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* The two Bags2School collections raised an amazing £1644! Well done everyone.

PTA news

Here is the latest PTA newsletter: PTA 1st issue 2020

Class Photos

Dear all, A big thank you to all of you who sent photos for the class photos. The participation has been overwhelming with the photos of all year groups complete with almost all children and all of the staff! We have been busy putting these together and they look beautiful. It was a time-consuming but very rewarding task. Thank you all for your participation and kind words during this process of collating the photos from the whole school!  

Lockdown news

Nathalie from the PTA has been putting together some lockdown news to keep everyone informed:

**Our Holly Park school lottery has raised £1813 so far, we congratulated 44 Holly Park winners. YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT! Here’s How to play.  MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE RIGHT HOLLY PARK SCHOOL!


Read about our Playground Appeal here.


The Winter Fair was a lovely event with mince pies, mulled wine, lots of prizes and a super puppet show, not to mention Santa! We raised an amazing £5485 which includes £1520 match funding. Well done to all the volunteers who made it such a successful day. 

  • Thank you all for filling your bags2school. We collected 400kg @ 40p/kg – so that is £160 raised for Holly Park and in the process we are helping other countries. Someone asked what happens to the clothes? So, once collected, they are baled and shipped to factories where all the garments will be sorted and start a new life in Africa, South America or Eastern Europe.
  • We have never seen so many cakes last Friday morning – coffee morning, Y6 cake sale and the Reception family night. Thank you bakers!! The Y6 cake sale was our first cake sale of the year and made £142. Well done all and the benchmark has now been set!!! The MacMillan coffee morning last week was well attended by Holly Park parents. Thank you to the parents who also donated a cake for the coffee morning. Parents enjoyed a drink, a cake and a chat in the dining hall. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to this wonderful charity. We raised £98.39 (+£22.50 through gift aid) on the day. However, it is ongoing all of this week so please feel free to add to their fund at the school office (in the MacMillan money box) if you would still like to donate
  • Last Friday school staff and the PTA held a family fun night so that all of our Reception families whether they were from our morning nursery, our afternoon nursery or have just joined Holly Park could get to know each other in a relaxed social atmosphere. The evening was a success. The families played a human bingo game in order to meet new people, the children played with Lego and dinosaurs while the parents chatted. The fish and chip suppers arrived and were delicious accompanied by carrot batons followed by fruit and cake. Afterwards the families went outside to play in the infant playground which is where Reception play at lunchtime.
  • Over the summer holidays something quite extraordinary happened to our school and to some parents and one teacher, they all became LOTTERY WINNERS. Our school lottery raised to date £334 for Holly Park school and so far 9 parents and 1 teacher have won up to £29.40 each. Well done and congratulations!
  • We have just been informed, one winner gave their winnings back to our school that’s £361.30 for our school raised over the summer holidays. Thank you amazing winner and what a superstar

Cake sales

The traditional cake sales continue to provide a steady income to the PTA. Here is a breakdown of the year group totals:

  • Year 6: £167
  • Year 5: £174
  • Year 4: £124
  • Year 3: £95
  • Year 2: £130
  • Year 1: £161
  • Reception: £85

Summer fair

The annual summer fair was a huge success with lots of families enjoying the sunshine. The fair was a jolly affair with a warm and friendly feel. The Y5 and Y4 children loved doing their apprentice stalls and we wait to see which of their stalls raised the most money. The inflatable was popular, the BBQ and cakes were delicious…… and the sun shone! The staff and governors who came enjoyed it. The PTA raised approx £3,000 which is fabulous. A massive thank you to Nathalie and Amanda and the amazing team of volunteers. A fair on such a big scale is not possible without volunteers.

Summer news

The BBQ and Bingo night was a lovely family gathering. Three lucky winners received £7 each for a line and another three lucky winners left with £20 each in their pockets for a full house. The fruit bingo/ musical statue was a hit for the children big and small. The Pimms was flowing and some Y6 children took charge of the sweet shop. Simply a great team effort and a lot of fun to run. Thank you Cristina for all the tips and a special shout to Michael who was on BBQ duties followed by being the bingo caller for this event. The goodies for daddies proved very popular with the mugs sold out within minutes and the rest of the gifts not lasting much longer making an incredible £80.50. SATURDAY 6th JULY 12- 3.30pm is the school fair. If you have anything to donate, from goodies to ideas, even time or a smile please come and find us and share your interest with us (on Fridays from now on in the family area at 9am) or any other times drop a note in the PTA drawer.

School discos

The Easter Fair was lovely and very popular as usual. We raised over £1200 for the school.

There was a fantastic turn out for our school discos!

Christmas fair

The Christmas fair was a huge success with crowds flocking to have fun. The fair raised around £3000 for the school. 

Bonfire treats

Thank you to everyone who contributed delicious treats to our bonfire night treat stall. All your donations, hard work and creativity made £104.60 for the school.

PTA Junior Quiz

The Junior Quiz was a great success and great fun, with all of our houses competing for the Junior Quiz Shield. The quiz had a selection of questions ranging across general knowledge, history, maths & symbols! Thank you to all the Holly Park staff and the PTA team of volunteers for making the quiz possible. The PTA raised £62.60.

The results are as follows:

  • First Dragon 500 points
  • Second Griffin 400 points
  • Third Phoenix 300 points
  • Fourth Hydra 200 points
  • Fifth Unicorn 100 points

PTA News & Events

This last week the PTA raised £60.90 from the coats and jackets sale, a fantastic fundraiser.  The Y6 Cake sale last Friday also raised a wonderful £163.50.

The PTA is also proud to say that the Reception family Fun Night with fish and chips was a lovely event with a great group of new parents who are enthusiastic and eager to get involved. 

The PTA Macmillan coffee morning raised £165.25. What a busy PTA week last week was!!! Thank you all for your support and generosity.

Cake sales

The regular year group cake sales are always successful and a a great way to raise funds throughout the year. In 2017-18 the sales raised around £1000.

The year groups were as follows:

  • Reception – £125
  • Year 1 – £135
  • Year 2 – £140
  • Year 3 – £145
  • Year 4 – £153
  • Year 5 – £177
  • Year 6 – still be to announced.

PTA Summer Fair 

The weather was glorious for the PTA summer fair and the crowds had a marvellous time with live music, go karts, Pimms, stalls and strawberries and cream.

Can You Help Raise Money For The School Through Match Funding At Your Work Place?

Did you know there are hundreds of organisations which offer their employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise for a chosen cause?   Is your company one of them? By manning a stall at the Winter Fair for ½ an hour, a Shell employee raised £350. Since the school year started, five donations have raised an impressive £3,500 for PTA funds. Your company may offer a match funding programme so it’s worth speaking with your HR department. It is usually a simple case of filling out a form and then supplying a letter on Headed Notepaper confirming the amount raised at the event and your involvement. Please reach out to the PTA Committee by emailing if you need more information or help approaching your organisation. Look out for a leaflet about match funding which will be emailed out.

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For more information on the Friends of Holly Park read our parent pack: PTA Parent Booklet