Holly ParkHere is a guide for parents entitled Understanding Progress in Mathematics:

Understanding Progress – Maths

And here is a short guide to what children should be able to do at each level:

National Curriculum Descriptors for Maths

Here is some information about the Maths Challenge:

Maths challenge info for parents

You may find these maths websites useful:

Here is some information about how we teach maths at Holly Park:

Calculation Policy – Multiplication and Division

Calculation – Policy Addition and Subtraction

Maths Day Challenge

Maths Days at Holly Park

We held a three celebration of maths when all the children took part in maths carousels. The activities focused on shape, volume, weight, measure and estimating. All of the activities were very practical and hands on. The children had lots of fun. The children enjoyed being in mixed age house groups.  Parents came in to do maths activities with the children. The children also took part in maths activities in class based on environmental issues. A maths advisor, Peter Warwick, did a maths assembly for KS1 and KS2 – this was great fun and based on measurement and world records. The children also played maths games in class or made their own. There were also maths games online and computer based games. The three days were a great celebration of maths. Thank you to Ms Owen for organising it all.

Here are some of the many ways we learn about maths at Holly Park.