Evaluation and improvement

External Evaluation

Here is our latest Ofsted Report: Holly Park Primary School

From this link you can read about the financial benchmark for Holly Park. 

Self Evaluation and Improvement Planning

Every year in the Summer Term we evaluate ourselves as a school and look at what we have achieved during the last academic year. With this evaluation and with the data available, we then decide what our whole school priorities are for the next academic year.

We like to include all staff in considering the strengths and areas for development. Information from parents and pupils gathered through the annual questionnaires also feeds into our evaluation.

We then make a plan for improvement based on the key areas of Achievement, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour & Safety and Leadership and Management.

All staff at Holly Park undergo annual appraisal which is linked to the school improvement plan. Their current targets are:

  • To raise the attainment or evidence the improved progress of the bottom 20% of the class (6 children) in reading comprehension or phonics.
  • To continue to embed diversity throughout the curriculum  using the subject leader road maps for your year group.
  • As a subject leader to be able to evidence the systematic features of the curriculum across a subject from the national curriculum through to the work produced –  showing evidence of progression and skills.

We decide what actions are needed, who will do them, when they will be done, how they will be monitored and evaluated and what the costs and resources will be. This information is shared with all staff and with governors.

With the whole school priorities in mind, our key leaders and curriculum teams then make action plans for the year that feed in to this whole school plan and act as an appendices. These action plans focus their work for the next academic year.

Each half term our Senior Management Team and our School Improvement Team look at our whole school self evaluation and update this. They also monitor the School Improvement Plan and give reports about their own action plans. Governors monitor the plan at each termly meeting.

Mid way through the year (February) we monitor the school improvement plan and look at what we have achieved and what still needs to be done.

Towards the end of an academic year we evaluate the plan to see what the impact of the plan has been.

We also like to make sure that our children know what our school priorities are. We have posters about school improvement all around the school.

The chart below is an overview of our School Improvement Plan priorities for 2021-22:

Plans For SIP 2021

Here is our School Improvement poster: School Improvement Poster 2021-22

Key priorities    

Our School Improvement Plan priorities 2020-21  were:


  • To ensure a smooth transition back to school in September
  • To support pupils to be school ready and to feel part of the HPS community
  • To ensure effective timetables and routines are in place
  • Maintain Blended Learning approaches
  • To establish active and engaging playtimes in Zones


  • To establish a recovery curriculum: Wellbeing Curriculum
  • To begin to establish the new PHSE curriculum
  • To focus on staff wellbeing
  • Enhance physical health and well-being
  • Build positive relationships with others
  • Understand and manage feelings and behaviour
  • Enjoying learning and achieving


  • To establish a recovery curriculum: Subject Curriculum 
  • To embed a progression of skills in science
  • To reinforce the presentation guidelines established last year
  • To continue with the new handwriting scheme established last year
  • To revisit the planning of writing genres across the academic year
  • To re-establish Floor Books
  • To revisit whole class reading and a reading roadmap
  • To continue the new KS2 spelling strategy
  • To allocate the catch-up premium money 
  • To update Prevent Training