How can you add the school calendar to your Google Calendar?

1 Open Google Calendar

2 Next to “Other calendars” on the left, click the Down arrow

3 Select Add by URL

4 Enter the calendar’s address in the field provided –

5 Click Add Calendar.

Please note that there may be some last minute changes 

A U T U M N   T E R M   2023

Tuesday 12th December                     Nursery drop in for new children 4-5pm

Wednesday 13th December                Christmas Lunch

Friday 15th December                      Nativity Dress Rehearsal

Friday 15th December                         Y5 and Y6 parties

Monday 18th December                     Y3 Nativity at 2.30pm

Tuesday 19th December                    EYFS parties

Tuesday 19th December                     Y3 Nativity at 2.30pm

Wednesday 20th December              Year 1 and 2 parties

Wednesday 20th December              Y3 and Y4 parties

Friday 21st December                        Term ends at 1.30pm

Friday 22nd December – Friday 5th January: Christmas Holidays, school closed