Matches & Competitions

cropped-logo-Copy1.jpgCopthall Athletics Tournament

On Tuesday 27th June Holly Park took part in the annual Barnet Schools Athletics event at Allianz Park. Having done very well over  the previous 2 years expectations were high for this year.

In the morning the Field events took place with many fantastic achievements particularly from our Year 6 children which resulted in wins in the girls long jump and javelin and in the boys high jump, ball throw and javelin. As well as these first paces there were many other outstanding performances.

The afternoon the track events place and once again there were many fantastic performances starting off with our Year 3 sprinters and finishing with fantastic long distance performances including one child who ran the last 100m in only one shoe and then literally threw himself over the line to secure 2nd place.

Unfortunately as the relays began torrential ran started which led to the event having to be called off.

The organisers had a quick think about what to do and decided this year to only award 3 trophies – one for the field events, one for the track events and an overall trophy.

I am delighted to say that all 3 trophies are safely back in our trophy cabinet.

Congratulations to all the children who took part. Their athletic performances were amazing but perhaps more importantly their behaviour, commitment and teamwork once again shone out. Well done

Medium Schools Field Events:

1st – Holly Park – 35

2nd – Whitings Hill – 32

3rd – Foulds – 29

Medium Schools Track Trophy:

1st – Holly Park – 51

2nd – Whitings Hill – 34

3rd – St Catherine’s/Osidge -28

Medium Schools Trophy:

1st – Holly Park – 90

2nd – Whitings Hill – 74

3rd – Osidge – 47

Barnet East Girls’ Football

Last Friday our Y6 girls’ football team competed in the final of the Barnet Girls East Cup. They played Akiva school. Although they were very nervous, an early goal settled them down and they won the match with a final score of 5-1. The goal scorers were Sofia, Maya and Breanna. The girls came home with a lovely large shiny trophy which means that Holly Park retain the trophy from last year. This will be our third win of the same trophy! The girls came second in the east large schools league only losing their final game to Akiva who were unbeaten.  They are now in the final of the John King Trophy which is a borough wide cup competition for girls. They play their last match which will be against The Orion on 8th June.



Barnet Gymnastics Competition

This week, under the direction of Mrs Kelly and Miss Yianakki, Holly Park entered the Barnet Gymnastics Competition. The Year 2 team came 3rd out of 9 teams and won bronze medals. The Year 3/4 team came 4th out of 13 schools and the Year 5/6 came 8th out of 16 schools. Well done to all involved. They all looked very smart indeed. Miss Yiannaki was very proud of everybody who took part. We look forward to next year!

Cross Country

The cross country competition was very exciting. Our children behaved very well. Many of them demonstrated great team spirit and encouraged their team mates on. Calum in Y6 was particularly good at supporting his team and encouraging them. All of the children improved on their positions since the last competition – so there was definite progress! Evie in Y5 won her race and Gaby in Y4 came 4th in her race. Twenty six Barnet primary schools took part and Holly Park came 4th overall – congratulations to all the team including Mr Bourne and Mr Carini.

Football News

Our girls football team had marvellous success this week when they came 2nd  in the Barnet  Girls Borough Football Finals.  In the group stage they won all 4 matches with scores of 3-0, 4-1, 7-0 and 5-0.  This saw the team into the quarter finals. At this stage they faced Cromer Road the score was 3- 1.

This led them into the semi final against Whitings Hill. The team won this comfortably with a hat trick from Chloe. They went into the final against Akiva School on Wednesday. They were up against very strong opposition. The final score was 3-1 to Akiva. 

Each girl was presented with a silver medal. This is a great achievement – coming 2nd out of all the primary schools in Barnet. On top of this the Holly Park team was chosen to represent Barnet at Wembley for the chance to represent Middlesex FA in the Danone Cup. The competition was extremely difficult but the girls did themselves and their coaches proud.

Netball News

Miss Roe and Ms Casey took Ruby and Katie (Yr 6) Zoe, Eva, Jamie, Joe and Alyah (Yr 5) to the North Barnet netball tournament at QE Girls last Thursday.  In spite of the bitterly cold weather they played well and came fourth in their group.  Miss Roe and Ms Casey are extremely proud of all the netball team and their progress they have made since September.  

Holly Park vs St. John’s N20

On the 5th of December Holly Park went to play a football match against St. John’s N20. It was the first cup match Holly Park had played which meant whoever lost was out!

St. John’s took kick off and started quickly but Holly Park was ready for it and they retrieved the ball. Our left winger Teddy did a clean through ball down to Zack who whacked the ball scoring the first goal of the game putting the Holly Parkers 1-0 up. Endless times St. John’s were pelting some great shots, but our keeper Louie kept saving them!

Throughout the rest of the first half all the Holly Parkers were raging through and at the end of the first half it was 7-0 to Holly Park. The goals were scored by: Zack, Teddy, Joe.F and Eurico. In the second half it was going well until St. Johns took a corner and scored their first goal. But not long after, the Holly Parkers struck back and scored an amazing header which ended the game at 8-1 to the Holly Parkers!

By Joe Ward, Captain

Holly Park VS Coppetts Wood

On the 18th of November the Holly Park years 5+6 boys’ football team went to play a match at Coppetts Wood school to play against their years 5+6 football team. At the beginning of the match the whole team was feeling very confident and raring to go. Unfortunately near the beginning of the match the centre of our defence was left open and Coppetts Wood ran through scoring the first goal of the game.

The Holly Parkers were very disappointed but we all knew we had to keep fighting. But not long after it happened again and Coppetts Wood scored a second goal. The Holly Parkers had had enough and were throwing in some incredible passes, shots, tackles and some unbelievable saves! After a bit of struggle, a goal was scored by our left winger Eurico. Holly Park carried on doing some great stuff and another goal was scored as well by Eurico.

But it just wasn’t enough and throughout the second half Coppets Wood kept scoring more goals. It was a real shame, but the match ended up as 6-2 to Coppets Wood. We may have lost but I feel the whole team did really well and tried their hardest throughout the entire match.

By Joe Ward, Captain

Cross country – October 2016

Holly Park took part in the Barnet Schools Cross Country Event on Thursday afternoon. All the children showed a great deal of commitment and determination and all performed really well. The overall team result will be sent to us next week but the outstanding individual result was by Evie in Year 5 who won the Year 5 Girls race.​​

Copthall – Barnet Schools Athletic Competition – 2016

On Tuesday 28th June, Mr Bourne, Mr Carini and Mrs Yiannaki took some children from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 to the Barnet Schools Athletic competition. Holly Park performed brilliantly and showed fantastic teamwork. We represented all Holly Park really well. Everyone did very well and we cheered each other on enthusiastically. We were the loudest school!

We were the winners of:

  • Field Events
  • Girls Relay
  • Boys Relay (joint)
  • Medium Schools Overall
  • Barnet North Overall including Small, Medium and Large Schools

In fact ‘we won the lot’

It was a great success and we were all very proud and happy. It is the second year in a row that we have come first in the event!!

By Maya and Vanessa (Juniper Class)

Inter School Gymnastics Competition

This week, under the direction of Mrs Kelly, Holly Park entered our first ever gymnastics competition. There were three teams entered. The Year 2 team came 4th out of 14 schools. the Year 3&4 team came 5th out of 11 schools and the Year 5&6 team came 5th out of 15 other schools.

Well done to all involved. They all looked very smart indeed. We look forward to next year!​

Cross Country

On Thursday 25th February Holly Park took part in the second Cross Country competition of the year. It took place in the King George playing field in Barnet. The ground was incredibly wet and boggy, so boggy in fact that quite a few competitors lost their shoes to the mud.

All the children from Holly Park once again showed great determination and in fact every one of them improved on their placing from the first race back in September.

The highlight of the afternoon Evie from year 4 who won her race once again.

After all the points had been tallied from both races Holly Park had finished 4th out the 40 Barnet schools which had taken part.

Well done to all the runners.

Girls Barnet finals – February 2016

As winners of the Barnet East Girls Tournament our girls took part in the Barnet Borough Finals. The finals were contested by the top four teams from each of the four area tournaments.

Holly Park won all three games in the group stage and then won 2-0 against Goldbeaters in the quarter final. The semi final against Osidge was a very tight game and finished 0-0 so went to the dreaded penalty shootout. After the first three penalties the score was 2-2 which took us into sudden death. Both teams went three times through the players that had been on the pitch at the end of the match with neither team missing.

Unfortunately our last penalty was well saved by the keeper and the score was a dramatic 17-16 win to Osidge. Nevertheless our girls picked themselves up to play in the 3rd and 4th place playoff and outplayed Cromer Road winning 2-0. This was a great achievement by our girls as, over both tournaments, they played 12, won 11 and only conceded 1 goal in normal play to come 3rd in Barnet out of the 50 schools that took part.

Girls team

Girls football – East Barnet tournament

The girls football team won the Barnet East Tournament scoring 24 goals and conceding 0.

Girls team

Boys football – Holly Park vs The Hyde

On Monday 7th December the boys’ football team played The Hyde. When we got there everyone was really excited as we were playing on a brand new Astroturf pitch.

We had a quick warm up then a group discussion then we were ready to play. Before kick off, Milo (captain) shook hands with The Hyde captain. Kick off started.

The Hyde had the ball but lost it straight away. Johnny (left wing) took the ball ran straight down the line passed it to Eurico (right wing) and scored!! Louis (striker) scored our second goal it was amazing.

The Hyde were playing very well and took an on target shot but thanks to Daniel (goal keeper) who was making some amazing saves they didn’t score. Then The Hyde scored an own goal, thanks to Johnny. In the last minute before half time unfortunately The Hyde scored. The score was 3-1 to Holly Park at half time.

During half time we had a team talk and a well deserved drink. The second half kicked off; a few minutes later Eurico scored again making it 4-1. The Hyde were trying their best to get another goal but Exauce (central defence mid) was being such a good defender that they could hardly even get it into the box.

Louis came off and Leo (striker) came on to replace him. Despite Joe (defender) doing some really good defending The Hyde managed to score another goal. We didn’t let this upset us too much and came back in the last minute as Johnny passed it to Leo and Leo scored making it 5-2 to Holly Park!!!

This has been our best match yet and we all played very well. Exauce was man of the match!

By Johnny and Exauce

Boys football

Girls football – Holly Park vs St Mary’s and St John’s

On Friday 4th December the girl’s football team played St Mary’s and St John’s. When we got there we were shocked as the pitch looked awful. The grass wasn’t cut and there was mud everywhere which made the pitch very slippery.

We had a quick warm up as we were behind schedule and it was getting dark. Before the match started both captains shook hands. Our team captain Kyara Da Silva (central mid). Then the whistle blew! Abi (striker) dribbled up the pitch and passed to Maya (our right wing), then she passed back to Abi and she took a shot and scored!!!

Scarlett and Zara (defenders) were very strong and didn’t let the ball go pass them. Sofia (left wing) made some good runs and a couple attempts at goal. Abi scored three more goals then it was half time.

In the second half the pitch was very slippery and was getting harder to play on. Later on Kyara was fouled and we got a free kick, unfortunately we missed. The other team took a few shots at goal but Charlotte (goal keeper) saved them.

At the end of the match the score was 4-0 to Holly Park. Mr Carini’s player of the match was Kyara and Mr Reid’s player of the match was Abi. Overall it was a really good match and we all played brilliantly!

By Kyara and Abi (Captain and Vice Captain)

Cross Country – October 2015

On Wednesday the 7th October the Cross Country race took place at the Allianz Park.

The Holly Park team had spectacular results. It was challenging, however we didn’t give up.

We raced against about 40 schools. It was really muddy and rainy. We were excited but when it came to the race, we were nervous. We cheered on the others and we all did really well.

The most spectacular result was achieved by Evie in Year 4 who won her race. Well done to all the children from Holly Park who took part and after the first race we are in fourth place with the second race to come in the winter.

By Chloe Christofi and Daniel Drienovsky

Team Scores:

  • 1st Foulds 159
  • 2nd Osidge 207
  • 3rd Akiva 236
  • 4th Holly Park 249
  • 5th Dollis 288

Girls football final – June 2015

After a tense and exciting final Holly Park girls team came second in the Barnet East cup losing 2-1 to Tudor.


Copthall – Barnet Schools Athletics Competition – June 2015

Holly Park had its best result ever at this year’s Barnet Schools Athletics Competition.

We were named – Barnet Borough winners overall for small, medium and large schools

We also came:

  • Joint 1st overall combined girls relay medium school
  • 1st overall combined boys relay medium school
  • 2nd medium schools field events
  • 1st overall medium school WINNER all field, track and relay

Congratulations to the winning team from years 3-6.

On the 23rd June 2015 I was lucky to visit a very special sports event which took place at Allianz Park. The weather was nice. No rain. Cloudy. Just a little wind around the track. The atmosphere was great. Almost everybody was shouting, cheering and supporting their school. The support for Holly Park from both the children and parents watching was amazing.

The track was being set up for the sprinting and the long distance events. Before the running events began there was a parade of all the athletes around the track

Then it was 3,2,1….Go. Our Year 3 girls were the first to represent our school and cheered on by their fellow Holly Parkers both of them were in first place, followed shortly after by the boys who came first and second. The amazing results just kept coming

The atmosphere in the stand was electric with pupils, staff and parents cheering at the top of their voices. The support, encouragement and commitment from the Holly Park pupils really is something to see.

My dear Holly Parkers I am so happy to say this to you CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We won four out of the five trophies available. WE ARE THE WINNERS!!!!! A victory is well deserved.

By Alice Year 6 Beech



Here are the teams:

And here are some more pictures of the day.

Here are the full results:
Field events

  • Boys and girls high jump: Exauce – 4th Sofiyah – 1st  Jack – 1st Maud – 4th
  • Boys and girls long jump: Aymann – 1st Emily – 5th Wadah – 2nd Moya – 1st
  • Boys and girls ball throw: Szymone – 4th Esme – 2nd Aryan – 3rd Dolcie – 3rd
  • Boys and girls javelin: Milo – 1st Charlotte – 1st Jayue – 3rd Yara – 2nd

Track events 

  • Year 3 girls 60m: Dillon – 1st Alyah – 1st
  • Year 3 boys 60m: Joe – 2nd David – 1st
  • Year 4 girls 60m: Michaela - 1st Ella – 4th
  • Year 4 boys 60m: Josh – 1st Evander – 2nd
  • Year 5 girls 80m: Safiyah – 1st Emily – 4th
  • Year 5 boys 80m: Milo – 5th Aymaan – 1st
  • Year 6 girls: Yara – 4th Leah – 4th
  • Year 6 boys 80m: Brandon – 1st Jack – 1st
  • Year 5 Girls 300m: - Abi G – 3rd Abigail – 10th
  • Year 5 boys 300m: Exauce – 2nd Zakk – 7th
  • Year 6 girls 500m: Moya – 4th Grace – 7th
  • Year 6 boys 500m: Wadah – 1st Keane – 6th
  • Year 4 girls relay – 1st
  • Year 4 boys relay – 1st
  • Year 5 girls relay – 2nd
  • Year 5 boys relay -1st
  • Year 6 girls relay – 3rd
  • Year 6 boys relay – 1st
  • Year 5 mixed relay – 4th
  • Year 6 mixed relay – 2nd

Netball News

We have enjoyed playing Netball high five this year and we have just heard that we came third in our league!

We are very proud of the Holly Park team and of the adults who have coached and supported them.

1st                            Tudor
2nd                          Coppetts Wood
3rd                          Holly Park

Medals will be awarded to each of the teams mentioned above.

Girls’ football tournament – February

The Y5 and Y6 girls’ football team took part in the Barnet Tournament after winning the Barnet East competition.

Cross country – February

Teams from year 4,5 and 6 took part in the Barnet Cross Country competition. There was some amazing running and Leo from year 5 got a medal for coming third in his race.

Cross country team

Year 6 netball tournament – January

The Y6 netball team took part in a tournament at East Barnet School. 

Netball Jan 15

Years 5 and 6 girls football – January

On 28th January (Mr Bourne’s birthday) the Year 5 and 6 Girls football team played a football tournament at Powerleague.

First we played four matches in the group stages. Our first match was against Livingstone. We won 3-0 and Dolcie scored all of them. Next we played against Akiva Orange. The score was 0-0. Our third football match was against St Theresa’s. We drew 1-1. Dolcie scored our goal. Our last match in the group stages was against Osidge Yellow and we beat them 4-0. Overall in the group stages we had 8 points. That meant we were through to the quarter finals!

In the quarter finals our match was against Coppets Wood. If we didn’t win then Holly Park would be knocked out. Lucky we won 2-0. Yara and Grace scored the goals from defence for Holly Park. That meant we were through to the semi finals!

Our semi finals match was played against Holy Trinity. If we didn’t win then we would be knocked out. Fortunately we beat Holy Trinity 3-0 with Dolcie scoring 2 of the goals and Maud scoring 1. That meant we were through to the finals!

Our final match was played against Tudor. The score at the end of the match was 1-1. That meant it was a penalty shoot out! We had three chances to score. Dolcie took a penalty. She scored! Then it was Tudor’s turn. Luckily Nejda (our goalie) saved it. Then it was our turn. Maud took it. She scored. That meant it was 2-1. Next it was Tudor’s turn. Unfortunately they scored. Then it was our last penalty. Yara took it. But she missed. Then it was Tudor’s last penalty. Luckily Nejda saved it! And that meant that we had won the whole tournament! We couldn’t believe it!

Thank you to Mr Carini and Mr Reid for being excellent coaches!

By Grace and Yara in Cedar Class year 6.

Winning team

Year 6 boys football – January 

This week our Y6 boys football team played in a Y6 Barnet East tournament. They played four group games and then they won their quarter final game against Queenswell on penalties.

In the semi final they beat Tudor 2-1 and were unlucky to lose the final against Akiva 1-0 in injury time. They came second overall out of twenty two schools. They now go through to the Borough finals in the spring.

Y6 boys football

Years 5 and 6 football – January

On Tuesday 13th January year 5 and 6 girls football team went to Powerleague to play other schools.

Our actual coach (Mr Carini) didn’t come to the match. We played Tudor 2 which was Tudor school’s second team who were younger than us. We won 10 – 0 and Mr Reid thought that we did very well.

We took a 5 minute break to drink some water then Mr Reid told us what we needed to improve. After that, coach told us who we were playing. We put our drinks down and quickly ran onto the pitch.

We were going to play St Agnes who were about the same age as us, maybe a year younger but they were still quite good. We also won that one by 11- 1. It was freezing cold and we could hardly feel our hands it  felt like we were going to fall over. We shook hands with the other team and made our way back to school

By  Charlotte and Nejda

Year 5 and 6 girls football – December

On Tuesday 9th of December, the Y5 and Y6 girls’ football team went to play a match against Akiva School.

Mr Reid and Mr Carini drove the girls to the school. When they got there they did some warm-ups to get their blood pumping. Before the match started the Captains from both teams shook hands. The whistle blow and the game begun!

In the first half no one scored but, was very close. In the second half the other teams coach refereed the match. But still no one scored. In the end the score was 0-0. But at the end of the day they didn’t go to win they went to have fun representing our school.

There was a lot of teamwork throughout the game. After the match both teams cheered for each other. And everyone started to leave the pitch. Then the girls returned to school and their parents took them home.

By Abi and Kyara  

Girls team

Years 5 and 6 girls football – November

On Friday November 21 Holly Park’s girl’s football team played a match against Osidge. It was a forty minute match and was very tiring.

In the first half Osidge scored. Although we knew Osidge had scored it didn’t stop us from being confident and supportive.

In the second half we scored a goal and that lead us to one all. With that in our minds we worked really well as a team. It was a really tense affair with both teams desperate to win. With ten minutes left we scored a second goal! Both goals were scored by Dolcie. We held on for the final few minutes to claim a fantastic victory.

Well done to everyone in the team for their fantastic commitment and thank you to Mr Carini and Mr Reid for being fantastic coaches!!!

Grace and Yara, Cedar Class

Girls team

Netball – November 2014

Here are our enthusiastic supporters for our second netball match. We lost 3-1 to Coppets Wood in an exciting match.

Historic netball match – October 2014

Holly Park echoed with the sound of a roaring crowd for the first ever netball match played in our grounds on the new netball court in the junior playground.

The team from years 5 and 6 – wearing their brand new bibs – beat Hollick Wood School 6-0 in an exciting, fast-paced match.

Lots of staff and parents were joined by an enthusiastic crowd from After School Club to cheer on the team.

Here is the netball squad and the team in their new bibs.

Year 6 football tournament – October 2014cropped-logo-Copy1.jpg

The mixed team were Dolcie, Maud, Grace, Yara, Alfie, Jack, Callum, Jayue and Oliver. We arrived at Powerleague and found a pitch where we could warm up. Not long after, all the teams were brought together to hear the rules and to find out what pitch they would be playing on.

Our first match was against Orion. The match was only 7minutes long so we didn’t have much time to score. Even so, Dolcie managed to score and we won 1-0. After watching two other schools in our group play, we had our second match against Church Hill. The result was 2-0, with Callum and Jayue scoring two amazing goals.

We had a 3 match break then we were on against St. Marys. An even better result, 3-0, after a goal from Jayue, a goal from Dolcie and a goal from Callum. Our last match was against Danegrove. Even though our players were really tired we still managed to score a goal to win 1-0. After our last group game, all twenty-four schools came onto our pitch to hear who had qualified to the quarter finals. Luckily we did.

In the quarter finals we played our local rivals St. Johns. It was a fast paced game, with St Johns taking an early lead. Not long after, St Johns scored another excellent goal. We kept working hard and Jayue scored a brilliant goal. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to score an equalising goal and the score ended 2-1 to St Johns.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and are really proud of making it to the quarter finals.

By Dolcie & Maud, Beech Class

Year 6 team

Cross country competition – October 2014

The first big sporting competition of the year was the Barnet Cross Country at the Allianz Stadium.

In the morning at about 11:00 we all got changed into our P.E kits, because we were going to the Cross Country. Then we went to the playground to see who was going to drive us to Allianz Park.

It took about 20 to 30 minutes to get there then all of us had a bit of lunch. We didn’t want to eat lots of lunch because we would have had a tummy ache while we were running. After that we did some stretches to get warmed up.

The first race was the Y4 girls we cheered the girls from Holly Park on, it took about 10 minutes for them to get  came back, when I saw them all of them were as red as a tomato.

After the girls came back the Y4 boys got lined up waited at the starting line, and then the man blew a whistle and the Y4 boys shot off like a bullet. Then the Y5 girls lined up when the Y4 boys came back.

And before we knew it the year Y5 girls were off. Then the Y5 boys got ready for there race, when the Y5 girl’s got back half of them where crying and the other two collapsed. GO!!

And the Y5 boys were off ! They all came back quite quickly and all their results where really close together. Then it was time for the Y6 girls to get lined up for their race. The Y6 girls got back we where congratulating them and before knew it the Y6 boys where off!

The Y6 boy’s race was the last race so when they got back the event was over. Then a lady was giving out medals to the people who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each race. One of these that are in Holly Park came 3rd and got a medal twice in a row, And his name is Leo

GO HOLLY  PARK!!!!! (Holly Park came 11th out of 36 schools)

By Abi Greene, Kiara Kaur and Safiyah Pattison, Year 5

Here are the teams:

Cross country team

Copthall Athletics Championships – July 2014

Holly Park’s top athletes from years 3-6 took party in the Barnet wide athletics championships at the Allianz Park stadium in the blazing heat.

Here is a report from one of our reporters.Copthall report

And here are some of the pictures of the day.

Year 2 football tournament

Our Year 2 football team played in the Barnet inter-schools tournament on Monday May 12, run by the Barnet Partnership for School Sport and Non-Stop Action.  They played against five other teams and played really well.  There were some great goals and some amazing saves but most importantly they really enjoyed themselves.  Well done Year Two!!

Year 6 Football Match:  Holly Park v Woodcroft

When the whistle was blown Woodcroft took the ball, dribbling down the pitch, when suddenly Dolcie stole the ball from a tall Woodcroft girl and passed the ball to Estelle. A few minutes later the ball was down with Layaan in the team half. She kicked the ball with all her might and we were off with one mark.1-0 to us! 

About 5 minutes later the ball was at Woodcroft’s half again but this Estelle took a nerve-wracking shot. Luckily it hit the back of the net, the win seemed secure.

However, it was not plain sailing from here on. A tall, blonde Woodcroft girl took a mighty shot at our goalie, Rkia. For a few tense seconds we thought they were going to get a goal, but by some miracle, Rkia stopped the ball just before it went over the line! Thankfully it was then half time and we could get ready for the second half. 

The second half started well with us attacking from the kick off. Estelle tried to get a second goal but Woodcroft’s goalie made a fantastic save. The game went on without much action until there was only 2 minutes to go. All we had to do was not let any goals in but we didn’t stop there.

Charlotte ran down the middle of the pitch and a 1-2 pass to Estelle, then took the ball to the left of the pitch and made a pass to Dolcie, who made a strike at the goal and made it 3-0!

Everyone played extremely well and our opponents lost honourably. A great team effort in the rain. Well done to everyone and a big thanks to our coach Mr. Carini who also named Charlotte player of the match. GO ON HOLLY PARK!!

By Charlotte Davies

Girls team

Barnet cross country competition March 2014

On Thursday March 27  after four weeks of training, Holly Park’s cross country team went by car to Allianz park to compete against other primary schools in Barnet.

When we got there the Sports Leader told us that up first was year 4 girls, Zara, Abby G and Abi B. They had a great start and great finish.

Next was year 4 boys, Zac , Leo and Exauce. They did really well. Next was year 5 girls, Moya , Grace and Nicole. After was year 5 boys , Keane , Wadah and Bradley. Then was year 6 girls, Yara and Maud. Finally it was year 6 boys, Fabian, Samir and Alex.

When we all finished our races, the leader of cross country told us who came 1st 2nd and 3rd from each race – unfortunately we didn’t have any winners but individually most people came in the top 30.

Everyone from Holly Park did really well and performed brilliantly. Overall Holly Park came 4th out of the 20 schools from across Barnet who took part.

Well done Holly Park.

Written by Moya and Nicole Year 5 Oak

The Barnet Schools’ Dance Festival 2014

This year, yet again we participated in the annual Barnet Schools’ Dance Festival. Every year about 60 primary and secondary schools take part. Holly Park has been involved in this for the last 23 years, and each year a group of children learn a dance and go to the theatre and perform in front of an audience of approx 500 people. It is a fabulous experience that the children thoroughly enjoy.

This year we had a group of Y4 and Y6 children to take part in the event.  The dance was taught by Miss Noble and Miss Mountford. The children performed a lively Charleston routine. They looked fantastic in their costumes.

Girls’ football

Holly Park v Danegrove March 2014

For one of our first matches I’d say we did pretty good but sadly we lost 3-2.

Unfortunately the first half didn’t go so well as were still getting used to their strategy. But due to our AMAZING goalkeeper only two goals were unluckily rolled in.

After a goal (or two) from Danegrove Rkia (our goalie) gave a FAB kick to Estelle on the other side of the extremely long pitch and it came so very close to an amazing goal! But the ball got stolen (not literally) by one of the very tall Danegrovers!

Soon after the rest of the team showed up YAY! (Mr Carini our coach had to go back and collect some more of our large team so they took a little longer.) Almost instantly after the rest of the team showed up the ball came hurtling towards our goal and to our surprise Rkia dived for the ball and saved it with a mighty grin on her face!

Girls footballHalf time

The ball started in the centre of the pitch but was soon right down by Danegrovers goal and with moral support from her team mates Estelle made an outstanding stab at a goal and the goalie went running! So we were catching up with 2-1 to Dangrove.

Now the ball was coming down towards Danegrove’s goal but with the ball at the foot of a Dangrove player and she thought it was our goal because we swapped sides at half time! Now does that mean 2-2? I think it does!

“Two minutes left,” the referee shouted. The ball was rolling around and so very unluckily a Danegrover picked it up (not really) and dribbled past all defenders and midfielders and smashed the ball into the net.

“Time,” shouted the referee and the game was over! The end score was 3-2 to Danegrove. But overall we did well.

Even though we lost everyone played really well, but someone really stood out and that was … Rkia for saving so many impressive goals.

We are all really proud with how we played and the overall score.

Report by Millie Davies.


Holly Park v Holy Trinity 28.1.14

Result  4:2

When we got there we saw our competition, they didn’t look as big as we thought they would. They showed us to their court.

When we looked around the court we saw the hoops, which looked amazingly big. We had to run around the pitch three times to get warm for the game. The referee asked Dolcie to choose heads or tails and Dolcie choose tails and tails won.

So we got to choose out of nets or who goes first in the centre and Dolcie choose to start at centre. Holy Trinity were blue bibs and Holly Park was yellow. Then Miss Noble gave us our positions, by giving us our bibs, so we could get marking.

Then we heard the whistle blow and that’s when the game began. In the first few minutes Holy Trinity scored there first goal against us. After a few moments Jack (yr 5) tried to score a goal… AND HE MADE IT THE SCORE EQUAL!

That was the end of that game. The next game (game two) took longer to score a goal because everyone kept missing the goal as much as we tacked we could not get to the other side to score a goal. Then Holy Trinity got to the other side and tried to score, they tried about three times then there fourth go they scored and that made the score unequal to 2 – 1 to them.

After that goal Holly Park finally got to the other side just then Alex popped into a space and Maud passed the ball to Alex as he was in the D and as he was a shooter he tried to shoot… AND HE SCORED! A few tackles later, the 2nd game was finally over. After the 2nd game it was half time and we ate some oranges.


After half time we went to Miss Noble to give us our positions. Then we got ready to play our 3rd game, in our 3rd game it took a lot longer to score a goal than it did before. When the 3rd game was nearly over Holy Trinity got to the other side and tried loads of time to score a goal but then they scored a goal but lucky for Holly Park because that goal did not count because their goal was two second after the game ended (very strict).

Then it was our last game of today all of the teachers and parents were so excited for us to win but then Holy Trinity scored and they changed the score to 3-2 to them. After even more tackling Holy Trinity got to the other side and guess what they scored their last goal and that changed the score to 4-2 and that’s when they said the whole match was over and we lost 4-2.

Then they invited us in for some drinks and biscuits and that is when we went home Miss Noble was so proud with us and we were proud of ourselves and each other. The final score was 4:2.

Written by Dolcie and Alex in Maple Class


22.1.14 - Year 6 Six a side football tournament

Our first game was against Martin Juniors, who were the winners of the last tournament.

This was our team, Ellis GK, David LB, Jayden RB, Fabian LM (c), Lewis RM, Samir CF.

We started strong but sadly, due to two own goals, we lost.

Our next game was against Danegrove Blue, early on Lewis picked up the ball (not literally), he ran past two players and then shot into the far corner. Then Samir scored a banger that went into the corner, now we were 2-0 up. Then Fabian smashed the ball passed the keeper to make it 3-0, shortly after he did it again! Wow he must be good. 4-0, get in!

Our next game was against Livingstone. Brandon was playing for this match. The ball rolled back to our other defender David, he just hit it with his left foot and it found its way into the net. Brandon passed the ball to Samir who passed it back to him, moved into space and then received the ball back from Brandon and scored. Shortly after that Lewis scored another. Final Score 3 – 0.

Our final game was against St. Johns. We wanted this, we were strong all the way through, weren’t giving up without a fight, we were dominating throughout the whole game but we still couldn’t score against their star player (their goalie). In the last minute St. Johns had their only attack and sadly scored.

We found out that we didn’t make it through to the semi-finals.

However as usual the whole of our team played with great determination and sportsmanship and were a credit to Holly Park School

By Fabian-John McCarthy and Brandon Ionev.



Our second group of Netballers played their first match at Whitings Hill School and everyone played extremely well especially during the second half of the game where the children gained more confidence as the game progressed. Despite the opposition scoring several goals in the first half of the game, our Holly Park Netball Team kept their heads held high and scored 2 goals, making a come back.

Although we didn’t win the game, the children remained positive throughout and talked about how they plan to improve their patterns of play in the matches we have lined up, which was great to hear as we still have several games to play this term.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the match. The passing and defence was fantastic and considering we have no goal posts, the shooting was pretty impressive too. Keep up the good work as we have plenty more to come!


This was our first league netball match of the year against St. Paul’s School. It was a gripping game that kept all of the players and spectators on their toes from start to finish!

St. Paul’s were the first to score, closely followed by Holly Park making it 1-1. Before long a second goal was scored by both teams and then a third, making it 3-3. Towards the end of the game St Paul’s managed to score 3 extra goals making it 6-3 to them but Holly Park were simply brilliant. They didn’t give up and fought to the end.

Well done to everyone who played! You were amazing, especially as it was the very first match that some of you had ever played. Keep it up and we’ll be more than ready for the next one!

Some of our netball players

Cross Country

Holly Park took part in the Barnet Schools Cross Country event on Thursday 10th October. It took place at Allianz Park.

The first bit of the course was damp grass then it turned into a path and stones. To make things harder, at the end there was  a big muddy hill. At the finish line they gave you a ticket and the last two digits is what place you came.

As soon as we got there the Year 4 girls were off and before long they were back. Then the Year 4 boys.  They finished close together but Leo came first of the three and won a medal for third place. The Year 5 girls and boys did fantastically well.

Then the year 6 girls  and boys raced to the finish. Overall we came a fantastic 3rd out of 25 schools.

Lots of schools were cheering but by far Holly Park was the loudest.

Well done to all the people who took part. Let’s hope we do just as well next year in March.

By Maud Quinton, Maple Class

School rankings:

1 Foulds 95 points

2 Osidge 123 points

3 Holly Park 168 points

4 Dollis 200 points

5 Christ Church 205 points


Football update

A team of Year 5 and 6 boys took part in a football tournament run by Barnet FC as part of the East Barnet Festival. The team played some outstanding football, in temperatures around 30 degrees, winning every game and only conceding one goal.

This is a fantastic achievement as the Year 5 and 6 boys have never even trained together.

Report by S Reid 11.7.13

Olympic performances at Copthall!

A nail-biting experience was had at Allianz Park. Even though the weather wasn’t great it didn’t dampen Holly Park’s spirits, with Isaiah and Windsor coming first in the boys’ sprint and Safiyah coming first in the girls’ sprint.

There were loads more great performances but there is not enough space to list them all!

Out of all of the other schools, Holly Park showed the most enthusiasm and commitment during all of the races cheering on all of their team mates. All of the teachers and staff were cheering everyone on and spurring them on to run faster – without them we wouldn’t have been half as good!

Even though we didn’t win any overall awards, it’s taking part that counts. It was a great day and it provided a really fun experience for everyone, whether they were taking part or watching!

It once again showed what a fantastic school Holly Park is!

Report written by Nicole M Goga and Verity M Robinies

Great end of year results for Holly Park

Holly Park has celebrated a very successful end to the football season with trophies for both the girls and boys teams.

Trophies were presented to our Year 6 team, who missed out on winning the league by one game, and to the Girls team who received trophies for the Top Scorer, Most Improved Player, Player of the Season Runner-Up and Player of the Season.

The Girls team were presented with the Large Schools League trophy in a special awards ceremony for all the winning teams in Barnet at the Allianz Park Stadium and celebrated again in assembly at school.

Report by Simon Reid 1.7.13

We are the winners!

We informed you a couple of weeks ago that the Girls football team were top of their league after playing their last game but that the team in second place could beat us to the title if they won their last game by nine clear goals….. Well I am pleased to say that they were not able to do so and Holly Park are the Barnet East Girls Large Schools League Champions. Congratulations to the girls on a successful season.

Report by S Reid 17.6.13

The latest football news

With the season drawing to a close it has been a busy time for the Holly Park Girls and Year 6 football teams.

On Tuesday the Year 6 team played Martin Primary needing a win to clinch the league title for the second year running. Martin scored halfway through the first half but the Year 6 team kept pushing for a result with the game flowing from end to end.

The match was extremely close with some great performances throughout the team but the game ended 1-0 and, after further results, it was Martin who clinched the title.

It was a great effort by the team this season to eventually finish third in the table.
The Girls team played Queenswell on Monday securing a 5-2 win in a hard fought game against strong opposition.

This meant they needed a win in the next game against Danegrove on Thursday to go top of the table.

The match against Danegrove was again close with the well organised Holly Park Girls attacking a spirited Danegrove defence. With the final result 3-0 Holly Park are top of the table with the school in second place needing to win their final game by nine goals to beat us to the title. This game is due to be played after half term so we will keep you informed!

Report by Simon Reid 21.5.13

Years 5 and 6 mixed football

On April 23 Holly Park took part in the year 5&6 mixed football competition at Whitefield School.

Twenty-one teams took part in this extremely competitive event.

The group stages were very close, with the top team from each group making it through to the semi finals.

Holly Park won all their group games except one which they lost to St Joseph’s, the eventual group winners, 1-0.

All the team played exceptionally well on a very hot day and their behaviour and sporting attitude were a credit to the school.

Report by Simon Reid

holly Park Mixed 2013