Special Events

Scooter training

Fifty six of our Year 2 training took part in scooter training, funded as part of our school travel plan.  They had the opportunity to develop their control when scooting, practise different ways of braking and explored the use of different feet to push to prevent tiredness.  Following this, they went onto local roads to learn about safe scooting on the pavement and how to cross roads safely.

Wellbeing Week

The last week of term was Wellbeing week when we took part in lots of activities – see below. 

Scoot to School

As part of our Wellbeing Week at the end of last term we had our own Scoot to School Week. Children and adults benefit from being physically active so scooting to and from school is a fantastic way of increasing exercise in a day. Leaving the car behind at least one day a week would be something good to try OR driving part way to school and then scoot the rest of the way. Well done to everyone who tried to scoot to school. Our scooter scooter and bike racks were full to bursting and Mrs Thomas counted over 70 scooters on one day.  Keep it up!

Sponsored Run for British Heart Foundation
On Friday every child in the school from Nursery to Year 6 ran around the school grounds on our new running line as part of our Wellbeing Week and to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. Thank you for your sponsorship money. Please bring in any money collected by Monday. Once it is all in we will let you know how much we raised. The children all enjoyed the run.

Exercise Workshops

In Well Being Week the children had a taster session of BORN TO MOVE, led by Muneera one of our ex parents. It is an exercise programme designed to encourage children from 2-16 years old to stay active. The activities vary by age group. The classes teach age-appropriate motor skills that improve agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and speed.

As part of our Wellbeing Week, every class took part in a short five minute mindfulness exercise each day. The teachers read a short passage to the class and the children relaxed and closed their eyes. Often the teacher put on a soothing piece of music in the background as the children relaxed. The children enjoyed the relaxation and the teachers commented on how well the children did and how they were very calm after the mindfulness exercise. The importance of this is to encourage children to stop and take space in their busy lives and just rest and just think about themselves or clear their minds particularly as in this modern day we all are so busy rushing from one thing to the next. It is very important to take time out.

World Book Day

There was much excitement for World Book Day when the children (and some of the teachers) dressed up as animals from books.

Pocket Opera

The English Pocket Opera Company conducted an interactive presentation of the opera for all Key Stage 2 pupils. All of the children sang beautifully and some of our teachers sang a solo as well!


Christmas Decorations

The school is now looking very festive. All of the children made a decoration and they are hanging in the dining hall. Our theme this year is white and silver. The decorations were made using paper plates, doilies and silver foil and glitter.


Google cardboard

Google came into Holly Park and all the children from KS2 tried out its new Google Cardboard virtual reality to explore the moon and amazing sights from around the world.


Remembrance Day

Our Y6 children went to the local war memorial along with members of the council, police service and other schools for a short service of Remembrance.

Be Bright Be Seen Day

The children came to school wearing very bright clothes – everyone made a great effort. We have done this day as part of our work on road safety. Children and parents need to be aware that the nights are drawing in and more accidents involving children being knocked down in roads occur in the winter months.

If your child has a dark coloured coat – make sure they also wear something bright or fluorescent too.

Walk to School Week 

Well done to everyone who walked to school this week or who made an effort to park and stride. Walking to school helps to relieve congestion in the streets close to the school and is also a healthier option. Keep up the good work!


Harvest 2016

We had a lot of donations of tinned food, pasta, soups, pasta sauces, deodorant, shower gel, washing liquid etc for our Harvest assembly. The theme of our assembly was Harvest around the world.

We looked at what a harvest is and that in different countries it is celebrated at different times of year and in different ways. We heard about wheat harvests in Scotland, Yam harvests in Africa, Thanksgiving in America, Grape harvests in Argentina and also about harvests in Poland, China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. We thought about how lucky we are to have food on our plates and what a rich diversity of foods there are around the world. Many of our children and staff had visited some of these countries and spoke about the foods they had tried there. Our harvest donations of food were taken to Homeless Action in Barnet.

Grandparent Coffee Afternoon

As part of Silver Sunday week we invited grandparents to come to school. The coffee afternoon was a wonderful event. Grandparents came for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat.

Some of our school councillors and our Rights Respecting Champions greeted our guests and mingled with the grandparents and talked to them about school today and in the past. Mr Hogan led an informal concert of wonderful instrumentalists and fun singing by Y2 Elm Class.

The grandparents really enjoyed the event and many came to speak afterwards to say how well the children had performed and how much intelligent conversation they had had with our children. It was a great opportunity to see young and old come together. Perhaps it will become an annual event!



PTA Macmillan Coffee Morning

The coffee morning was very well attended by Holly Park parents. Ben from Boyden’s provided a lovely chocolate cake. Thank you to the parents who also donated a cake for the coffee morning.

I had a lovely piece of carrot cake baked by Sonya Karafistan. Parents enjoyed a drink, a cake and a chat in the dining hall. Teachers enjoyed a drink and a cake at breaktime in the staffroom. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to this wonderful charity. Between parents and teachers we raised a marvellous £166.89 for Macmillan Cancer support.


International Day of Peace

We celebrated International Day of Peace at Holly Park on Wednesday. Children came to school dressed in white as a symbol of peace and in the classrooms children wrote a message for peace on to a single feather.

All of the feathers will be collated together to make a lovely large dove of peace which will be displayed in the main hall.


Roald Dahl Day

Tuesday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day. Children came to school dressed as characters from Roald Dahl books.

We saw Fantastic Mr Fox, Mr Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas, Mr Twit, Mike TV, Matilda and many many more. In class the children undertook some Roald Dahl activities such as – performance poetry of his Revolting Rhymes, painting characters, word searches, setting out dialogue between characters and watching the live Roald Dahl broadcast.


Copthall athletics tournament

Holly Park athletics team swept the board at the Barnet Copthall Inter schools athletic tournament winning the field events, girls’ relay, boys’ relay and the overall North Barnet schools prize.

Crazy hair day

Thank you to those who sent in playground equipment and came with crazy hair. We are very grateful for all donations as the children really love having a range of things to do at lunchtime and as you can appreciate our original stock gets broken or lost over time so it is great to have a stock to replace things with. Thank you for your support. There were some very crazy hairstyles and my office was full of equipment!


Celebrating the Queen’s birthday

In May we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. The children had already sent Her Majesty birthday cards and we had a day dressed as Kings and Queens and had a street party – every class did Maypole dancing and we ate our lunch in the playground. It was a lovely day to remember!

St George’s Day - Project Britain Day

On April 22  - as close to St George’s Day as possible –  we had our second Project Britain Day.

For half of the day the children learnt about the story of St George and the dragon and did literacy work based around the story. For the second half of the day, the children explored one of the British Values.

Children learnt about the make up of Great Britain and all it’s names, children researched about Buckingham Palace, they played cricket, painted pictures of dragons and wrote descriptive pieces about the dragons.

For homework the children explored an aspect of ‘Rule of Law’ The children came dressed in red, white and blue and we had a magnificent and very animated and expressive story teller in to tell the story of George and the Dragon to Years 1, 2, 3 & 4.

For school lunch Adam cooked fish and chips and a sponge topped with white icing and red sprinkles!

Wellbeing Week

We had lots of activities for Wellbeing Week. Read about some of them below.

Run a Mile for Sports Relief

On Tuesday every child in the school from Reception to Year 6 ran a mile around the school grounds as part of our Wellbeing Week and to raise money for Sports Relief 2016. Thank you for your donations at the gate, we raised £184.45. The children all enjoyed the run although some found it quite a challenge.

Skipping Workshops

The PTA very generously paid for a skipping workshop day at the school were all of the classes from Y1 to Y6 enjoyed a session of skipping. It was great fun and VERY energetic. They had special skipping ropes so that the children could see how many skips they had done in 2 minutes. They skipped to music. The teachers joined in and I saw Mrs Pearce, Mr Stewkesbury and Mrs Wake skipping vigorously. Mrs Tsenti and Mr Bourne also did very well. Daniel from Hawthorn Class won the whole school skip off against Mrs Wake!


As part of our Wellbeing Week, every class took part in a short five minute mindfulness exercise each day. The teachers read a short passage to the class and the children relaxed and closed their eyes. Often the teacher put on a soothing piece of music in the background as the children relaxed. The children enjoyed the relaxation and the teachers commented on how well the children did and how they were very calm after the mindfulness exercise. The importance of this is to encourage children to stop and take space in their busy lives and just rest and just think about themselves or clear their minds particularly as in this modern day we all are so busy rushing from one thing to the next. It is very important to take time out.

Playground Games

In assembly during Wellbeing Week we taught the children a great clapping game that they can play in the playground. Clapping is a great way to develop motor skills, develop cross lateral body skills, develop sequencing, social skills, rhythm and rhyme. They are also good for developing brain activity and a feel good factor. In the holiday, teach your child some of the clapping games that you played at school.

Healthy Living Assembly

eatwellAlso in Wellbeing Week we had a special assembly from Alive ‘N’ Kicking. They talked to the children about the Eatwell Plate, balanced diets and sugary drinks.

Walking to School

As part of our Wellbeing Week we had our own Walk to School Week. Children and adults benefit from being physically active so walking to and from school is a fantastic way of increasing exercise in a day. Cycling or scooting is also good. Leaving the car behind at least one day a week would be something good to try OR driving part way to school and then walking the rest of the way – we call this ‘PARK and STRIDE.’ Well done to everyone who walked to school this week. Keep it up!


Anti Idling campaign

Mrs Pelham, Mrs Thomas and some Y6 children went out on the street outside the school between 8.30am to 9.10am with some people from Barnet council to look at the effect of cars and pollution. 

The team had an instrument to measure the air pollution and unsurprisingly the air pollution grew worse as the time went on. However the air pollution was made much worse by families sitting in their cars with the engines running – allowing pollution into the air.

Thankfully everyone who was spoken to was very polite and switched off their engines. Please can I ask you not to be selfish.

If you come to school early, please wrap up warm with a coat and a jumper and switch off your engine. Over a thousand people walk up the street close to the school and don’t want to have to walk through excess fumes. This is also very bad for children with chest conditions and asthma. So don’t be an engine idler!!!!!!!

For the health and well being of pupils, families and staff, please turn your engine off once you’ve parked safely, legally and with consideration, as pollution reduces air quality.

  • Unnecessary idling of a car engine is a traffic offence
  • Air pollution can cause serious health issues
  • If a car is left idling for more than 10 seconds it uses  more fuel  than the cost of restarting the engine
  • Excess idling can damage car engines, damage cylinders, spark plugs and exhaust systems.​


Book Week

The theme at Holly Park for our book week this year was characters from fairytales. In class the children read fairytales – some traditional, some modern, some from other cultures and some which were alternative versions.

The children wrote letters to characters, wrote arguments, persuasive texts, story openings and also did hot seating and role play. They looked fabulous in their costumes and enjoyed the day.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory visit

The Y5 and Y6 went to The Theatre Royal to see “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” after spending time at school studying the book. It was greatly enjoyed by all!

Christmas panto time

The last day of term is always special – all the children from year 1 to 6 have a fantastic Christmas singalong and then the staff put on a super panto which the children love.

The House of Lords

Children from Holly Park were specially chosen to sing at the House of Lords at a British Council event.

They sang at a World Voice event which aims to bring an international network of professionals together to ensure all children and young people across the world have access to singing education of the highest quality.

There are online resources which classrooms across the globe can use to introduce singing to young people. Children all around the world can learn songs from different countries. The visit was a once in a lifetime experience.

We were delighted to meet an ex Holly Parker as our tour guide.  The children sang six songs – 3 from world voice using 2 different languages and 3 Christmas carols. Theresa Villiers our local MP was in attendance. How often can someone say that they sang in the House of Lords?


Christmas decorations

The tradition at Holly Park is for all the children to make decorations which the staff then hang in the dining hall. Here are some of them.

Anti Bullying Week

At Holly Park we always participate in Anti-Bullying Week. The theme of Anti Bullying Week 2015 was – ‘Make a Noise about Bullying.’ The key aims of the week were:

  • To empower children and young people to make a noise about bullying – whether it is happening to them or to someone else, face to face or online;
  • To encourage ‘talking schools’ where all children and young people are given a safe space to discuss bullying and other issues that affect their lives, and are supported to report all forms of bullying;
  • To equip teachers to respond effectively when children tell them they’re being bullied.
  • This ties in very nicely with our Holly Park ‘High 5’ which has the ultimate aim of making sure that children REPORT.
  • Every class at Holly Park had a lesson about Bullying and the emphasis in KS2 was on cyber bullying. If children encounter bullying online they are also encouraged to ‘REPORT’ In our whole school assembly we emphasised all of this but also got children to think about what the definition of bullying actually is.

Read more about online safety here.



 In the lead up to Remembrance Day we sold poppies in the playground. We talked to the children in assembly about what the poppies signify.

We discussed Armistice Day, wars in the past and wars going on today. We talked about our hopes for the future. We read a poem called ‘The inquisitive Child.’

Bellevue After School Club made a lovely display to illustrate this poem. At 11am on the 11th we took part in the ‘silence’ and our Y6 children went to the war memorial along with members of the council, police service and other schools  for a short service of Remembrance.


Harvest assembly

Thank you so much for your generous gifts which made a wonderful display for our Harvest Assembly this week.

The gifts have been taken to Homeless Action in Barnet. Our Harvest Assembly theme was about being grateful for the food we eat EVEN when it’s not particularly our favourite food.

We thought about where the food comes from, about the people who prepare and package it in the shops and particularly the people in our homes and school who cook our food. We need to show our gratitude and say ‘thank you’ more often. Harvest ties in very well with this month’s theme of friendship as at Harvest time we are sharing, caring and extending our friendship to strangers.

International World Peace Day

On September 21 (International World Peace Day) representatives from Y5 at Holly Park went to Hendon Town Hall to take part in the Barnet Peace one day event.

international_peace_day_logo_lgThere were other Barnet schools there too. Each school made a presentation – the theme was – Who will you make peace with? The children got to speak with senior members of Barnet Council about how they could impact on the lives of the children.


Year 4 sleepover

In April we held our annual sleepover for Year 4. Y4 slept in the school for one night in preparation for the trip away for 2 nights in Year 5. The evening was a great success with 76 children sleeping over. 

Non Stop Action provided activities – tug of war, a treasure hunt round the site looking for clues and a game of cricket. We then ate pizza and had a sing song led by Mr French and Mr Stewkesbury on guitar.

The children then wowed us with their talent which included dancing, singing, jokes and hoola hooping whilst playing a trumpet! Everyone got into their pyjamas for a film and then it was off to bed. There was much excitement.

In the morning after breakfast the children had time to pack up, play some games and then we all went home – back to bed I think!

Holly Park at the Royal Albert Hall

On 23rd April, the Royal Albert Hall was filled with school choirs and musicians from Barnet schools and thousands of Barnet parents.

The choir concert was a celebration of St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s
birthday too!

Our Year 6 Chamber Choir performed brilliantly and the children were a credit to the school. The concert has been recorded for sale.

It is also on the Internet and will be available for two
weeks after the event. The web address is www.playon2015.co.uk

Thank you to Mr Hogan for preparing the children so well and to Ms Owen and Mrs Thomas for accompanying them all day and organising the event for our children.


Poetry recital

A group of children representing classes from across the school from Y1 – Y6 made Holly Park history by taking part in our first Holly Park poetry recital.

On World Book Day, children were asked to come to school and recite a poem that they had learnt off by heart in front of their class. The teachers then chose the best two to go forward in to our recital.

Parents were invited to the recital and enjoyed an impressive range of 28 poems that included short rhymes, amusing poems, serious poems, modern poems, traditional poems and poems written by children themselves.  Some children wore costumes, some had props and many had actions to go with their poems.

Some of our winners were children who are fairly new to English but who performed marvellously. All of the children should feel very proud of themselves. They each received a certificate and a prize – a book of poems for children. Perhaps we will do the competition  again next year and it may even become a Holly Park tradition.

Holly Park Annual Book Swap

Holly Park children from nursery to Year 6 enjoyed a chance to add to their book collection.

Pupils brought in a couple of books from home that they had either outgrown or no longer wanted on their bookshelf. Each class  then visited the hall and took home a new book to add to their collection. The children really loved browsing through the books. A great opportunity to reuse and recycle!


Solar eclipse – March

Well, the weather was cloudy and overcast – not the best conditions for watching a solar eclipse!  However we all went out into the playground just before 9.30am.

What we did notice was that it did become darker and definitely colder. We also noticed that our outside lights, which are turned on by fading light, did come on.

We didn’t get quite the view that some parts of the country got, but many classes watched excerpts from Newsround or the BBC where they could see more clearly what was happening.

Barnet Dance Festival – March 

Well done to all the Holly Park children who represented us so well at the Barnet Dance festival at the Arts Depot. Every year about 60 primary and secondary schools take part of the course over a week.

Holly Park has been involved in this for the last 26 years, and each year a group of children learn a dance and go to the theatre and perform in front of an audience of approx 500 people.

It is a fabulous experience that the children thoroughly enjoy. This year we had a group of KS2 children to take part in the event. Many thanks to Miss Mountford and Mr Stewkesbury who taught the dance and to Mrs Roe who accompanied the children. The children performed a lively modern routine to Uptown Funk. They looked great in their costumes. They performed well and represented the school with pride.


Book Day – March 

This year for book day we asked the children to dress up as a character from a poem or Nursery rhyme.

Opera performance for Key Stage 2 – February 

English Pocket Opera Company (EPOC) visited our school on Thursday and performed excerpts from a range of operas, including ‘Romeo and Juliet’, to children in Years 3 – 6.

Their interactive performance involved many of our pupils and teachers joining the opera singers on stage and dancing and acting their way through typical operatic scenes. It was wonderfully inspiring – and frequently hilarious!

Pocket Opera 05-02-15 035

Trip to Matilda – January 2015

The Year 5 and Year 6 Navigators & Astronauts went to the Cambridge Theatre to watch Matilda the Musical.  We absolutely loved it! However, we did notice that there were many differences in the storyline compared to Roald Dahl’s original.


Christingle – 2014

It is a long standing tradition at Holly Park that at the end of the Autumn term we hold a Christingle assembly. Our Y6 children make christingles and parade them in to the hall where they are placed on a display table to make a lovely centre piece for the assembly.

Various adults then read sections of the Christmas story  and this is interspersed with Christmas carols. There is always a lovely atmosphere and a very special feeling created in the hall.


Panto time – December 2014

There were boos and hurrahs when the Holly Park staff took to the stage and performed Aladdin for the children.

Carol singing

The PTA organised year 6 to lead carol singing in the playground after school.

Christmas lunch

At Holly Park the children enjoyed a delicious traditional Christmas lunch in the last week of the Autumn term. The school kitchen did a superb job catering for over four hundred children and a large group of staff too


Pantomime – Peter Pan – December 2014

As a special treat paid for by the PTA, children from nursery to Year 6 enjoyed a  traditional pantomime experience in the school hall. There were jokes, silly stories, audience participation and lots of laughs.

Santa Claus is coming to town - December 2014

Santa made a very special visit to Holly Park. All of the children from nursery to Y3 had a visit to see Santa in his grotto.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgChristmas Jumper Day – December 2014

On the day before the PTA Christmas Fair, children and staff came in dressed in Christmas jumpers in exchange for bringing in a gift for the children’s tombola stall. Everyone looked very festive.

Everyone  a writer – everyone an author December 2014

Our focus this year as part of our school improvement plan is to improve and develop writing skills across the curriculum and across year groups. 

We invited Antony Lishak, a local author, back to Holly Park for two days. On day one he did an assembly about book making. Every child from Year 1-6 then spent the day making books. The children were inspired to do this and had great fun.

There was then an assembly the next day to look at some of the books and prizes of signed books were awarded to the best book in each class. The children will be sharing their books with each other during reading time and may also share the books across classes.

Antony spent his second day working with groups of boys and pupil premium children thinking about the idea that every picture tells a story. We hope to continue more work with Antony in the new year.

Christmas Decorations – December 2014

It is a tradition at Holly Park that every child in the school makes a Christmas decoration and that the decorations get hung up in the dining room for everyone to enjoy.

We had a Christmas decorations afternoon and our theme this year was red and gold.

Anti Bullying Week – November 2014

At Holly Park we are very keen to deal with any issues of bullying and to keep bullying high profile.

It was National Anti-Bullying week November 17-21 and in school children thought about bullying. Years 4,5 and 6 thought about e-safety and cyber bullying.

Thank you to those of you who came to school on dressed in blue for Blue Monday to stand up and show your support for anti-bullying. In assembly we reviewed our Holly Park anti-bullying charter and also went over the Holly Park ‘High 5’


National Science Week – November 2014

We were very privileged when Sheila Mahmood (a secondary school chemistry teacher) assisted by parent Kim Baxter came in to show Reception and KS1 some amazing science experiments in an assembly for Science Week.

They made ice–cream, stopped a balloon from popping, launched a rocket, stopped water from pouring out of an upturned bottle, created explosions of fire and much more. The children really enjoyed it. We hope they will return for KS2 soon.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgRemembrance - November 2014

We had our own Remembrance assembly on Tuesday 11th November.

We had readings and poems about poppies and what they symbolise, we learnt some facts about WW1, we thought about why it is important to remember, we learnt about Remembrance Sunday.

Every class at Holly Park made a poppy wreath using the children’s hands for the background to the wreath and they made poppies to go on top. They are all displayed in the main hall and will stay up for a couple of weeks.

Also all of our children from Reception to Y5 who observed a 2 minute silence in the playground at 11am on 11th November.

Our Y6 children joined with other local schools and the community at the war memorial at St James’s Church for a short remembrance service.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgHarvest Assembly – October 

Thanks to the generous gifts from parents and children we were able to make  a wonderful display for our Harvest Assembly this week.

The gifts were taken to Homeless Action in Barnet. In our assembly our theme was about a Harvest Rainbow of fruits and vegetables. We made a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. We reflected that the Harvest rainbow is bright and healthy!

Fruit and vegetables are good for us to eat. They contain the fresh vitamins and fibre needed to keep our bodies strong and well. The Harvest rainbow celebrates the good things of life, which are for us to enjoy.

The ‘colours of the rainbow’ fill the world around us but do we take enough time to appreciate them? We finished the assembly by looking at two pumpkins that had been grown and harvested from our allotment by our gardening club.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgThe Holly Park Book Club – October 2014

Our first Holly Park Book Club of the year was a great success with parents from nursery to Y6 coming along to share books – to read books to children, listen to children read and to talk about books. Look out for the next one.

International Day of Peace – September 2014

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgEverybody at Holly Park was thinking of ‘Peace’ on September 22. Some classes thought about peace in our classrooms, our playgrounds and our school. Some people thought about peace in the world.

One class wrote Peace Poems.  Mrs Pelham led a whole school assembly about ‘Peace’ She held up several symbols and asked the children what all of the symbols had in common – there was a rainbow, an ankh, a dove, a handshake etc.

She also showed a peace blanket that had been made by pupils at Holly Park. The children reflected on ‘Peace’ and we also looked at our ‘Holly Park Way’ as a way of showing that if we all follow it we will have peace at our school.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgPeace Babies – Celebrating how despite our diversity we can all live together in peace!

Following on from our Peace assembly and linking with our theme on WW1, Miss Michael led an an assembly looking at ‘ Jelly Babies’.

‘Jelly Babies’ were first launched in 1918 to celebrate the end of the First World War. They were called ‘Peace Babies’ and quickly became popular. During the Second World War production ceased because of a shortage of ingredients. They were ‘reborn’ in 1953, renamed ‘Jelly Babies’.

Peace Babies marked a new beginning (babies) They showed that life was returning to normal and could be fun again (jelly sweet). Peace is enjoyed when people of different ages, interests and appearances live together in harmony. (Wouldn’t a bag of jelly babies be dull if the sweets were all one colour and flavour!)


In assembly we have been continuing to think about ‘Peace’, but this time we were thinking about how to find peace within ourselves. We thought about how, if we are feeling scared, angry or in an agitated mood, we can find peace and calm by listening to music, reading poems, looking at pictures or having a cuddle.



cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgFarewell to Margie Brown – July 2014

Margie Brown -decided to retire at the end of this academic year to spend more time with her family. Margie has been a member of staff at Holly Park for 37 years.

I would like to thank Margie on behalf of myself and on behalf of the previous Head teachers she has worked with, for her work at the school over the many years she has been here. She has always been receptive to changes and new ideas and has embraced the school’s drive to improve.

I personally can remember working alongside Margie 24 years ago in my very first year at Holly Park. In the years that have followed she has had several different roles particularly in SEN. Margie has been instrumental in setting up the Nurture Group but also as ICT co-ordinator, embracing new technology at the school. I wish her every pleasure in her retirement and much joy with her grandchildren. A Pelham – Headteacher

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgInspiring children to write – June 2014

Both KS1 and KS2 had presentations from a Barnet based author – Antony Lishak. Antony is the Author of – Coming Round, Clickety Clack, The Ten Pound Note, Henry’s Boots and several other children’s books.

Antony did a very animated performance of his book – Clickety Clack with KS1. All of the children were involved with the telling of the story – joining in with actions, sound effects, repeated phrases and using the props to fit in the suitcase.

See more pictures of the event here.

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgChild Safety Week – June 2014

During Child Safety Week, we had a visit from our local police.  The theme of the week was “Mayhem Morning” so they talked to us about arriving to school in the mornings safely. They talked about the dangers of cars parking on zig zags outside the school and urged the children to talk to their parents about this. 

They also talked about road safety, Year 6 learnt about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and everyone had a close up look at a police car. 

Rainbow Day – June 20 

For Rainbow Day the children dressed up in lots of different colours and donated £1 at the gate.  So far we have raised £475 but we have more to come in. The money will go to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in Barnet.

Sport Relief – March 21

The whole school threw themselves into Sport Relief by running round the grounds – and some of them did it four times!

The children and staff showed off their running skills in order to raise money for Sport Relief.  The very youngest children ran a quarter of a mile around the school grounds, KS1 ran half a mile while the children in KS2 ran a whole mile.  Luckily the sun shone all day and lots of fun was had by all!

Holly Park Book Swap – March 19

There was a chance to add home book collections when we encouraged every pupil  from nursery to Year 6 to bring in a couple of books from home that they had either outgrown or no longer wanted on their bookshelf.

Books needed to be in good condition. Books were taken to the main hall in the morning. Each class then visited the hall  throughout the day and took home a new book to add to their collection. The children had a lovely time browsing the books in the hall.  A good way to reuse and recycle!

Science Week March 17-21, 2014

At Holly Park we held a Science Week. Each class had extra science lessons and had great fun doing practical science experiments that fitted in with their science curriculum. 

We also concentrated on Scientific enquiry. The half term’s Learning Skill is Enquiry which we have chosen as a link to Science Week. Children spent time developing their enquiry skills by developing their investigation techniques.
The children:
•    Raised questions – asking questions, having ideas
•    Made decisions about how to answer questions
•    Planned how to answer questions – deciding how to test  ideas, which equipment to use, suggesting ways to test ideas safely
•    Predictions and hypothesising
•    Made observations – using equipment accurately and safely.
•    Made a record of evidence – deciding how to best way to present their findings
•    Reflected on how science influences our lives and the lives of others

The Barnet Schools’ Dance Festival 2014

This year, yet again we participated in the annual Barnet Schools’ Dance Festival. Every year about 60 primary and secondary schools take part. Holly Park has been involved in this for the last 23 years, and each year a group of children learn a dance and go to the theatre and perform in front of an audience of approx 500 people. It is a fabulous experience that the children thoroughly enjoy.

This year we had a group of Y4 and Y6 children to take part in the event.  The dance was taught by Miss Noble and Miss Mountford. The children performed a lively Charleston routine. They looked fantastic in their costumes.

World Book Day – March

At Holly Park we celebrated World Book Day. This year, instead of focusing on fiction we decided to take a slightly different approach and one that was cross curricular.

Our day was focused on historical enquiry and the children used non-fiction topic boxes of books to undertake a variety of activities.

Book looks

Book Looks are an opportunity to visit your child’s class each term on a designated day between 3.30pm and 5.45pm to look at the displays on the walls and also to sit down and look at all of their books.

The children love to sit down and show their parents their work. Parents  have commented that they think it is a great opportunity and helps parents to see the work ahead of parent evening so they are more able to join in the discussion about attainment and progress, strengths and areas for development.

Parents reading in school

Mrs Pelham says: “It was lovely to see many mums and dads come into school on Thursday to read with children in the school. As I walked from class to class with my camera I saw parents sharing books with small groups of children; parents reading one to one with children; children reading to adults and parents interacting with children doing reading games.

“Children love to see their parents in school. If you didn’t manage to make it in for this reading event, look out for the date of the next one in the Summer Term, it will be advertised well in advance. ”


It is a tradition at Holly Park to have a Christingle Assembly on the last day of the Autumn Term.

A variety of adults tell the Christmas story and we all sing traditional carols. Our Y6 children make the Christingles and bring them in to the darkened hall. The Christingles form a centre piece for our assembly.

The singing this year was beautiful and there was a magical feeling. The atmosphere was certainly one of awe and wonder

Christmas panto

It has become a recent tradition on the very last day of the Autumn Term for the staff to perform a pantomime to the children just before home time.

This year we had the ‘Wizard of Hozzers’ written by Miss Brown. It was our very own version and adaptation of the Wizard of Oz. In our story Roberthy was joined on her travels to see the Wizard of Hozzers at the school with the emerald leaves by a lion, a scarecrow and a tin (Iron) man.

On the way they did have to negotiate with a wicked witch, flying monkeys, a pancake master, a castle master and a choral verse master as well as meeting a Canadian looking for Hogwarts!

See if you can spot which member of staff played the characters!

Christmas parties

Every year at Holly Park had Christmas parties and Santa even visited the infants.


Christmas Carols

Children and parents joined in a lovely session of carol singing after school.

Anti-Bullying Week – November 2013

For Anti-Bullying Week the school was involved in lots of activities aimed at getting the anti-bullying message across. The juniors spelt out BULLY FREE ZONE in the playground; we made a human chain against bullying while singing our Anti- Bullying song; we made posters and at the end of the week we had a balloon release to banish bullying from our school.

Here is some useful information  for parents about bullying.

Harvest Festival – October 2013

We celebrated Harvest on Tuesday 22nd October. To mark this event, we collected dried and tinned foods and toiletries including soap, disposable razors, shaving foam etc for Homeless Action in Barnet.

It was amazing how well the Holly Park families responded to support this very worthwhile cause. Children took their contributions directly to the hall where our Teaching Assistants made a wonderful display for our assembly.

In the assembly we thought about the changing seasons, the many and varied fruits and vegetables we are able to buy because of freezing, preserving and importation.

We talked about the important role that fruits and vegetables play in our diet. We looked at mangoes, avocados, beetroot, squashes, papaya, artichokes, turnips etc.

We considered how far in terms of ‘Food miles’ some food travels to get to us. Miss Michael explained that although she can have a pizza delivered to her door in a very short time, several of the ingredients have had to travel from places such as Italy (Mozzarella) and Jamaica (pineapple)  to get to us.

At the end we talked about how important it was to share, particularly with those less fortunate than ourselves. A huge thank you to all of our families for their contributions.

Cake sale

The first PTA year group cake sale took place after school on 18th October.

Y5 pupils and parents baked cakes and arranged a stall after school. Children and parents from the rest of the school enjoyed buying them to take home.

The aim is to try to raise £1,000 over the year by holding  a cake sale for each year group. Every child who brings in cakes to sell will earn ‘Housepoints.’ The class who raises the most money from their individual cake sale will win a prize.

At the end of the year the School Council will decide what to spend the money on.

Well done to Year 5 who managed to raise a staggering £186.44 from their sale. That is quite a sum to beat. The competition is on!

Look out in the school hall in the next few weeks for the ‘cake-o-meter’ to see how well we are progressing towards our target.

Mr Maxwell’s leaving

When the headteacher Mr Maxwell left in July 2013 all the children in the school lined the playground to give him a send off. Here are some pictures of the day.