Staff Learning

​At Holly Park we are a learning community and so it is important that teachers and leaders also continue to learn.

All of our staff take part in learning and training – SLT, teachers, teaching assistants, nursery nurses,  office staff, MTS and the site team.

It is important that everyone has continual personal development.

We are members of the National College and Barnet Education and Learning Service and access many of the courses with a mixture of online and face to face courses.

There is training on areas such as:

  • Facilities, Health and safety
  • Teaching and learning (pedagogy)
  • Subject leadership
  • The curriculum
  • Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Safeguarding
  • Online safety
  • Behaviour
  • SEND
  • Admin and finance
  • Governors
  • Leadership

We have five inset days each year and these are days when all of our staff do training. Sometimes these are led by our own staff members and sometimes they are led by visitors and experts in their field.

There is mandatory training that all staff must do at prescribed intervals: Epi-pen training, safeguarding, Prevent and online safety

In order for the school to be safe – certain members of staff undergo specific training e.g First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Fire Marshall, Legionella, Asbestos, Safer recruitment etc

We also provide in house training for our Teaching Assistants for certain aspects of their role e.g Phonics, maths, autism training etc

Every week the teaching staff have extra on site training. Below is the on site training that teaching staff had in 2022/23: