Parent Champions

Our Parent Champion programme is now up and running at Holly Park. The programme was promoted in the school newsletter and the Champions have also had a stall in the playground signposting parents to services in Barnet to support families.

Parent Champions took part in a governor learning walk. They discussed the role of a Parent Champion and how this programme could be used to support the families at Holly Park.  

The Champions arranged a coffee morning for parents to discuss any concerns around the transition to secondary school. Parents shared their experiences and knowledge of the transition process and this information was collected and sent out to parents via the parents Whatsapp groups.

The Champions have helped to circulate a Dads group for parents at Holly Park and a picnic for Year 2 parents. The Champions are planning to have a stall at the summer fair with information to sign post parents to services in Barnet.

As the Parent Champion coordinator Kathy Puzey’s role is to ensure that the Champions have up to date information, appropriate materials and any courses to share with parents. Kathy attends zoom meetings with other coordinators in the borough to discuss how the programme is going across different schools.

The Parent Champions are Holly Park parents who have been trained for the role. They are volunteers who meet with our Learning Mentor Mrs Puzey.  The Parent Champions are not here to discuss school related issues but wider, bigger, local issues. 

Their task is to keep Holly Park parents informed about local events, childcare and local family services. They promote local services that parents may not otherwise be aware of. The Parent Champions are here to help you with matters such as nursery places to secondary school transfers, local playgroups, local food banks, help with your wellbeing etc.

The Parent Champions are simply there to be – parents for other parents. 

Here are some of our Parent Champions: