School journey

Day 5

After the cinema evening we had another morning of activities before packing up for the journey home. What a busy week it’s been – the children (and the teachers!) are exhausted. Looking forward to a restful half term.

Day 4

Sailing, climbing, canoeing, fencing, raft building – the list of activities goes on and on and was topped off with a BBQ in the gardens and a film night. Now for the packing!

Day 3

The weather continues to be lovely and all the children love the activities – even falling in the lakes!

Day 2

Y6 were up bright and early for a full day of activities in Norfolk. The weather was glorious and they are all exhausted.

Day 1

Y6 arrived just after lunch and were straight into activities.

Parents can write to them at:

Holly Park School, 

c/o Manor Adventure – Norfolk Lakes,

Quarry Lane, 


Norfolk NR9 5RS

The list of activities includes:

Canoeing​, sailing, volleyball, paddle up paddleboarding, archery, blind trail, obstacle course, initiative exercises, camp craft skills, Manor olympics, team games, wide games, lake walk, fencing, low ropes, raft building, climbing and a film night

There will be two activities on Monday and Friday and five on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They will be exhausted!

Manor Adventure can’t accept liability for the loss of any personal property brought to our centres – so please don’t bring any valuable items, expensive clothing and footwear, mobile phone, handheld games consoles etc.  We’re unable to store them and they won’t be insured whilst on centre.