EYFS Curriculum

At Holly Park we follow the Early Years Curriculum which is based on Development Matters, the Government’s non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

There are seven areas of learning:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

Our Intent
At Holly Park we recognise and celebrate that each child is unique and comes to us with a range of different experiences. Our provision supports and values the diverse range of needs and dispositions of all children. We make sure that we know every child as an individual and work closely with parents and families so that children at Holly Park remain at the centre of our curriculum. Our practice and provision enables children to thrive.

Our Implementation
Children have Secure and effective relationships with the adults in our Nursery and Reception and this supports children  giving them the confidence to explore new concepts and take part in new experiences. They  develop their confidence and love of learning by exploring their interests, skills and knowledge through high quality continuous provision and carefully planned guided activities. Children make progress with the support of sensitive guidance from adults in nursery and reception and we adapt  provision to meet the needs of our children.

We plan around our children’s changing interests and experiences

  • We love books and choose  core texts in a cross curricular way to stimulate children’s learning.
  • We have a balance of child initiated and guided activities
  • We have whole class Carpet Sessions for shared learning
  • We ensure our daily phonics sessions are fun, interactive  and memorable and that new learning is supported and consolidated in the continuous provision
  • We teach children how to manage their emotions through the Zones of Regulation and regular Talk Times
  • We adapt our continuous provision to reflect and support our children.
  • We quickly identify areas of development in children’s learning and adapt our provision to meet their needs.
  • We provide early interventions when necessary
  • We identify children’s individual skills and extend them.
  • Children have free flow access to learn indoors and outdoors in all weathers

Our Impact

Children want to come to school every day, even when they are unwell! They are excited to learn and proud of their achievements. All children make very good personal progress in the Early Years. They are happy and confident about starting Year One and have the skills they need to progress. All children are aware of what makes a good friend and can talk about their own emotions. All children understand what it means to be part of a group and feel they belong to the Holly Park Family.

Although the EYFS has a separate curriculum, it is not a separate entity.  At Holly Park we want there to be clear progression from Early Years into National Curriculum learning in Year 1 and beyond. Subject leaders across the school need to have a good understanding of the Early Years Curriculum and how knowledge and skills are taught.

Staff in the EYFS attend CPD sessions with the rest of the school staff. They also attend separate training as appropriate.

At Holly Park the EYFS is part of our whole school community and the children and staff engage in whole school events and special activities along with the other year groups across the school.