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School life as seen by Poppy our school dog.


My friend was reading The Times today and thought they saw me with a member of the government, Mr Gove. It wasn’t me but it could have been one of my cousins.

went to the seaside in half term. Here’s a video of me finding a star fish!


I’m delighted to find out that 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends. I found this quote on a Chinese website and think it is very true:

“A Dog’s most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work.

Honest and just, they are popular in social circles. Everyone needs a Dog friend for advice and help. They are also good at helping others find and fix their bad habits.

Despite how they act, they are worried and anxious inside. However, they will not let this stop them. Once they decide on something, no one can persuade them against it.”

Did someone say it was Valentine’s? 

Half term, what fun! Look at me after a good run in the park.But wasn’t it chilly?

We had some more governor meetings this week and I joined in. Someone had a tummy gurgle and blamed it on me!

It has been a busy week this week I have been at home when my mum has been at several meetings this week.

The infant show is coming on well I think – the scenery looks great – it is a real art gallery. The songs and music are wonderful. I particularly enjoyed watching Mrs Casey and Mrs Fitzpatrick boogeying away. My mum gave them a headteacher award for their dancing!

I have had lots of walks around the playground with Mrs Puzey and some children. A new dog walking club began for children in Y4 – it was nice to meet them, they are so kind to me.


 This week I have only been at school in the afternoons as my mum has been at lots of meetings and courses in the mornings.

The costumes on International Lunch Day looked amazing – such a variety!

There have been early morning meetings and evening meetings in the office this week and I have been very good – listening in my basket. The school is very busy and there are lots of important things being discussed. There is lots of talk about the school improvement plan and the work the school is doing to improve maths and writing. One of the meetings was a very early governor meeting – I liked meeting them.

This week Mrs Puzey had a VERY special birthday. I bought her present and even signed it myself.

I have had a quiet week this week. There have been lots of people still fussing me and I have been out chasing balls in the infant playground most afternoons – it’s great fun.

I made a visit to Reception this week. They have a vet role play area – the children were keen to look at me and we talked about what a vet does. Mrs Walton took my picture to go on the wall of the vets

There have been quite a few meetings in the office this week and I have been very good.

I had a bit of scare when we left school one night at 6.30pm and a huge fox ran across the playground in front of me and jumped over the fence into a garden – I did bark to tell it not to come back!

The Spring term has started but it feels like I am coming to school in the middle of the night it is so dark at 8am! Everyone is rather tired and still full of Christmas turkey and pudding I think. My new year’s resolution is more walking and more sleeping. 

Everyone was really pleased to see me and I have had lots of fuss and attention.

I have discovered that the infant playground is fabulous for running and chasing after balls. When it is empty, some children have been taking me in there and throwing tennis balls for me to chase – it’s great!

I haven’t seen Marble to wish her happy new year – I think she is hiding from me!


They say it’s a dog’s life but just take a look at all the goodies I got for Christmas! I need to get back to dog walking club to get rid of my tummy! But maybe a nice snooze first zzzzzzzzzzz

So having spent two very dull days at home this week while my mum was ill, I was very pleased to be back at school today and getting lots of fuss

The Christingle assembly was beautiful and Y6 carried their candles very sensibly. The Christmas sing song was very noisy – too noisy for me – I went back to my bed for a snooze but the children and Mr Hogan were certainly getting in the festive spirit.

The staff panto was hilarious as always – I think next year I should definitely be in that too! Perhaps they can do the Wizard of Oz and I can be Toto!!

I got several Christmas presents which I look forward to opening and telling you about – and another stocking!!

I came out to the gate at the end of the day to say goodbye to everyone and wish them a Happy Christmas. It was very cheery. Y5 and Y6 were singing carols under the canopy and so many people stroked me on their way out.

This week everyone had Christmas lunch – including me! I had two helpings of turkey and sausages. Today was the nativity rehearsal – it was beautiful and the children sang and spoke really well. I’m sure I could have been in the stable scene. Look I got my own Christmas stocking! 

Such a treat – a day off school and I was allowed to play in the snow. I just loved jumping up and down in it and wearing my special jumper. I saw lots of school children playing in the park. I’d have loved to have been the first one to run across the school playground with all that fresh snow!

How lucky am I – I went to see Santa Claws!


I received my first Christmas card this week – very exciting. I am still getting lots of visitors in the office. It amused me that when the bell went – one child said ‘goodbye Mrs Poppy!’ to my mum.

On Wednesday the decorations went up – the school looks lovely. I like the Christmas tree in the office. On Thursday I went for a run at Friary Park during lunchtime – it poured and I got soaked – as did my mum. I went over to the Orchard room with Mrs Puzey and I sat by the heater in there so I was soon dry!

My Christmas jumper

Friday was Christmas jumper day. Mrs Puzey bought me a jumper – I quite like it!

All of the children are visiting Santa today in his grotto before the Christmas fair. I had to have a turn too and tell him what my Christmas wishes are (snuggly bed, juicy bone, chasing Marble!)

I am the top dog now! I’ve just come back from the beauty parlour for my Christmas shampoo and trim and don’t I look dapper? 

I also had my ears cleaned so I’ll be able to hear the choir practising and my nails clipped. Here are my before and after pictures. It is a bit chilly though.

BOW WOW I’m so popular I get lots of letters and presents! You can see some in my pictures. I hope I get lots of Christmas cards in the special post. Mum is very strict about treats though and I’m not allowed any chocolate because it is very bad for dogs!

I think I’ll get a stocking though from Santa Claws!


Another busy week for me. On Tuesday I went to Friary Park at lunchtime and got back to school quite muddy. The next day it was dog walking club with Y3 – I get to go round the tree in the story garden lots of times!

The same day Marble the school cat came to visit me in the office – I wasn’t at all keen – in fact I was shaking with fear – I’m not so sure about that cat!

I am learning lots of Christmas carols which sound lovely as the choirs are rehearsing for the candlelight concert – it’s rather nice to snooze to! Hope I don’t snore.

This morning there was a flurry of snow – me and the children thought it was great – not so sure the adults did though! I do hope we get some more.

The nativity scenery in the hall is looking very sparkly and the children are trying on the costumes. Did they have dogs in the stable? Maybe I could be in that scene? Although I’d quite like to be an angel or star dancer.

All the children have been making Christmas decorations – I am looking forward to seeing them hanging in the dining hall next week. I hope I haven’t got too much glitter in my fur!

More dog walking club this time with Y5 and 6. I got lots of treats at the end.

Can’t wait for Christmas, what do you think I’ll get in my stocking? I’ve already started my advent calendar.

Another busy week draws to a close. Tonight there have been so many Mums and Dads in the school talking to the teachers, I would have loved to meet them all and show them my wagging tail but they all seemed very busy.

My first school photo

The children have also been busy this week – as usual. They were talking about bullying which we all know is very nasty. Do you know some animals get bullied too? Usually by humans so that doesn’t include chasing Marble. I wonder if we will have a Kind to Animals week soon?

It’s getting really chilly outside, I hope the children are all wearing hats and scarves and that Mum buys me a snuggly coat to wear on the way to school.

On Tuesday I went to the vet for my annual check up – I am in fine form and have even lost weight since I’ve been at school – it must be all the dog walking I’m getting!!! I also had two injections to make sure I stay well.

Friday was an inset day – the school was very quiet and I didn’t get so much attention as usual. Still I can had a nice sleep in my basket. The teachers were getting the scenery ready for Christmas, having a safeguarding quiz and doing online anti bullying training. I had a play date at Friary park during lunchtime – chased a few squirrels!!


Stretch out in my basket at home, another cosy night. I paws for thought, it must be breakfast time.

Down the stairs comes Mum and before I know it we are in the car and off to school. I love it there, so many people to sniff and everyone is nice to me. I have my own cosy basket in the head’s office – I must be the top dog!

So, what’s on the agenda today? It’s Road Safety Week – so important, the children are going to learn about crossing the road and looking left and right. I don’t know my left from my right so I sit on the kerb and wait to be told when it’s safe. The children are going to learn about it all in assembly.

Our office!

Oh, it’s time for my walk, who will it be today? Mum has set up a dog walking club which is terribly popular so I get to meet lots of different children, they are so nice to me! They walk me around the playground and sometimes I get to chase that cat Marble for a bit but I never catch it. Then it’s time for a snooze in my basket.

In the afternoon that nice Mrs Puzey takes me over to her room to meet some more lovely children and we talk about reading. I can’t read but they are getting really good at it.