Year 2

Welcome to Rowan and Elm classes

Our teachers are: Lewis Turner (Elm) and Sidra Mir (Rowan)

General information

Here are our class charters.







What we have been learning this term:

For International Day Year 2 looked at traditional clothes from around the world. They also looked at food from around the world. This is linked to their geography work on the seven continents. The children have used atlases to label blank maps. They then put pictures of food and clothes next to the different continents. They discussed similarities and differences of the various foods and the various clothing.

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We used the book ‘Katie in London’ to start the topic and learnt about features of London as it is today. We then learnt about London in the past, including the Great Fire. We invited ‘History Off the Page’ into school for a Curriculum Day. The children came dressed in role as people from the time. The day involved candle making, leatherwork and mixing potions (apocythary). In the afternoon, the children learnt about primary and secondary sources in history and developed their understanding of how they find out about the past. The children wrote some diaries in role from the time of the fire, and of the present day when they wrote about their week which included the Infant Show.

Mrs Mir made a physical timeline which was placed all around the school. When the children travelled back in time, they could see the events that had taken place during each decade. Moving themselves along the timeline gave them a good sense of the span of time that has passed since the fire. When they finished their timeline and got back to their classes, they were greeted by a fire on their whiteboard. In art, the children did some Great Fire artwork based on the Vincent Van Gogh piece ‘Starry Night’. They have started their work on the continents of the world. They have created works of art using the Bathers by Seurat (Europe) and African printing as stimuli. They are moving onto learning about Asia, drawing cherry blossoms from Japan and making Asian stir-fry.

Here’s what we got up to in the first term:

Year Two also spent time assessing the children in reading and maths. They then worked on the ‘Dreams of Freedom’ whole school project before beginning their first Learning Project which was ‘Feelings and Emotions’. Our Literacy and PSHE have been linked through our work on this. We watched the movie ‘Inside Out’ and read related books about emotions such as Ravi’s Roar. In their writing, the children have written about their favourite part of Inside Out, writing a character description about one of the characters. They then wrote their own poem based on ‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fear’.

The children have thought about what was important to them and what makes their personality unique. They also thought about the different ‘levels’ of emotions and mixed tints and shades of the different colours with paint in art. In Science, they focused on health and hygiene. The children experimented with four slices of bread that had been touched with washed hands, anti-bacced hands and clean hands. They then observed the effects over a period of time to see which method of washing was the most effective. They have also been learning about the importance of eating the right amounts of food and exercise. In Maths, the teachers have also been participating in the NCETM Maths Mastery course with Year One and Reception. This has focused on numbers to 10 and has developed the children’s depth of understanding. The NCETM lessons are in addition to general maths teaching , for which they use the White Rose planning and have been focusing on Place Value with partitioning, comparing numbers and addition.