan class have been learning how to multiplication and have been practising the infant show. And in PE we have been learning how catch and throw and how to do it faster.”

Elsie said: “The big news in Y2 is that everyone got their parts in the infant show. The story is Katie’s Picture about a girl called Katie who visits an art gallery and got in lots of paintings. We’ve also been very busy painting our scenery for the show. When you see it you’ll think it’s amaaaaazing! Don’t worry we have been learning about lots more things too. In maths we have been learning our times tables – it was easy ones and we got the hang of it! Our project is about feelings and how to have a happy brain instead of an alarm brain. What a busy week!”

Y2 have been learning about Minecraft this half term. The children have been learning about materials and their properties and textures.  They have hunted around the school looking for different materials and produced rubbings which showed them how each material has a very different texture. We have discussed the skills necessary to survive in a Minecraft world and what we would need to do to stay clean and healthy.

As a year group we have also created exciting stories set in this strange world. Then, one day an important message was sent our way informing us of an extraordinary discovery. Crystals had been found in our school! Now, because we have been learning all about materials and mining it was decided that we were the best year group to investigate. Low and behold, the story chair area and allotment were filled with sparkling magnificent crystals. The children produced fantastic, informative newspaper reports recounting what they had discovered!

We learnt all about materials and their textures and properties. We walked around the school finding different materials and producing rubbings that showed their individual textures. We learnt about how materials change through making slime! The children had a number of ingredients including PVA glue, paint and cornstarch. We mixed the ingredients together observing how the mixture changed as we added different things. The more we stirred it the stranger it got! We also planned and opened our own cafes! Throughout the week the children designed menus, made table cloths, discussed what making a profit means and how to deal with money, created posters and cooked up sandwiches and cakes. We opened the cafe at the end of the week to all the parents and it was a roaring success! We are discussing what to spend all our profit on now!

We read superhero books like Traction Man and wrote our own versions. We created stories and made sure that they had a villain, superpowers, a problem and ensured that our heroes saved the day. As part of DT the children designed and made a super hero symbol stamp and then made repeating patterns with a friend. The children created a healthy superhero pasta bake as part of DT as well! We had a really great time!

For their wall displays Year 2 looked at superheroes. They did some super hero symbol printing. They also made displays of towers that represent multiplication arrays.

Y2 have done lots of work on feelings and have produced their own worry dolls and looked at feelings to do with anger and feelings to do with calming down.

Year 2 displayed their Enabling Enterprise work on designing computer programmes. They also had a fantastic enterprise week making a café. All the parents came along.

The classes have displayed some lovely writing related to their minecraft work and the gems.

ARCHIVE – see what Y2 got up to last year

Year Two children have been learning about the rainforest. Everyone is looking forward to our trip to Kew Gardens, but in the meantime we have been researching about rainforest animals from non-fiction books that we borrowed from the School Library Service.

The children have written some excellent poems which helped to develop their vocabulary which they are now using to write information texts. The children have made their own mini greenhouse with a plastic bottle and they are learning about the best conditions for their broad bean to grow.  They have been looking carefully at plants and doing some close observational drawings of them, taking note of the different parts of the plants and thinking about the uses of each part. They have also loved exploring artefacts from the rainforest including looking at actual seeds from different plants.

As part of our PSHE learning, and linking in with the whole school value of responsibility, we have been thinking about ways to behave responsibly towards the environment with ideas such as switching off lights, using both sides of a piece of paper and turning off taps when they are not in use.

You can see pictures from the infant show here.

Infant show (2)

Our Y6 Digital Leaders have been reporting on what the children are doing in school. Here is their latest report:

Yr2 have been learning how to divide by using counters. They have been working on their show The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.They also made their own version on The Snail and the Whale.

Y2 a

Year Two have had a busy term learning about Heroes and Villains, with work including comic making, story writing and starting to learn their two, five and ten times tables! The children were also entrepreneurs during our Enabling Enterprise Café Challenge. In groups, the children created their own themes including the Minecraft Café, The Pokemon Café, The Superhero Café and many that were Christmas themed.

They used three main skills; teamwork, staying positive and problem solving. The children produced menus, tablecloths, signs and decorations which really enhanced the café vibe. The food that they made looked delicious… a choice of sandwiches, iced biscuits and popcorn. Each class took £60 and made £45 profit each. The children will be able to choose how this is spent in their classrooms.

Here is some of our work from this term.

Maths workshop

Year 2 parents came in for a maths workshop to find out how to help their children learn.

World’s largest Lesson

Year 2 have been learning about climate change and renewable energy. Wilf and Cecilia said that the world is getting hotter  and the energy is being wasted and ruining the atmosphere. They said that they had learnt that in some parts of the world that poo can be used to make compost and that this is a renewable energy. They learnt a song to go with it.