School Clubs

Holly ParkHolly Park is offering lots of clubs to pupils this year in order to enrich their time at the school.

We already have a number of choirs running that Mr Hogan manages and these will still operate all year round under his guidance. However there are many more clubs that we now offer.

We are offering clubs on a half term basis to maximise the number of pupils over a year who can get involved. Many of these clubs are held at lunchtime.

Of course, numbers are restricted and some children will be disappointed this term. Mrs Thomas will manage the club membership over the year to ensure that there is fair access to the clubs. If clubs are oversubscribed this term, then pupils will be chosen at random out of a hat.

Here are the clubs we offered last term.

Year Group


Run by


Year 1 Potion Club Miss Fitzpatrick & Mr Turner Tuesday at 12pm
Year 1 Art Club Miss Georgiou Thursday at 12pm
Year 1 Craft Club Mrs Mir Thursday at 12pm
Year 1 Construction Club Miss Wood Thursday at 12pm
Year 2 Skipping Club Mrs Thomas Thursday at 12.45pm
Year 2 Finger Knitting Club Mrs Hassan Thursday at 12pm
Year 2 Lego Miss Richardson Tuesday at 3.30pm
Year 2 & 3 & 4 Gymnastics Mrs Kelly Tuesday 8am – 8.45am
Year 3 Skipping Mrs Pelham Wednesday at 12pm
Year 3 Drawing Mrs Walton Wednesday at 12pm
Year 3 Lego Miss Richardson Thursday at 3.30pm
Year 4 Lego Mrs Constantinou Tuesday at 12pm
Year 4 Gardening Mrs Pearce Monday at 3.30pm
Year 5 & 6 Sewing Miss McTaggart Tuesday at 12pm
Year 5 & 6 Pictionary Miss Michael Tuesday at 12pm

In addition there will be a football team selected by Mr Reid, girls football club run by Mr Carini, an athletics club chosen by Mr Bourne and Mr Carini & Miss Yiannaki, and a Coding club run by Mr Stewkesbury. Also choirs continue with Mr Hogan.

All of the clubs above are offered by Holly Park staff and are free.  These clubs are in addition to the clubs run by Non Stop Action which parents need to pay for.

Here are some pictures of our clubs:

Children used eggheads in Drawing Club to understand facial features.

Here are some children at the Hamma Beads Club.

And here are some enjoying Lego Club.

Children loved playing board games with Mrs Hassan.

There was great fun at Construction Club with Mrs Bawcombe.

Mr Hill has been running an interesting Computer Club.

Children have been testing their brains in the Su Doku club with Mrs Casey.

Here are some pupils engrossed in Book Club with Mrs Constantinou.

The Running Club run by Mr Bourne and Mr Hill was very popular with 60 children running round Bethune Park after school!

The children in Puzzle Club had great fun with Miss Wood.