Learning Journeys

logo1.jpgThe main aim of the new curriculum is to raise standards. The new curriculum is intended to be more challenging, focusing on essential core subject knowledge and skills.

The National Curriculum is only a small part of a school’s overall curriculum. At Holly Park we have been moving towards this new Curriculum over the last couple of years and this is now fully embedded within the school

We have introduced pupil learning journeys. Each pupil in KS2 has their own learning journey which shows them the year group expectations in every subject.

The learning journey enables pupils to self evaluate their own learning and to look at their next steps in learning across all areas of the curriculum.

This document is also a useful tool for moderation of work.

Below you will find the different sections for each year’s Learning Journey. Click on the attachments to read them.

The Learning Journey for Year 1

MATHS: Addition & Subtraction   Fractions   Measurement   Multiplication & Division   Number & Place Value   Position   Shape

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word   Spoken Language   Vocabulary Grammar and Punctuation   Writing composition   Writing Handwriting   Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Y1 art   Y1 computing   Year 1 & 2 History   Year 1 dance   Year 1 DT   Year 1 games   Year 1 Gym   Year 1 Learning skills   Year 1 PSHE   Year 1 SCIENCE   Year 1&2 coding   Year 1&2 Geog

The Learning Journey for Year 2

MATHS: Addition & Subtraction   Fractions   Measurement   Multiplication & Division   Number & Place Value  Position  Shape   Statistics

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word   Spoken Language   Vocabulary Grammar and Punctuation   Writing composition   Writing Handwriting   Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Y2 art Y2 computing  Year 1 & 2 History   Year 1&2 coding   Year 1&2 Geog   Year 2 dance   Year 2 DT   Year 2 games   Year 2 Gym   Year 2 Learning skills   Year 2 PSHE   Year 2 science

The Learning Journey for Year 3

MATHS: Addition & Subtraction   Fractions   Measurement   Multiplication & Division   Number & Place Value  Shape  Statistics

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word  Spoken Language   Vocabulary Grammar and Punctuation   Writing composition   Writing Handwriting   Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Y3 art Y3 computing  Year 3 & 4 History   Year 3 dance D&T Y3   Year 3 games   Year 3 Gym   Year 3 learning skills   Year 3 PSHE   Year 3 science   Year 3&4 coding   Year 3&4 Geog

The Learning Journey for Year 4

MATHS: Addition & Subtraction   Fractions   Measurement   Multiplication & Division   Number & Place Value   Position  Shape  Statistics

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word    Spoken Language   Vocabulary Grammar and Punctuation  Writing composition   Writing Handwriting   Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Y4 art   Y4 computing   Year 3 & 4 History   Year 3&4 coding   Year 3&4 Geog   Year 4 dance   Year 4 DT   Year 4 games   Year 4 Gym   Year 4 Learning skills   Year 4 PSHE   Year 4 science

The Learning Journey for Year 5

MATHS: Addition & Subtraction   Fractions   Measurement   Multiplication & Division   Number & Place Value   Position   Shape  Statistics

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word    Spoken Language   Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation   Writing composition   Writing Handwriting   Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS: Y5 art   Y5 computing   Year 5 & 6 History   Year 5 dance Year 5 DT   Year 5 games   Year 5 Gym   Year 5 Learning skills   Year 5 PSHE   Year 5 science  Year 5&6 coding   Year 5&6 Geog

The Learning Journey for Year 6

MATHS: Algebra Fractions Measurement Multiplication & Division Number & Place Value Position  Statistics Shape

ENGLISH: Reading comprehension   Reading Word  Spoken  Language   Vocabularly Grammar and Punctuation Writing composition  Writing Handwriting Writing transcription

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS:  Art   Computing   Year 5 & 6 History   Year 5&6 coding   Year 5&6 Geog   Year 6 dance   Year 6 DT   Year 6 games   Year 6 Learning skills   Year 6 PSHE   Year 6 science   Year 6 PE